Streamed live on Oct 27, 2018


Aura imaging and what it says about me. I recently had my Aura photographed at a local place here in Tulsa called Peace of Mind bookstore ( They used a system called Aura imaging ( This is where we’re looking to have a get together on Nov 11th 2018 at 2:30pm. Many will get their Aura photos taken and they also have many other cool things there and next door. Meditation singing bowls, crystals all sorts of awesome books. Please contact me if you’re in the area and available that day contact page, put “Tulsa get together” in the subject line and if anything with the time or place changes you will be updated. Since Eileen isn’t available tonight for our normal Power of 8 at 8, we will end this broadcast with one of our past intention meditations for abundance for love light workers. Join us for this thought provoking conversation about the world that’s changing all around us. Starting from within each and every one of us. Sharing the Love and Spreading the Light in Real-time! __________________________________________ For show schedule and more, Visit Thank you for your support! Paypal Patreon (Monthly Support) Etherium 0x3275c0bf759ebffd9608c9ee18f1b93c3be71746