Walk Through a Syrian Spice Shop

Jun 24, 2019

Better than the Bulk Barn! (Canadian reference 🙃) A thorough breakdown of the array of spices sold in his shop, from a gentleman shy to have his face videod but who in any case described the uses or benefits of many spices and herbs. We also took a walk along the nut and dried fruits aisle, and the herbs and dried flowers (for teas) aisle. 🙂 At the end, in addition to a litre of olive oil, a pack of coffee, and a bag of sesame seeds, I bought two spice mixes from him, which he mixed in front of me, again explaining as he went. All cost just over US$11–which it has to be said is expensive for Syrians, with the economy shattered by the criminal US sanctions and of course 8 years of the US-led war on Syria. If the US (and co cowards) lifted the sanctions on Syria, ended their occupation and ended support to terrorists in Syria, didn’t block Syria and Russia from exterminating terrorism in Idlib, Aleppo countryside, Hama countryside and eastern areas of Syria, think how this marvellous country could flourish anew. *Read this article by Caitlin Johnstone on “starvation sanctions”. Excerpt: “Starvation sanctions kill people. Tens of thousands of Venezuelans have reportedly already died as a result of this administration’s relentless assault on their economy; those human beings are no less dead than they would have been if the US had killed them by dropping cluster bombs on Caracas. Yet these deaths have received virtually no mainstream media coverage, and Americans, while they strongly oppose attacking Iran militarily, have had very little to say about Trump’s attacks on the nation’s economy. The economy which people use to feed their children, to care for their elderly and their sick. I’m titling this essay “Starvation Sanctions Are Worse Than Overt Warfare”, and I mean it. I am not saying that starvation sanctions are more destructive or deadly than overt military force in and of themselves; what I am saying is that the overall effect is worse, because there’s no public accountability for them and because they deliberately target civilians.” https://caitlinjohnstone.com/2019/06/… From a 2016 article I wrote after interviewing Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban: “Sanctions: It is the Syrian People Who Are Suffering Dr. Shaaban emphasized the Syrian realities at a meeting in her office in December. A crucially-important issue that media pundits ignore is that of the crippling sanctions on Syria. In terms of how to provide actual relief to the Syrian people, Dr. Shaaban stated: “The first thing the West should do in this battle against terrorism is to lift the sanctions from the Syrian people. The sanctions are helping terrorists against the Syrian people, who are suffering doubly from the terrorists and from Western measures against the Syrian people.” …The advocacy website, End The Sanctions on Syria, notes: “Similar sanctions on Iraq in the 1990s were shown to have caused the deaths of more than half a million Iraqi children.” The site went on to report that (as of May 2014), “701 of 1,921 Syrian health centres have been ‘completely gutted’ by the terrorist attacks. Yet rehabilitation of these centres is retarded by the US-EU sanctions, which have already left ‘a deep mark on the healthcare system’… including by blocking access to medicines, medical equipment, transport and communications.” A May 27, 2015 article in The Lancet reports: “The cost of basic food items has risen six-fold since 2010, although it varies regionally. With the exception of drugs for cancer and diabetes, Syria was 95 percent self-sufficient in terms of drug production before the war. This has virtually collapsed as have many hospitals and primary health-care centres.” https://www.rt.com/op-ed/334401-weste… Re Sanctions on Venezuela: “At the end of January, UN human rights expert Idriss Jazairy denounced the sanctions, clearly noting they are, “aimed at changing the government of Venezuela,” and that, “Coercion, whether military or economic, must never be used to seek a change in government in a sovereign state.” https://www.rt.com/op-ed/455081-manuf… “UN expert Alfred de Zayas aptly calls sanctions a form of terrorism, “because they invariably impact, directly or indirectly, the poor and vulnerable.” US talking heads downplay the drastic effects of sanctions, but the reality of their effect is staggering. A recent report estimated that sanctions caused 40,000 deaths in 2017-2018, with 300,000 more Venezuelans at risk. Recently, a six-year-old boy needing a bone marrow transplant and treatment (provided by an association in agreement with the PDVSA, Venezuela’s oil and natural gas company), died as a result of his treatment being denied due to US sanctions on PDVSA.” https://www.rt.com/op-ed/459333-syria…