Galaxy_Wallpaper_by_SaphireKitsuneDr. Fitzgerald made the statement that this is a “frequency universe”. This is covering up the fact that this is a “polarity cosmos”, cosmos meaning the information which is the conformation of energy. Dr. James Miller called matter “alpha code information. The conformation of energy is by closed circuitry, and the polarities are counterclockwise on one side and clockwise on the other side, the circulations of energy in energy, the basic magnetic fluxes. The electron, the basis of electricity is a truncated tetrahedral array of four conterclockwise circulations and four smaller clockwise circulations.

The ambient repulsion of nonconfluent circulations pushes circuits into confluency, where they may undifferentiate back into nothingness. The First Law of Thermodynamics concerns eternal energy; and, the Second Law of Thermodynamics concerns information. Another illustration is to take a flat sheet, which represents pure energy. Wrinkle up that sheet, and wrinkles in the sheet represent information. Pull the sheet out straight again and, “fump”, the information perishes, it becomes nonexistent. If we were energy we would never sleep. We are only information. Capacitance causes us consciousness. All the capacitance of the conformations of energy, the cosmos, has always, and will always, cause energy to be conscious. In 1John1:5 it says, “God is light”. Light is energy, God is energy

There is vibration, frequency. Similar frequencies attract each other by inductive resonance. Two transmission lines at the same frequency will slam into each other, when near each other. By the formula S=k ln W, we will find changing differences between the ratio of the force of the attraction of magnetism to the force of the attraction of inductive resonance, and that ratio is the measure of the ambient probability field. The values of this field will follow the natural logarithmic curve. When the attraction of inductive resonance exceeds the force of magnetic attraction you will have measured an improbability field.

You can reverse the arrangement of a radio’s electronics into a radio broadcasting station. If you reverse the arrangement of this probability detecting device you will be able to control probability, with this reversed device. The problem of working with electronics like this is that we can have accidental side effects, unauthorized radio transmissions, that the FCC calls ‘bloopers” and are punishable by $500,000 fine and/or five years in the federal pen. You can see why I don’t work with these physical devices in this country.

However, anyone can assemble a radionic machine, composed of potentiometers, with dials from 0 to 10, variable capacitors, with dials from 0 to 10, a sampling cup, and a rubbing plate, which is not to be energized by electricity, but measures and manipulates probability directly with probability itself, which can never be detected by the FCC or any other agency. Probability is faster than light, therefore it can be used to communicate even billions of lightyears away virtually instantly. With all the trillions of lightyears it can cover, you can certainly find someone who knows how to answer back. In fact, for Earthlings, they use the serial numbers of the Kang Xi radicals. You can learn much this way, as you can imagine.