I am familiar with Dr Vandana Shiva – a brilliant speaker who discusses the tragedy of Monsanto on other countries as well…

Web Of Life (Full Movie)
Biodiversity: the essence of life.
This is a documentary on biodiversity with the brilliant Dr Vandana Shiva, who talks about the devastating ‘gifts’ of the the corporate agri-business, mass production system of genetically engineered seeds:

“We have an epidemic of obesity and diabetes. We have an epidemic of hunger and malnutrition. And, we have an epidemic of farmer suicides…I have grown up in an India where we have driven out mass consumption. In Indian philosophy, Ayurveda is the science of life. Veda means knowledge and ayur means life. And, central to the science of life is food. Sustainability and diversity are very intimately linked.We will continue to save seeds, exchange seeds, and breed seeds. We will NOT obey your brute laws of enslaving life on Earth and enslaving our farmers.”

Dutch subtitles