through the founders of the
Ascended Masters Mystery School

May, 2013

The Presence in Action ~~ Part I

buddhaThese are surely the times to focus on living as your Presence and to extract yourself from the distractions of the world. For you have been living in a dream that is no longer serving your great spiritual potential to walk the Earth as a living master. It does indeed take dedication, devotion and passion to keep yourself out of the magnetic pull of the old paradigms that are still controlling the majority of the collective consciousness of humanity. Yet you, beloveds, chose to be here during the time of humanity’s ascension into the 5th dimension. You are all wayshowers and Golden Age leaders who are being invited to create a completely new way of living on your planet. Those who awaken first are being given the opportunity of taking the hands of those who are still sleeping, and the more awake you are, the greater service you are providing so all of humankind can move into Unity Consciousness.

~ Gautama Buddha