Wal Thornhill: Black Hole or Plasmoid? | Space News

Apr 16, 2019

In this interview recorded on April 8, 2019, physicist Wal Thornhill discusses why the recent so-called “first picture of a black hole” actually affirms the plasma cosmology hypothesis that the object at a galactic core is not a black hole at all but an ultra-high density energy storage phenomena called a Plasmoid. To view all EU2017 conference presentations for $29USD, go to If you see a CC with this video, it means that subtitles are available. To find out which ones, click on the Gear Icon in the lower right area of the video box and click on “subtitles” in the drop-down box. Then click on the subtitle that you would like. Become a Producer through the PATREON Rewards program — Subscribe to Thunderbolts Update newsletter: The Thunderbolts Project Home: Essential Guide to the Electric Universe:… Facebook:… Twitter: @tboltsproject Electric Universe by Wal Thornhill: Electric Universe T-shirts and Gifts:…