I just love this guy’s energies.  Have been on several of his conferences and enjoyed his unique perspective of our world and its history.
by Peter Tongue

I think we will be looking back on June as one of the most significant months of this most significant year. How can we tell when we have stepped into the new energies as Mother Earth transforms? Are we there yet? I really think that we are and there have been a number of events, synchronicities, awakenings and alignments to support that notion.


Following our Victoria Temple of the Stars sacred Gemini journey on June 3rd, we moved straight into the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, immediately followed by the Venus Transit across the Sun. Here was a massive impetus to clear all of our old wounds and outdated patterns, unify our opposites, women reclaiming their power and men embracing their feminine side, creating change, freedom and individual expression. I had the opportunity to see the tiny beauty spot gliding across the Sun in the late afternoon making its sacred feminine mark on Father Sun.




Having returned from a recent visit with the Alchemist with whom I had the honour of working alongside at the furnace a few years ago, a surge forward in consciousness has taken place around the Emerald Tablet. The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus carried the recipe for the manifestation of the Philosopher’s Stone and through it the transmutation of base metals like Iron, Tin and Lead into the precious metals of Silver, Gold and Platinum. Everyone focused thier energy on the allegorical coded words to uncover the truth. Our alchemist did that many years ago in producing the philosopher’s stone and so now it seemed the focus needed to be on the Emerald Tablet itself rather than the words it carried! Was it the big secret hidden in plain site. It certainly has raised awareness and consciousness in our group as we have been working with it in meditation-perfect timing and more to come!


A series of really neat events followed the meditation on the Emerald Tablet. I had passed around one of the classic pictograms used by the medieval alchemists to crack the code of the “As Above So Below”. On Wednesday June 13th, I interviewed Glenn Broughton who is an expert on ley lines, sacred sites and crop circles. During the discussion we talked about communicating with the circlemakers and how you can do that, by setting an intention in meditation. The very next day a crop circle showed up in Italy which was an exact replica of the As Above So Below pictogram! So be careful what you ask for and intend because it is likely to happen!




Next we had the second New Moon in Gemini, a most unusual event which provided a second opportunity to work with those energies and create some form of breakthrough in consciousness. The very next day was the Solstice and combined together we were given another powerful jump start. This point is when we are positioned exactly opposite the Galactic Centre which is the alignment everyone is focusing on for December 21st. I think the shift has already happened. Several factors point to this. Not least of which is an instruction the Elders of the Queros tradition requested their medicine bundle carriers to put their stones to rest. This bundle is the most precious living altar of the Shaman and to be asked to release the stones within is quite remarkable. The reason given was that the New World was starting on the Solstice and it was necessary to deconstruct everything carrying the old energies and begin anew. We are ourselves deconstructing and reconstructing as we go.


This brings me to the energies of Sunday June 24th and our Cancer Workshop day. There was a Yod or Finger of God in the astrology of the day which points to our Divine Destiny. It was at four degrees of Sagittarius. Our astrologer Melanie has been using the Sabian Symbols recently to check on the degree and sign of various planets and the significance of the alignment. This alignment is represented by “A Little Child Learning to Walk With the Encouragement of the Parents!” Wow! I think we have taken our first few baby steps into the New World! Now the good news is that we have our celestial parents overseeing us on this new journey. They can’t walk the steps for us, but they can offer their loving support from a higher perspective. We are never alone on this pilgrimmage as a more evolved Power and intelligence watches over us.


The other huge influence on that day was the first of seven precise square aspects between Uranus which is currently in Aries and Pluto which is in Capricorn. Typically squares bring challenges to be overcome, but the Sabian Symbols for these positions suggest there is a great opportunity for synergy. The Uranus symbol is a Crystal Gazer and the keynote is “The Development of an Inner Realization of Organic Wholeness.” Seeing the picture as a whole. The Sabian Symbol for Pluto is An Angel Carrying a Harp and the keynote is “The Revelation of the Spiritual Meaning and Purpose at the Core of any Life Situation.” Heaven is within us all and all we have to do is tune to the total harmony of life.


It has been suggested that the seven square alignments in the next three years are the Opening of the Seven Seals spoken about in John’s Revelation in the Bible and I happen to believe that is true.




We are through the end times, out into a New World and a new level of consciousness, taking our first few baby steps in harmony and rhythm wth all aspects of life. Have fun!

Courtesy of MyHeartCenterJourney.com