Part 1: Well, It All Started When....
July 14, 2013
I received the "clarion call" from Spirit that the time was at hand on the infamous day of July 4th, 2013 - a day known throughout America as Independence Day. This was the historical date that America formally and boldly proclaimed to the entire world that we would no longer consider ourselves subjects of the British Empire. Keep this tucked in the back of your mind, as this entire mission encapsulated the theme of FREE WILL, FREEDOM, TO BE FREE. Once again, the timing of this message correlated with what I had been told long ago from a hermetic master, that the core keynote to my life was everything to do with FREEDOM AND JUSTICE.
It was time to fulfill a mission that I had contracted long ago... and I mean long long ago. I was challenged with the fact that my definition of urgency was different than "theirs" and it was time to go. That was July 4th. "What was I to do with my 4 dogs?" I asked The response was "bring them and the time to get going is NOW. Pack enough for at least two weeks. Be in the flow and we will be with you every step of the way." That was comforting considering the last time we did one of these, the darker forces took out my accelerator and we ended up in the middle of the desert with no cell service and virtually no automobiles coming our way for hours.... that was a relief.
Well within 10 days, my husband Steve and I managed to pack our four dogs and all of their necessities, and ourselves with our necessities into our mini SUV and took off. We even managed to pack a full array of camping equipment because we were concerned at that point how we were going to land an affordable motel room with 4 dogs. The only instructions we were given was to take the I-40 East and remain flexible and adaptable to daily energy reports. Therefore planning was really not an option. We just went with Spirit.
We had done this before but nothing to this extent (this ended being up a 3 week trip). You can imagine the thoughts flying through our minds; like how are we going to keep the dogs safe from overheating in the heat of the summer, how are we going to find motels that would allow us four dogs without charging us exorbitant fees, would the dogs stay quiet enough to prevent any complaints, did we have everything we needed, and what were we doing anyway? We knew this mission was a biggie. Both of us had been warned often enough about the seriousness of it. We had also been alerted that it was coming up soon... we just didn't think it would go down with our 4 dogs in tow...
The coolest thing happened to me on the way up the 15 freeway, somewhere just south of Riverside, CA. I gazed out the passenger window, hypnotically entranced by the mountain ranges flying by me, one after another, until I sat straight up in my seat to see a white cylindrically-shaped moving object in the sky. I squinted to clarify my vision, ruling out a plane or helicopter. There was no denying that some sort of object was flying up the freeway with us. Briefly glancing down at the map to determine our bearings, I returned my sights to the same area of this anomaly, only to realize it had disappeared. I just knew it was a UFO, and an omen that my Galactic Brothers and Sisters were with us. Thanks, I thought with a sigh of relief. I knew we were being protected.
A bit later in the drizzling rain, two very faint rainbows presented themselves. Making the connection between 2 rainbows and us being twin flames, my girlfriend Pam's words churned round and round within my mind... "this could be a magical trip but leave all of the old stuff at the front door and stay open to miracles."

Within another hour, I was floored by what appeared to be one of the biggest, widest most beautiful rainbows I think I have ever seen. Not only was it large, but it endured for quite sometime, sending me another message to wish upon a rainbow...I wished for heaven on earth and our ability to perpetuate the ascension process.
As if that wasn't enough to inform me of the specialness of this trip, a hawk swooped down literally right outside my passenger window. This was very significant to me since the hawk is my animal totem and a strong messenger that protection is all around me. There had been many that revealed themselves along the way, but this one was specifically working on getting my attention.

Steve saw a dead snake on the side of the freeway, reflecting his up and coming metamorphosis and the shedding of his old life. The rain began to pellet our windshield. The landscape was barren and flat and thirsty, yet a sense of relief was felt from within. I felt free for the first time in a very long time. I had reunited with Mother Earth's desert... I was on my way to an unknown destination but one that was essential for my well-being.

We tapped in for various activation points along the way and got a hit on Ash Fork, AZ, not surprisingly Exit 144. There wasn't much to this off ramp, other than a gas station and a truck repair facility. We made our way behind the buildings, with a laser beam intention to find a vortex we had been summoned to. We found it easily, despite the funny looks of those watching us. We made ourselves invisible and went to work. This was our anchoring point - the beginning of a grid we would eventually build across the entire US. We performed a ceremony and set up our intentions. The melding of the male and female was an intricate part of our process, as was the releasing of old paradigms, pain, and suffering. It was a start and we had NO idea what we were about to do!

Ironically enough, we found out much later that Ash Fork was situated 10 miles from several distinguishing points of interest such as the Cathedral Caves and The Devils Hole. The town had suffered at least two catastrophic fires in its history, forcing a complete rebuild of the downtown area. Covered with ash trees all around, this tree provides the famous black hull fruit specifically used for ridding parasites.....hmmmm, I wonder what this trip is all about?
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