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The following excerpts are taken from my channeled books: “Mystery of the Universes,” “Mystery of the Universes, Book Two,” and “Mystery of the Universes, Book Three.” There is a lot of information shared about the star nations, some with differing views, posted on this website. Below is information taken from my three books explaining us as humans who are part of many nations who have come together on this Earth. And many of you are becoming very conscious of who you truly are. Sure is exciting! I am including parts of the writings where I have asked questions for a better understanding of the writing.


Place of United Nations in GenevaThis planet called Earth stands for the truth of divine justice. On this planet are the many peoples of many past civilizations as well as other planets that are here to join all nations into One. It has been decreed that all will come to an understanding that all life everywhere is but an extension of Creator in its many forms.

Do unto others as you would do unto yourself. Treat others divinely for they are divine just as you are. True justice comes from your willingness to create in love for the love of Creator. When you feel that divine connection (you could not be anything else), go into your hearts and feel that energy permeate your total beings and extend that feeling out into this world, this cosmos. When you do this, you are extending God through the myriad forms created by the mind of God.

Excerpts from Mystery of the Universes, writing 75 “Book of Nations”:
From Sananda:
In this book shall it become known that all nations that comprise this Earth, even this galaxy, come from the forces of love. The vibrations of these beings radiate a form of brilliance. They encompass the worlds of form, yet they do not come from form. They are the brilliant white lights that move through the cosmos. They are sparks that know of themselves. They come together to experience new creations. They come as many yet they are as one in the making
of new universes, new forms of life. They are the peacemakers of all creations. Blessings to them all. I shall speak from my own experiences, as I am a part of this process just as you are who read of these words.

The process of love is made manifest upon many planes of existence. The movement of the stars as they spin in their glory, each a part of the new life force that make up all creation.
These forces are the sparks of divinity who move through the heavens making their lives as beings in the many forms of love.

The formation of great bodies of light are integers of the great sparks. They form their inherent energy base and take on a position of fine-tuning the seven aspects of the risen man into the Christ base of being. As man rises into a finer aspect of being, he will know that the future is a way to define new creation. He crosses into the state that defines all time into one level of consciousness yet the knowledge of being in the Christed state is but a step in the whole of Being. The thoughts
of creation in the minds of man become the experience. Man thus defines his creation by means of his own thoughts and actions.

By the will of the great Creator shall the various life forms who make up the finer sparks of creation become the gods. In their processes shall they develop the necessary energy levels that will be the strength of new creations. They will form a new level that will adjust all other levels to move to a new position. These creator beings are the forces that have come from the stars. Their words, their actions, their deeds are their force in action. They combine with the thoughts of all others to become the new reality. This reality changes each moment. All moments change because each reality is and of itself. The new Earth shall be the stomping grounds of the ones who
create from their base of knowledge. This base of knowledge is the universal laws of divine existence.

Creator ones have said that in their form shall the greatness of the cosmos become they who can love every part of their being, every part of all beings. They know of themselves
to be the grand communicators that reach out into the star systems that light the earth’s skies. They come as the inhabitors of fine grace within the stillness of their being. Within
the reaches of the star systems that have a connection to the one of Earth has the call of light been extended. All lighted ones are to take their stations to receive the message that the call is out. Their consciousness shall focus on the earthen world. The earthen world shall be made up of the fine crystals which hold the divine sparks that shall be activated for the upliftment of all creation. Forces from the Andarean constellation come forth. Forces from the Sirian star come forth. Forces from the Octavius come forth. Forces from the realms of the divine Angelican come forth. Forces from the Arcturan system come forth. Forces from the realms of Andromeda come forth. Forces from all celestial nations that hold the frequency of creation in your light, come forth.

We shall come together to bring about a new way of being. It is a new time, a new life that brings a new knowledge of the forces of light.

With gratitude shall we come together, then spread out our forces. Let us combine our thoughts to bring about a great light that shall be known as the new Terra. The new Earth is to be reborn from the ashes of the worlds that are no more. This is a new place that shall be the ground for gods. With the input of great love in all of its aspects, this new world shall be the shining diamond of the cosmos. It has been spoken, therefore it is so.

Q – What are the seven aspects of the risen man (see paragraph two)?
A – The seven aspects include the man’s ability to cross the
stations which his many selves inhabit. This means that he
can cross into other lives – past, present, and future – of himself.
He can cross into other dimensions, into other shapes of vessels
(bodies), and into the void of existence where all life is.
The seven refers to the ability to move within the seven
dimensions of physical existence. Once man knows that he
can create all his existences, then man will know that life is
love in action.
We leave you with this message:
Believe that you are God, Source within Source. Know that
you are the makers of heaven, your lives on earth. As you transcend
the density and see through the veil, you will witness your
amazing creations in all their splendor, beautiful colors, beautiful
sounds all filled with love. You are that and more. And so
it is.

This life on Earth shall soon be the utopia of all nations, hearts intertwined. This is the New Earth.
Excerpt from Mystery of the Universes, Book Two, writing 22 “Founding Fathers”:

From Sananda:
In your first book, “Mystery of the Universes,” you learned (remembered) that humanity is a composite of many extraterrestrial beings who became a part of your genetic makeup. These beings are very much a part of you, not only a
part of your DNA, but also a part of You, an aspect of the total
You. Many people are starting to see parts of themselves as other
than human. Your Founding Fathers (sources) are those other
aspects of each one of you, seemingly separate, but an intricate
part of the whole. You now have arrived at that place where the
experiences in your other lives have an effect on your current
earthly human life, and vice versus.

As the human develops into a more realized being, that
is knowing the other parts of itself, it soon acknowledges the
absolute that it is. The human begins to see more fully the connectedness
of everything everywhere. The scientists are seeing
this in their experiments. Everything everywhere is connected.
Soon will this be an accepted phenomena.

So what happens when you connect to the other parts of
yourself? You can see from their (Your) eyes, and hear from
their (Your) ears. It is much like watching a movie, but you are
the star in every movie. Oh you will see others in your movies,
and some of the other ones you communicate with you know
in your present reality (or the world that you perceive as your
existing reality). Many of you are now experiencing this phenomenon.
These lives are all of your creations. Do you like the
movies that you have produced? Can you pick out anything
in each of your movies that really stands out for you? Each
life that you live has a message or many messages. You will
realize that you have lived the gamut of experiences, ones that
you may now perceive as both good and bad. They are neither.
They just are experiences.

Many of you are having experiences that make you feel
home sick. All of you came from somewhere else other than
Earth. In fact, you all have parts of you that come from hundreds
of planetary systems, yet one system may seem more like
home than others. Some of the home planets have sent out
their delegates to live on this Earth plane, experience the combination
of the many nations (planetary systems), then report
“home.” And most of you are those delegates! Of course your
soul families are all a part of this game and what a game this is.
This game has amazed us all because you have come through
such density, such blind vision, yet have come out the other
side and been so much richer for the experiences. We ALL are
much richer for your and our experiences.
We are here to tell you that your many parts, those original
parts of you, are called your Founding Fathers. “Fathers” is a
name for Source and nothing more. There is no gender here. In
fact, you created gender to know what it is like to live in a left brained
state of mind. You forgot you can create. You created
the feminine so you could later recall that you are Creators.
Can you now imagine what you have created together?
This book is to remind you that you indeed have a home
away from this home. Tune in to your star and let the images
pour into you so that you can remember. Your family
and friends are cheering you on, can you hear their applause?
How do you tune in? Just ask and listen, just listen to that still
small voice within. You may “hear” a whisper or a thunderous
response. Maintain that connection and you shall know to
whom to speak. It may be one star, a part of the Pleiades, Sirius,
or Andromeda, or wherever, or many. As you speak your
truths about who and what you really are, there is no need to
hide or is there need to stand on a platform and speak to the
masses. Some of you will speak to the masses to help them
understand their Source. Others of you will continue living
your lives incorporating the knowledge and wisdom of all of
the ages. This Earthen world will unfold to become the most
magnificent adventure in all of History. History is your story
and your many lives.

Excerpts from Mystery of the Universes, Book Three, writing 2 “Opportunities”:

This day you call the era of the new millennium is giving you, dear
humans, the opportunity to be of service to not only yourselves but
to all of creation. This has been planned and orchestrated through
each one of you. It is such a grand time for all nations to come together
and witness this great transformation, not only for humanity,
but the whole of created peoples. By peoples we mean all entities in
physical embodiment and those in spirit form. All peoples and spirits
are a part of the One, just separated to witness One’s own grandeur.

Excerpts from Mystery of the Universes, Book Three, writing 18 “An Offshoot”:

Do you remember the time when you, as a small child, would
skip along the sidewalks or streets humming a song familiar to you, yet
you did not consciously recognize the song? The song was familiar yet
you couldn’t put a name to the tune. What was happening is that you
were remembering a tune from another offshoot of You. It was a moment
in another life that crossed over into your present life. This sort of
thing happens a lot yet most of you are unaware of this intersecting of
time lines. It shall happen more and more as you become more aware
of your presence on Earth and the other offshoots of You.
Be aware of what you consider to be a new phenomenon, the
intersecting time lines. Time lines have always intersected, yet, especially
as an adult, you do not witness them consciously, until now. As
you graduate into the higher frequencies of living life, you will start
noticing strange remembrances within yourselves. It will be difficult
for you to pinpoint these memories in your current life stream. You will
“see” yourselves as appearing different than your current physical body.
You may even be a different gender. When you get these glimpses of
another time and place, make a mental note of your experiences. Soon
you will be able to tie these visions together to better understand your
journey on this present Earth to one you can refer to as The Grand
Journey. For indeed your journey is grand in that you are experiencing
life to know who you are as a grand creator. You will better understand
“what makes you tick.”

Each of you is writing your own stories and these stories are
now starting to overlap so you can see the journey with a new set of
eyes. What you will witness is your Grand Plan coming into focus.
This journey to Earth is a playground for you to recognize the greatness
of You, in all Your glory. There are many nations present on this
Earth at this moment. By nations, we mean there are many intelligences
from other planetary systems that make up the current human. This
you have learned. However, do you understand the importance of this
moment, this time of humanity? This is the moment when you begin
to realize that you are the composite of the many, the many offshoots
of You. This grand adventure is bringing together factions of civilizations,
those who felt they are or were superior to other races. There is
no separation, only offshoots.

Retreat within your being. See the similarities of your various
lifetimes as they come into view. See the threads that connect each
lifetime to your current lifetime. Keep a journal of these snippets. Your
will soon see the Story, your Story. And what a novel each of you has

In divine grace, we are your brothers and sisters. We are part
of each one of you. And you are a part of each one of us. It can be
no other way. This journey of life will go on eternally. Life is eternal,
always was and always will be (hence the description of eternal). Be at
peace with all you see and witness in your other incarnations. They all
are a composite of You. Judge not, just witness. Life is always a choice.
Take the lessons learned from these other life streams and note how
they have impacted your other lives as well as your current life. Life can
be summed up with a WOW!

May you live peace in all ways and forever more.

We are from the Heart of the One

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