Comet heads our way for celestial show in 2013
Cambridge, Mass. (UPI) Jan 01, 2013 – A newly discovered comet could be the celestial spectacle of a century and light up the skies as bright as a full moon in 2013, its Russian discoverers say. Amateur Russian skywatchers Artyom Novichonok and Vitali Nevski observed the object dubbed Comet ISON in September, reported. “The object was slow and had a unique movement,” Novichonok wrote on a comet-hunting …more

Space travel can accelerate Alzheimer’s: US study
Washington (AFP) Jan 01, 2013 – Long journeys into deep space, including a mission to Mars, could expose astronauts to levels of cosmic radiation harmful to the brain and accelerate Alzheimer’s disease, said US research Monday. The NASA-funded study involved bombarding mice with varied radiation doses, including levels comparable to what voyagers would experience during a mission to Mars, and seeing how the animals managed … more

US military braces for sweeping budget cuts
Washington (AFP) Jan 01, 2013 – The Pentagon is bracing for deep spending cuts that will affect every facet of the US military if lawmakers fail to agree a deal to avert dramatic budget reductions, officials said Monday. The Defense Department will be forced to scale back training for troops, reduce spending for spy agencies, cancel purchases of some weapons and issue furlough notices to hundreds of thousands of civilian w … more