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sage:  This might spark some ideas of how to pay it forward when our abundance blessings arrive.

By Eleanor Goldberg, Huffington Post – December 17, 2013

A generous Santa Claus stationed in Missouri will share just about everything about his mission – except for his identity.



Since 2007, an anonymous businessman from Independence, Mo., has been doling out crisp $100 bills with his red signature –- Secret Santa –- embossed on the cash, KSHB reported. He began these “sleigh rides” after his friend, and original Santa Claus, passed away and he has since given out more than $100,000.

“You’re touching souls, but you’re changing lives,” he told the news outlet.

secret santaMr. Claus said he typically first looks for someone who has sadness on his face, who needs a little boost, which was exactly what he did last week as he strolled through the aisles of a local thrift store.

“It gives me great joy to give them hope that their life can be changed,” he said.

But this generous donor works to go wherever he’s needed most.

Last November, after Hurricane Sandy struck, this Santa headed north and spent a day in New Jersey and New York doling out cash to people who had lost everything, the Associated Press reported.

“The money is not the point at all,” he told the AP. “It’s about the random acts of kindness. I’m just setting an example, and if 10 percent of the people who see me emulate what I’m doing, anybody can be a Secret Santa!”