Even if you have never done a CE-5 before you can do one by starting with these steps. Remember it is our intent and an open, loving heart that is most important. The ETs are very aware of us, especially those of us that are lightworkers.
Always start with the preface that you desire contact and you invitecontact. You are asking that they do it in a way that is safe for them. If you have a laser pointer or even strong flashlight you can use it to direct them also (after the following visualization).
You can go outside tomorrow (or even tonight). Spend some time on each area visualizing in your mind’s eye. Just relax your body and mind. Project an image of yourself sitting in your chair out into space. Slowly travel upwards, looking down from hundreds of feet above your location, project that image outwards. Travel up several miles above your location. Appreciate what the landscape would look like, specific landmarks and any city lights that a visitor would see from that height. Continue to raise higher, projecting images of what you would see if you were at the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere, looking back at Earth towards your location. Travel to the outer parts of the Solar System, imagining what the planets would look like from that vantage point. Now travel outside the galaxy, looking back towards the outer spiral arm of the Milky Way where the Earth resides. Finally go out into deep space, looking at the Milky Way from a distance. You can go as far as the central sun. Be there for awhile. What do you see, feel, taste, smell, and hear? Do your senses merge? Just be and experience whatever comes about.
Then reverse the process, projecting what you would see from your location in deep space, then at the edge of the Milky Way, then at the edge of the Solar System, then move to our little sector of space…….see our planets starting from Pluto inward…….Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars……then Earth. Traveling in space see our little blue planet Earth……migrate down when you are over North America…….see the United States……….focus down on your state…….see all the landmarks that are familiar to you in your area of the state. If there are mountains or a lake nearby picture it in your mind’s eye. Next, zero in on exactly where you are sitting……waiting for contact. Project the thought that you would like any ETs who pick up on these thoughts to come and visit your location and to manifest in any way which is safe and appropriate for them.
This is known as Coherent Thought Sequencing (CTS). What you are doing is giving them a road map of where you are. Be patient……..this takes time. You do not always get an immediate response. When it is safe and when the time is right they will give you a signal of their presence. The more you do it the better it will get. I like to put down on the ground around our circle three of the small flat-sided LED light clusters. The lights in a triangle are a symbol for CSETI – Dr. Greer’s group. You can see a picture of the logo here: http://www.cseti.org/ at the top of the page to the left of the center words: CSETI.  
I can’t stress enough how helpful the “ET Contact” app is for the iPhone or smartphones. There are 2 meditations there to use for contact events (or even alone – on your own). Group energy is always better than alone but, alone is better than nothing! You can even use the app’s magnetometer to see how successful you are. It will start beeping at about 65-66 militeslas. Be sure you have the sound turned “on”. I have been to events where I assumed nothing happened then my meter would beep all the way home!
If you are signed up on Kosta’s site you will get e-mails of events and sharing of experiences. There will be a teleconference on December 29th to share experiences. Go to:http://siriusfilmcommunity.org/gce5/ or
You can also follow on YouTube: CE-5Live ET Solstice Contact
If you want to join us tomorrow night for a CE-5 event near our conference site. Please e-mail me tonight so I can send you the instructions.
Blessings & peace to all,