Andromeda Council

02.18.13. Many of you from around the world have been writing to me recently asking for an update… as to when will things finally start to happen, and/or if I will begin doing any new English language interviews?

tolec_andromeda_council_home_image10ANSWER: When will things finally start to happen? There are so many things happening to this planet right now, both subtle & substantial. If you only think of the recent very near Earth fly-by of asteroid DA14, the meteorite strike in Russia, the meteors observed in our skies all around the planet during this time, future asteroids & other celestial bodies which we will encounter in 2013, the continued increase in both frequency of earthquakes & magnitude of these quakes, volcanoes continuing to go off… these are all examples of the changes that will continue to happen to our planet as it evolves in 2013 that I have cited on the ‘Home’ page of this web site, left hand side, under the section titled: “Time of Transition for Planet Earth – A Time of planet-wide Earth Changes

Just based on the above, by now you ought to get the sense that things are – not ‘normal’ – not ‘business as usual’ for our world. These changes will continue as I have described. This year is the time of transition as our planet begins her process of birthing herself as a higher dimensional world. These earth changes are happening with such frequency right now, and will only increase, that closely monitoring these changes is the topic of many on-going meetings in the chambers of the primary Andromeda Council biosphere right now… primarily because… of the many cause & effects these changes will continue to have… on our 3D organic world.

As to – when will I do another all English language interview? You can expect I will most likely do my next all English language interview only when it is the appropriate moment for me to announce the formal beginning of the worldwide visitations of: Ambassador Tanka, Diplomat Maka & Vice-Chairwoman Tania, and immediately following them the people from the four (4) Andromeda Council planets, with Earth people all around the planet. When will this happen? I will announce it as soon as I learn from my contacts with the Andromeda Council that their visits are about to begin. You can learn about the actual planned “Visitation Schedule” of these Andromeda Council people to various countries which can be found on the Contact page of this web site. It is planned to include dates & names of cities.

As to whether the fraudulent, human looking Reptilians will retain their plans & attempt to manifest a fake ‘landing’, and/or attempt any other type of overt action as a last ditch effort to openly control the people of Earth; the ‘dark’ side is losing pretty badly right now, and I expect will continue to do so. We shall have to see whether their plans unfold & happen, or do not. If they do not, this will make the continued evolution of Earth people… a whole lot easier for everyone across the globe.