Before you jump into all of this information, remember that the so-called “Event” has been an ON-GOING process.  We ARE in the midst of what we think we are waiting for and there will be many “events” that we will experience if have not already.  Remember to read everything with discernment and go within your heart and soul to feel what is right for you.  There is not one person on the internet that has all of the answers…you have the answers though for YOU and your TRUTH….


>The 41 page compilation of notes I put together when I attended the conference with Cobra in November of 2012 has a lot of good historical information for review.  This can answer many questions you may have on galactic history, how the dark infiltrated our planet, how “The Event” will unfold, what to expect when it does happen, and so much more!

>Here is a compilation of all of my interviews with Cobra, which has a lot of information in regards to The Event.

>This video is excellent in its review of the Hope Prophesy of The Blue Star’s arrival and what this means.

>This video is a transmission from the original Sirian civilisation which comes from the Sirius A system.

>A video with Suzanne Spooner & Ron Head on The Event.

>This video is from MC SuperKenn on The Event.