I found this posting so intriguing as it pulls you out of the same old same old perspective regarding us versus them or should I say ET’s versus other ET’s.  Read on…
Wed Sep 19, 2012 2:02 am (PDT)
If a false flag UFO war is brewing, runaway secret government would, of course, report that they are defending against an extremely hostile UFO force. It would be a perfect solution to hide the trail of a runaway secret government that knows it cannot cover its tracks forever. Its talking heads could say that all the lies told and all the damage done to the public had been for the public’s own good. They would be heroes.

The other side of that coin is a tactic of this kind could be the last straw in the eyes of a galactic civilization that is watching this debacle. A false flag UFO war would be the defining moment showing that the runaway government has no intention of ever getting honest with the people or come to terms with the galactic civilization. Falsifying a UFO war would be an act of war against the galactic civilization and, ultimately, the people of this planet.

This is so serious it could be the reason the galactic civilization decides to let the Earth go feral. My UFO contacts made two highly strange comments in August, which seemed only puzzling until I began thinking about the possibility of a false flag UFO war:

1. They said they were leaving and would return in 10 years. They have never said anything like that in the past. I realized they had made visits approximately every 10 years most of my life, but had never said anything to make that periodic schedule concrete as they did this time.

I now believe they talked about returning in 10 years so that I would know that if something like a false flag UFO war started I would know those I see in the sky are not my UFO contacts. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO WAR WITH THIS PLANET BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT BE BACK FOR ANOTHER 10 YEARS.

2. Then somebody said this week that serious consideration is being given to letting this planet go feral. I had the sense this was one possible option but didn’t ask questions because I was dumbfounded at the idea. Nothing like this has ever been said before.

3. Tonight I learned that Courtney Brown’s remote viewers see an object impacting this planet in 2013. Keith Hunter had suggested that an object of that kind would most likely come from the asteroid belt.

This is how these data come together as a possible scenario:

1. The primary agenda of UFO activity since 1942 has been to alert this planet of the danger of atomic and nuclear power. In these 70 years they have had an aggressive genetic program with an agenda to collect and preserve genetic materials and develop a hybrid species from existing DNA on the Earth.

Native American contacts have a very different sort of focus overall of awakening consciousness. My 1963 UFO contact was very much like Chief Golden Light Eagle. I was walking alone on a street in a sweltering heat wave at dusk in Oklahoma City. I saw the light coming towards me, and, as I started to turn around to run home, I was picked up in a beam of light and awakened to find myself laying on a table in a large room. My hair was soaking wet from trying to run in the extreme heat and the panic. A man walked over to me and rubbed my forehead. I knew I was safe and calmed down with no fear, and we later talked.

This was nothing like the horrors of abductions many people report and is similar in many respects to contacts other Native Americans experience. I am a Native American descendant. I have never had abductions like many people report and, once, my UFO contacts implored me to listen to them because they “dare not abduct me.” Contacts with these UFOlk attempt, apparently, to maintain consciousness whereas some UFO contacts do not.

I honestly think it has a lot to do with a) who makes the contact and b) existing consciousness of the contactee. Jim Sparks, for example, was conscious of his UFO abductions. In a scenario the ETs showed him, a group of primates had run over to a landing UFO to watch them. One young primate smiled and showed signs of consciousness, and the ETs pointed that out to Sparks. Well-intended ETs will respond to signs of consciousness, and Native American cultures develops consciousness in ways that European-derived culture does not. I believe the ETs honor consciousness when they find it but will subdue if consciousness is not present. I realize this statement may get a lot of folks worked up, but facts are facts. ETs who don’t give a damn about human consciousness behave without regard for it.

2. If it turns out that a runaway secret government wages a UFO war it will be an ultimate statement of how far off track it has gone and how hopelessly out of control humanity is of its own governments. In other words, the secret runaway government would be running the show completely out of control. I don’t think a galactic civilization will honor this situation with courtesy. It will be an indication that any consciousness they honor is out of control.

Getting consciousness in genetics is the name of the game for planetary scientists. They have genetic libraries that are measured in miles. Developing consciousness is not equal to a genetic library. If the people of this planet fail to demonstrate sufficient consciousness to even get a slight grip on a dangerous secret runaway government ET may not extend the courtesy they might to a conscious people.

3. Planetary scientists honor conscious life because it is the life blood of an evolving planet. We have in the mainstream Abrahamic believers who think their God gave the Earth to them. This is a large part of the problem in the present. Abraham’s God did not have the authority to give the Earth to his followers. That particular God could have been a rogue ET trying to enlarge his following, who eventually acquired a rogue secret government.

The galactic civilization would not have great sympathy for a runaway secret government inspired by a rogue ET. Consciousness among a planetary population that’s lost control of its own government and run like a herd by a runaway government would not inspire admiration among the galactic civilization.

We may have a secret runaway government that’s fixing to declare war on the galactic civilization. The will not take kindly to this act of aggression.

The galactic civilization would not need to spend a lot of time thinking about what to do in a situation like this. They have been closely surveying the Earth for no less than 70 years, and probably longer. The people they contact are attacked and suppressed, and they cannot get a word into the very hostile situation.


It occurred to me that if the secret government wages war against the galactic civilization in a bid to take control of the Earth, a well-calculated asteroid would get the secret government’s attention. In fact, it might be enough to awaken the sleeping population that’s already sinking but is too dysfunctional to save themselves. A little asteroid tap might awaken people to the dire circumstances in which they are rapidly sinking and give them a chance to make a scramble before the biosphere totally collapses.

The remote viewers saw in one 2013 scenario that people were self-organizing evacuations after an impact that resulted in massive flooding. No government was present and helping them. In the other scenario the remote viewers did not see any people.

A comment in the Keith Hunter interview that riveted my attention was Kerry Cassidy’s suggesting that the fires in Colorado last summer were used to cover up movements of equipment to be used to alter the Earth’s orbit. If this is true, I assure you that an asteroid will be minor compared to the consequences of altering the planet’s orbit. In fact, an asteroid that causes people to organize in a new way would be kind compared to what the secret runaway government has planned.

If you think the galactic civilization does not know what is happening on this planet and are not capable efficiently responding to a war waged against UFOs, you need to think again about (closely examine) what you believe.

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P.S. Keith Hunter is correct in his assessment of the earth grid and sites selected for resonant harmonics. This is exactly what is shown in the pyramids at Teotihuacan with instructions for calculating those harmonics. Keith Hunter has also concluded that the Great Pyramid has been decommissioned from uses to which it was anciently applied. That’s what Sirian George said too.