China eyes ‘global monitoring network’ of surveillance satellites
Moscow (Voice of Russia) Apr 03, 2014 – To compensate the frustration over the endless search for missing the Malaysian airliner, Chinese scientists have doubled efforts to promote their project of a huge satellites network, which will enable Beijing to monitor the whole world. As the mission to find the passenger jet MH370 which disappeared off the radars on March 8 with 239 people on board, 153 of them Chinese, is yet to yield … more

New Zealand physicists split and collide ultracold atom clouds
Dunedin, New Zealand (SPX) Apr 03, 2014 – Physicists at New Zealand’s University of Otago have pushed the frontiers of quantum technology by developing a steerable ‘optical tweezers’ unit that uses intense laser beams to precisely split minute clouds of ultracold atoms and to smash them together. The Otago researchers’ feat is set to enhance efforts to understand the mysterious ways that atoms interact at temperatures of less than … more

The Atlantic Ocean dances with the Sun and volcanoes
Aarhus, Sweden (SPX) Apr 04, 2014 – Natural fluctuations in the ocean temperature in the North Atlantic have a significant impact on the climate in the northern hemisphere. These fluctuations are the result of a complex dance between the forces of nature, but researchers at Aarhus University can now show that solar activity and the impact of volcanic eruptions have led this dance during the last two centuries. Imagine a ball … more

USAF Satellite Will Improve Weather Prediction
Vandenberg AFB CA (SPX) Apr 04, 2014 – A Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) satellite built by Lockheed Martin was successfully launched today at 7:46 a.m. from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. atop an Atlas V rocket. Lockheed Martin confirmed signal acquisition shortly after launch. DMSP-19 is the fourth Block 5D-3 version to be launched, and Lockheed Martin has produced more than 40 satellites throughout the pro … more

Carbon nanotubes grow in combustion flames
Nagoya, Japan (SPX) Apr 03, 2014 – Professor Stephan Irle of the Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (WPI-ITbM) at Nagoya University and co-workers at Kyoto University, Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL), and Chinese research institutions have revealed through theoretical simulations that the molecular mechanism of carbon nanotube (CNT) growth and hydrocarbon combustion actually share many similarities. In studies using ac … more

Never say never in the nano-world
Vienna, Austria (SPX) Apr 03, 2014 – Objects with sizes in the nanometer range, such as the molecular building blocks of living cells or nanotechnological devices, are continuously exposed to random collisions with surrounding molecules. In such fluctuating environments the fundamental laws of thermodynamics that govern our macroscopic world need to be rewritten. An international team of researchers from Barcelona, Zurich and … more

Tesearchers provide new insights into quantum dynamics and quantum chaos
Notre Dame IN (SPX) Apr 04, 2014 – A team of researchers led by University of Notre Dame physicist Boldizsar Janko has announced analytical prediction and numerical verification of novel quantum rotor states in nanostructured superconductors. The international collaborative team points out that the classical rotor, a macroscopic particle of mass confined to a ring, is one of the most studied systems in classical mechanics. … more