Published on Nov 25, 2018


PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO, IT”S THE ONLY WAY FOR PEOPLE TO KNOW IT EXISTS Learn more about the ShockWave Torch: Learn more about the Light Defender Tactical Laser: Get your FREE copy of this 24-page eBook to help you problem-solve faster and to significantly increase your productivity Part 1: Detective “Jimmy Boots” Rothstein rejoins the program to continue our deep investigation into human intelligence and human trafficking. These are the tools used by psychopathic power brokers to control world powers, world wars, & all other major happenings in the world. This video looks at the infiltration of the Catholic church by pedophiles to corrupt and control the Vatican for purposes of money laundering, drug running, war & propaganda. This is a serious account of the true history of the Vatican’s corrupt under belly. It’s a sad tale of compromise and corruption. Be sure to watch both parts of this video. Part 2 gives even more details regarding the Church/Vatican. Be sure to see other episodes with Detective “Jimmy Boots” Rothstein, link to full playlist:… You can see all past episodes in video or podcast format on my website at Please consider supporting my channel with a direct donation (from my website) or by signing up to be a Patreon. You will have access to exclusive interviews and many FREE books: Thank you for watching and for supporting the channel!!