A farmer in the Italian town of Venaria Reale found patches of crop flattened in late May. Having seen the news of the possible crop circle, the staff of Aerovisione decided to deploy a couple of their drones to investigate. Aerovisione specializes in aerial filming via helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles. They decided to use the drones to get aerial images of the field in order to get more information on the mysterious downed crop. They filmed their investigation and posted it on YouTube to help promote their company. The images they obtained show unorganized patches of downed crop. They concluded that since there were no elaborate symbols, as there are in typical crop circles, the downed crop was the result of weather. Although Aerovisione does not feel that this case turned out to be anything paranormal, they do encourage others to report anomalies and pledge to help investigate other mysteries. SOURCE: Alejandro Rojas – OpenMinds

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