Whip_scars_on_the_back_of_a_Hamer_woman_-_EthiopiaThis evening when I went to remove my contacts and put on my glasses I noticed what seemed to be stretch marks on my torso. But when I looked closer they look more like old healed up scars then stretch marks. And I have a lot of them on my sides and all across my back. These “scars” were not there this morning. I compared it to a old scar I’ve had for years (although I don’t recall where or how I got that one) and they look just the same as that one.


While I understand that old “wounds” from our past and past lives will surface so we can reflect on it, heal it, and move on. I thought this would be more of a mental and spiritual thing. While I’m reluctant to say, I have had flash back of battles fought, battles that goes before firearms and such. Like soldiers who have PTSD flashbacks when they watch movies or a flash of light happens, I get the same thing except it from battles long ago. Yet as fast as they come they also disappear from my memory. Like my higher self is letting aware these things happened and to move on. So I’m thankful for that.


I do not find this experience frightful, I am more curious then anything else. But when goes from flashbacks to physical marks on my body. I felt more inclined to share this experience and maybe an example that our healing is happening now. And we need to pay attention, not only to what the Earth and her children are doing, but to ourselves as well. We all want to help, we all want to move forward. We know that to join with the rest of our family in this universe we must do so collectively. But I feel, that this is a time for the self to heal and rise, then as whole beings come together as one to join our family.


Thank you all for reading this. My heart is already at piece now that I finished typing this out. Thank you.