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For the first time in history deep state secrets and previously hidden information about the secret Babylonian Talmudic Occult Network has been made readily available to the common man.

This has occurred because of the Worldwide Internet and its Alternative Media.

These disclosures are only going to increase and this will be followed by the whole world turning against the evil beasts who secretly control the levers of power, and there will be increasingly powerful mass demands and efforts to bring them to justice.

This is creating pressure on the existing USG and American societal controllers which are run, lock stock and barrel by the Khazarian Mafia (KM). The KM is best described as the Hierarchy, which is based on a secret Babylonian Talmudic occult network of what most refer to as the Mystery religions.

There is unprecedented access to information about the secret world of the Babylonian Talmudic Occult Network (aka Synagogue of Satan, Illuminati, the Olympiads) that has controlled most human institutions for hundreds of years.

This Occult Network has exerted such control by establishing and repeatedly deploying a well-defined method of infiltration and hijacking, followed by the formation of a pyramidal Hierarchy, which takes parasitical control and runs all authorities in the state and federal governments of nations.


Creating, manufacturing and distributing debt-notes and passing laws which require them to be accepted as real money lent out at pernicious compounding interest to those who should have owned it in the first place is one of the greatest Hierarchy tricks ever conceived. This is referred to by insiders as the black art of Babylonian Talmudic “money-magick” or the “Baby”.

Once the Hierarchy has complete control, major asset stripping of the people begins and the fruit of their labors and accrued wealth is stolen by a crafty means, best referred to as Babylonian Money-Magick. This is the ancient art of creating debt notes out of thin air and “renting” them to the user citizens at pernicious usury.

Other key tricks are deployed by the Hierarchy to speed up the asset stripping of not only the nation which is occupied, but such methods are deployed against other nations for asset stripping too, which is usually the gaining of cheap access to steal the nations’ natural resources and minerals.

A favorite trick is to invest money to create monstrous social problems in order to justify an increase in taxes and government spending. This results in rapidly increasing wealth transferred from the people to the Hierarchy. Thus in America, we had the War on Poverty which created so much more; the War on Drugs, which created the wealthy drug cartels for the Hierarchy; and the War on Terror, which has resulted in so many illegal, unConstitutional wars of acquisition to bring more money and power to the Hierarchy.

Of course mind-kontrolling the people through a completely controlled Major Mass Media run by six Media Corporations that answer to the Hierarchy top Policy-makers (the Hierarchy leaders) has allowed the Hierarchy in America to convince the people that Americans are the good guys and need to be the World’s Policemen.

This of course is a blatant lie and serves to justify all the illegal, unConstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual wars that provide more power and money to the Hierarchy and its associated “bloodline families”, banks and no-bid defense contractors.

These tricks also include the old British trick of “Divide and Conquer”, which is the methodology of paying agitators to create needless conflicts in order to create mass social unrest, terrorist acts or violence.

The increasing use of Gladio-style False-flag “inside-job” engineered, staged terror attacks and mass shootings in gun-free zones (some real, some faked using a large number of professional crisis actors) should not be ignored.

Charging the American people interest to use what should have been real money owned by them in the first place is not only unConstitutional, it is illegal, because it constitutes RICO crime and financial fraud. There is no statute of limitations for fraud until it is discovered.

Once the asset stripping of the host being parasitized is complete, usually all that remains is a destroyed nation and a broken, starving and dying people.

1a3This is often followed by a the Hierarchy reconstructing a new host to later completely parasitize. China and Malaysia are the next planned hosts, and this will occur after building them up over many years to provide a fat new source to take over and asset strip, thus repeating the pattern once again; unless of course the Hierarchy is stopped cold by the World.

And right now several powerful groups inside and some nations outside of America are now going after the Hierarchy with a vengeance for all the evil that has been uncovered and linked to their top Policy-makers, who are wrinkled-up old demon-possessed, mass-murders and pedophiles.

This is being done by deploying sophisticated covert operations and psyops to take the Hierarchy apart at the seams by exposing their money fraud and war crimes, and by instituting powerful but subtle rear-guard actions to restore the US Constitution inside America.

Another Hierarchy crafty trick is to infiltrate and hijack all media corporations and consolidate them into a small number of Major Mass Media Corporations which they control together, and actually technically constitute a virtual cartel, that is, an illegal monopoly.

This same crafty practice is done to all other industries through their various corporations. Various crafty tricks, like using the FBI program Infragard to deputize corporate security and mind-kontrol them into a fear-based perspective with shoot to kill authority is also being done.

6corps-320x316In this way, the Hierarchy has been able to infiltrate, hijack and take over almost every major corporation and industry in America.

When the Gutenberg Press was finally manufactured and placed into service, it resulted in the wide distribution of bibles and other information never before available.

This was a great blow to the Vatican, which at the time, forbade the commoner from reading the Bible, or of gaining an understanding of church policies that were based on aberrant traditions within the church, rather than what the prophets, Jesus and his disciples taught.

The Gutenberg Press also resulted in the wide distribution of newspapers and books, but nonetheless, it was still easy for the Hierarchy to limit the secret information by which they operated, because they could easily sanction those who came forth and tried to inform the people.

Besides, up until recently most individuals have been so deeply mind-kontrolled by the Hierarchy, that even when told the truth is told, it seems incredible and will not fit into the listeners’ minds.

That is now rapidly changing due to the emergence of the Worldwide Internet, the New Electronic Gutenberg Press, where information is transmitted at the speed of light to millions all around the world. We users have gained instant access to extensive libraries, documents and historical accounts. Despite the vast amounts of limited hangout misinformation, serious researchers can easily gain access to a great deal of useful background information on any subject.

The advent of the cell phone and iPod-type handheld devices have just added to this instant access to information and have produced the ability to gain and maintain constant communication with others, which was not possible before.

These two major developments have changed the way individuals think about information. They feel it is their right to have instant access to all the facts on any subject, and this has created an expectation for openness by their government in all matters.

This expectation for full disclosure and full access to all government practices and facts is growing by the day and is best described as a powerful spontaneously emerging populism.

The American people are now rejecting the credibility of the Controlled major Mass Media (CMMM), and this rejection of the CMMM is increasing by the day, as so many turn to the Alternative News now available all over the Worldwide Web.

The Hierarchy’s use of Mind-kontrol to convince Americans we are the good guys and the policeman of the World, has actually led to the expectation that our own government should be moral too, and respectful of God-given human rights.

As many in American Intel, the Military and the USG, who have unknowingly served the Hierarchy and its top policy-makers are finding out about the increasing criminality and anti-human acts they have become manipulated into, many are rebelling and going public about what they have learned.

Due to all the recent leaks, high level whistleblower declarations and insider deathbed confessions, many, who were previously ignorant due to strong compartmenting and need-to-know-only access to upper levels of evil Hierarchy practices, are now catching on and secretly turning against the Hierarchy and the policies of the Select Few.

Most of these new secret dissidents are not willing to throw themselves on a sword or speak out and lose their jobs and retirement, but if there were a serious “door to door” attempt by the USG to disarm the American People, they would quickly join the side of We The People and function as extreme warriors with the American People against the Hierarchy. Certainly, if a serious civil war would break out, there would be an instant military coup d’état; and the top Hierarchy traitors would become instant, serious targets for vigilante justice by some experienced special ops soldiers…Read More at Veteran’s Today