An Introduction To My Vibrational Essences
Due to a life threatening automobile accident in 2001, I experienced incredible pain, numbness, dislocations, injuries, and immobility from head to toe. Many of my organs had shut down from the shock of the accident and there was virtually nothing that did not scream pain and agony. For three years, my daily life consisted of lying in bed on my back because no other position was tolerable. I knew I had to find a solution and only my beliefs and attitudes would make the difference with whether I would walk normally again. My spirit was deflated and I had to find out how to pump it back up.
I voraciously researched any new alternative method I could find to heal my injuries, but most importantly to heal my whole self. It became an obsession to return to health and athletics that I once enjoyed (and I might add took for granted). This 11 year on-going journey has consisted of the following modalities, each having a place in bringing me to my state of health today: Chiropractics, Touch For Health, Neurolink, Scalar Wave sessions, QXCI, Neuro Cranial Restructuring, Acupressure, Craniosacral Therapy, Sound and Light Therapy, Sound Chambering, Hands on Healing, Reiki, Theta Healing, Pranic Healing, DNA Restructuring, Rolfing, Myofacial Release, Homeopathy, Quantum Homeopathy, Radionics, Flower Essence Therapy, Nutrition and Supplementation, Bio-Resonance Repatterning, Pyramid Therapy, Magnet Therapy, Crystal Bowl Healing, Bio-Meridian, Galactic Symmetry, Toning, Reflexology, Physical Therapy and Post Traumatic Stress Counseling.
The point to this exhaustive list is that I realized that I was becoming a wounded healer myself. This tragedy became an amazing catalyst for me to "tune in" to my innate calling. One of the most beautiful gifts I received is the awareness of countless messages and encouragement that I am an alchemist and that through my calling and compassion I can assist others with their trials and ailments. I ended up voraciously studying and experimenting with homeopathy and essences 14-16 hours per day. My clairaudience kicked in and I began connecting with the "other side", receiving incessant support in creating healing formulas for myself and others.
Through the guidance of a large team of healers "on the other side of the veil", I was instructed to include galactic essences in my remedy formulas. I realized that I can assist humanity even further by working with a galactic perspective of our bodies! At this particular time in history, many of us are experiencing accelerated accidents, illnesses, and pain in order to clear personal past life leftovers for ascension preparation, but also to clear the karmic slate for the entire planet or even a specific group of beings associated with you from your past.
So with that said, what do these essences mean to you? My homeopathic galactic essences are integrative, composed of homeopathics if needed, mineral, flower, and nature essences, sacred geometrical combinations (which are compilations numbering in the thousands, if not tens of thousands) and body/soul matrixes (which repair the protective webbing around the body and organs). Frequency is everything so when I am creating a remedy, I use many tools to increase the frequency, such as essential oils, language of light accelerators, color, and sound. My clients often refer to my remedies as a profound experience, for they assist you in remembering and experiencing the blueprint of your multidimensional body, and with that remembering comes many answers for you.
Many of you are unaware of exactly how my galactic remedies significantly differ from the well known singular Bach or FES remedies. With the countless planetary changes and anomalies happening right at our doorstep, this is a perfect time to explain how these remedies, in combination with the homeopathics and other essences, assist you in moving out of duality and towards Unity Consciousness smoothly and effectively.
Here are some of the benefits you gain from taking these remedies. Each time you drop your remedy under your tongue, you are experiencing the following:
  1. Bringing yourself through time travel to help eliminate thought patterns from other dimensions (time/soul/place dimension)
  2. Developing more of a healer energy
  3. Healing the darker/shadow side of yourself
  4. Healing how you interpret your outside world, as well as your fears
  5. Healing the dark vibrations attracted to you or your day (drama, trauma, conflict, stress)
  6. Helping you let go of obstacles or anyone connected to those obstacles
  7. Increasing your spiritual maturity
My galactic remedies are based on the premise that our bodies were originally created not to age past the age of 21. Our emotional bodies are the culprits which carry the darkness, causing decay. These essences heal any patterns that degrade the body! The Body/Soul Essences go into numerous core systems and heal them as needed. They clear triggering of thought forms related to the physical ailments you may have now.
Another important point to note is that my galactic essence formulas work with a top down approach, putting the cause first versus working from the bottom up approach like other essences. When you work from the bottom up, you typically will not hold the healing that takes place because the layers of "stuff" become dislocated. When it is from the top down, you can literally remove layers without this side effect.
Now if that isn't enough exciting news, because I have significantly expanded my homeopathic line, I can create an even closer snap shot formula to match your symptomology.
One thing I do want to note; because we are changing from carbon based to crystalline bodies as we speak, these essences morph with you. You may notice that your remedies taste differently from day to day. I will usually recommend how long you need to take a remedy (absolutely no longer than 30 days), but when you feel you have outgrown it, then that will be the time to let me know.
Remember that we are a microcosm of Planet Earth and as such, on many other levels we are experiencing all of the shifts, ebbs, and flows that She is. We cannot totally get away from or evade our connection to Planet Earth. Since our bodies are a manifestation of energy, it is very important to be vigilant about our own energy fields, and to maintain balance so we can support ourselves, our community, and our planet as well. By taking the initiative to "tidy up and clean up our own back yards", we are positively imprinting the evolution of anyone around us, including our community, race, nation, and planet.
Drop me a line if you would like to try some remedies! We will break out of the 3D earth spell together! If you would like to read more on my essences, click on the button below:
With lots of love and light


ciHOM, FE Specialist, Intuitive
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