By Troika Saint Germain

Violet Flame and EarthSaint Germain asks that each of us use this Invocation at least ONCE a  

DAY until the Earth Ascends. 

This helps the entire planet to eradicate negativity and assist the  

Earth with it's own ascension. Even if you are only removing a small  

speck of density with each healing, you are still giving tremendous  

service to the planet. The beneficial effects will accumulate each time.  

This is an excellent Invocation to be done in small or large groups. 

Preparation: Begin with the Violet Flame Personal Healing on yourself.  

Then visualize the Earth in front of you as a ball floating in space. 

Step 1. Bring the Violet Flame into the Earth. Ask the Violet Flame to  

enter deep into the core of Earth, filling the entire planet. 

Step 2. Spin the flame in and around the Earth, extending out  

considerably so that it encompasses the emotional, mental and spiritual  

bodies of the planet. 

Step 3. Ask the Violet Flame to transmute the negativity from the  

planet, always adding, "as much as the Law will allow and in respect to  

the free will of all". 

Step 4. Change the negativity into Divine Light bringing it into and  

around the entire Earth. 

These exact words were given to me by Saint Germain in 2007 

"Mighty I Am Presence, please bring forth the Violet Flame to be made  

manifest in the Earth now. Fill our entire planet with your powerful  

Violet Flame of Divine Justice, Liberty, Forgiveness, Mercy and Freedom. 

Spread the Violet Flame throughout all the bodies of the Earth,  

surrounding her mental body, emotional body and spiritual body, bathing  

our planet in your compassionate, soft Violet Flame.

Violet Flame, we direct you to transmute all negativity, undue control,  

greed, corruption, egotism, poverty, disease, anger and fear from our  

loving Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants, as much as the Law will  

allow and in respect to the free will of all. 

Beloved Violet Flame, turn all that can be transmuted into the gentle  

pink light, the ray of unconditional love. Bathe the planet with it now,  

filling her completely and totally while surrounding her as well. Add  

now the soft pale blue light of truth, peace, calm and harmony. 

Follow with the emerald green ray of prosperity, abundance, radiant  

health and vital life. 

Please seal everything with the Golden Platinum Light of the Christ  


Let the Golden Platinum Light coalesce and mingle with the pink, blue,  

and green rays, raising the qualities of all to the highest level  

possible now, that of the Christ Consciousness. Hold these energies and  

our wishes, desires and intention for Heaven on Earth with peace and  

prosperity for all, forever and ever. 

Thank you Beloved I AM Presence, Father God, Mother God, Divine Source,  

The All That Is, The I Am That I Am. 

Amen and So It Is."