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And how SERCO, ARINC, APIS, Excstar, SITA, Federal PKI, the SES and Root Keys tied into it.

Compilation by Jason Q Janiszewski (Additional commenters are in italics)

The Main reason why I had to start with the FBCAN is because it was developed so that Blackmailers could track users, Pedophiles and Victims with a Specific Facial recognition software. It’s called Demon Face Recognition Software. It was Developed in 1978 when a company named Starnet Communications in Vancouver, Canada and one of the first SES (Senior Executive Service) members……Stephen Paddock, yes….same one…. so they could track all these people that were to be blackmailed on a system called Oath Inc. (See resource links at end of article) to have them available for long range logistics for Murder for Hire schemes.

This will probably take me til sunrise to get out. But the 17th anniversary of the largest live snuff film ever recorded deserves it. The truth.

There are 2 Brothers in the UK named Nicholas and Rupert Soames. They are Winston Churchill’s grandsons. They were in charge of SERCO…. that is one of the largest corporations that you probably have never heard of. They had to find a way to blackmail members of the US Government to maintain some control on their golden goose so they went right to the head of the SES, Kristine Marcy.

KM:  Is this the Kristine Marcy (Sister of Abel Danger?)

KMS:  Kristine Marcy is Patriot Abel Dangers sister.   For those who don’t yet know: Abel Danger hosts a global network dedicated to uncovering treasonous acts against humanity.

They used a pedophile oath ritual known as “Mendenhall’s baby” to lure her and other higher up pedophiles in and they filmed them using the Demon Face Recognition Software so that whenever SERCO decided to launch what’s known as a ‘Red Team’ against the US, that they would give the US Military and officials the order to Stand Down.
Remember when Q was going on about RED RED……remember one of them above.

Now what these teams consisted of were the worst of the worst. Mercenaries….SuperMax Prisoners…. anyone that is ruthless to be on a big hit squad

SERCO controls a lot of US Interests.
One for instance is the US Passport and Visa Office. This is how they are able to get perfectly illegal ‘legal’ visas for anyone willing to commit crimes against Americans on foreign and domestic soil. Kristine Marcy, being the head of the SES, had control of the prisoners at the SuperMax Prisons. So anyone and everyone was in play.
SERCO issued these visas to these Con-Air Swat teams that had embedded themselves in the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency so they could execute asymmetrical missions. Terrorism. For short

DW:  SERCO also owns obama care

CW:  Kristine Marcy is Abel Danger’s sister. He hasn’t talked to her in years and he’s a patriot trying to help POTUS.

RA:  He said she surrendered months ago

TB:  I listen to all of his videos. He talks of his sister, and how evil she is. Thank you for making this connection.

TG:  AD is now known as Bell Sheep Ministries. Field had some issues with David. So, they parted ways for now, per Field.

They were the ONLY ones to ever mention the FBCAN. And once you go down that rabbit hole. You gone
Another US Interest that SERCO has control of is the US Patent and Trademark Office. In the previous 9/11 post, i had posted some patents and just by typing in the patent number in a search engine…the patent appears….what’s one thing that everyone has been so curious about?..Read More at

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