February 9, 2014
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Vatican’s openness to the existence of UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life!The Italian theologian Corrado Balducci (pictured ) was a close friend of the Pope and a prelate of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples . Monsignor Balducci said that extraterrestrial contact is a fact and that there are aliens among us . In 2008, the statements of Balducci were placed in a wider context , when the papal head astronomer José Gabriel Funes said that life cannot be excluded on other planets. I In May 2008, Funes gave an interview to the Vatican’s L’Osservatore Romano newspaper saying that the existence of intelligent extraterrestrials posed no problems to Catholic theology The Vatican’s openness to discussion of extraterrestrial life is no accident. It is part of an openness policy secretly adopted by the United Nations in February 2008. In fact, the Vatican is playing a leading role in preparing the world for extraterrestrial disclosure. The Vatican is also positioning itself to play a major role in such an announcement. It is known that both Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI were given secret information about the existence of extra-terrestrial beings during their meetings with USA presidents, and maybe that is why the Vatican appears to be preparing itself to handle the biblical fall-out from the possible public disclosure of the reality of non-earthly intelligent entities. No doubt, the cultural impact of such an announcement is enormous, not yet the implications of extraterrestrial contact, particularly with a civilization far ahead of humanity technologically. However, as the nature of extraterrestrial civilizations is unknown and no conclusive contact with any has yet taken place, it is impossible to say what the result of contact would be. Although, once extraterrestrial contact has been made and resulting from contact with an extraterrestrial civilization, major changes will take place to terrestrial science, technology, religion, politics, and ecosystems. Much technologies and knowledge is still hiding and waiting to be made public. For those who still doubt of the existence of extraterrestrial life forms, please take a look at our page UFOs in Ancient History.These ancient (most religious) paintings are absolutely proof of the existence of extraterrestrials. People from the past drew what they saw and they drew what they knew!

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