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May 3rd, 2017

As of Monday morning May 1st, 2017 THE VEIL HAS OFFICIALLY DROPPED. THIS IS ABSOLUTE. Everyone will now see the truth in everything and everyone and those that are masking their true intentions and identity will be revealed. Do NOT get lured into internet drama or taking sides. Just observe and be in peace that all is coming to completion as Prime Creator intended.

As I was driving to an appointment yesterday morning, I was distinctly directed to look at the side of the road where a dead coyote was lying. The message of the coyote is as follows:

“The wisdom delivered by the coyote spirit animal is rarely direct. The way of the coyote is to teach through ways that do not appear straightforward. It may also use subterfuge or trickery  to reach its goal or deliver its message.”   (

A COYOTE is defined as follows:

  1. The wild dog of North and Central America, Canis latrans, also known as the Prairie Wolf, Brush Wolf, and Song Dog, among other things; distinguished from the wolf by its smaller, slender frame, large ears, bushy tail, and slim pointed muzzle. 2. Slang. A contemptible person, especially a greedy or deceitful one.3. Slang. A person who smuggles Mexican nationals across the border into the U.S. for a fee. (Often used disparagingly.)4. Southwest Native American legend. A culture hero, trickster, or shapeshifter who is described as a buffoon, clown, or less frequently, a dangerous sorcerer and cannibal.5. Coy-o-te, –tying, –ted, verb. To steal, pilfer, take, or acquire by devious or deceitful means.

WHEN I SAW THIS, IT WAS AT THE EXACT SAME TIME THAT I WAS SPEAKING WITH PRIME CREATOR REGARDING THE STATE OF THIS REALITY AND BEYOND. IT WAS A CONFIRMATION THAT “THE COYOTE IS DEAD!” It is high time we recognize this now and step out of our victimhood. Even if it takes some time for us to acknowledge this, that does not mean that the coyote did not already die! See what I mean? If you continue to look for proof and direction from the lowest of dimensions and frequencies then you will continue to receive faulty and distorted answers.

This experience was in direct relationship to not only the Veil dropping, but measures taken by Prime Creator to eradicate the cannibalistic factions of child sacrifice.  This is another reason why there was so much success in infiltrating the child sacrifice ceremonies as of late. (

These Divine Actions along with many others as of late will accelerate movement drastically on the 3rd dimensional stage.  Do not be surprised by fluke events, bizarre accidents, and an increased number of deaths, as people begin to fulfill their exit plans.

With this said, it is imperative to allow others to fulfill their own path, as disheartening or painful as that might be for us. This is a moment in time where we are really prompted to see death through a Galactic lens, knowing that they are on their way to their own personal ascension agreements. I HIGHLY recommend that you avoid getting caught up in someone else’s inability to be where you are – their “stuckness” as I call it. ALLOW everyone to be where they are! You do not want to end up with someone else’s path do you, when yours is slated to go further and higher?

In these final days, do as much clearing work as you possibly can. Do not hang onto anything where it justifies or keeps you interacting with pain and trauma. Flu like symptoms can be typical if you resist these clearings and hang onto false light and false activation encodements. Many may not realize that personal resistance is directly correlated with false ascension programming! Clearing makes it easier for you on the other side where all density is extremely magnified.

In fact, I have received powerful Divine instruction to release two new lines for those who would like to accelerate their clearing and purification process before our bodies become light!

The first is FREE YOURSELF FROM QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT – A kit of 8 essences plus a vial necklace to wear throughout your day so you are never away from them. This way you can take them as often as you need without the worry of remembering to carry them in your pocket or purse. This is EXCELLENT for healing work with clients. The link is forthcoming and we are taking order requests now!

The second is my ALCHEMICAL EGYPTIAN OILS FOR YOUR ASCENSION – A collection of 10 custom oils to assist you in clearing and easing your progress to ascension. You can purchase one or all ten.

I am offering exceptional pricing for those who want to place a pre-launch order!

As always, please do yourself a favor and state at least daily the following:


Feel the warmth and clearing pour down upon your vessel each day. This is a HUGE gift of love from Prime Creator.

Sending you my love,