So many people have told me I am nuts. The funny thing is its common sense when you look in today’s skies. What happened to our beautiful blue skies? Now they are commonly littered with lines from what looks like 10 year old’s playing in planes. Like they are drawing checker boards in the skies. You can look up actual Government documents speaking about this stuff.  Yet people still tell me I am nuts even when shown documents and evidence. I still will never know how or why people are so blind after seeing evidence.  I would say the planes playing “tic-tac-toe” in the skies is considered evidence that is right in front of your face as well. So I am here to give you more evidence. If you are at all curious and want to take the time to prove me wrong instead of just dismiss the idea all together.  I hope this also helps those of us that are awake help wake up others in our circle of friend and family. 

For those of us ages 30 and older we might remember when we were young and the skies were blue and beautiful all the time. The sun was bright yellow/orange. We never saw the things in the skies we see today. The plane engine hasn’t changes to much since we were younger. Just think back to when you were a kid, do you remember seeing all these lines in the skies? I don’t and I also remember the sun not being a bright white like it is today.If you would like to check out some of these Government documents you can go here:

They even have a Congressional Research Service speaking about it here:

There are TONS more documents online that you are privy to if you just want to look for them. You can Google the following items to find them for your own research:

Government documents on Geo-Engineering or Whether Modification & HAARP

The thing that really gets me is how they throw this all in front of your face without telling you exactly what they are doing. They scare you into believing Global Warming and make you believe there will not be a planet left for your children. This tactic is commonly used by those in control. It is called:

Problem – Al Gore comes out with his campaign against so called Global Warming

Reaction – People around the country react and want something done about it

Solution – They tell you they will fix it but just don’t always give you the details of how

The above system is purposely created to yank on your emotional chain and keep you under “THEIR” control. It keeps you dependent upon “THEM” to fix all your problems and that of your children’s and their futures. The issue with this is that they DO NOT have your best interest at heart, nor that of your children’s. To them this is all about MONEY and POWER! They profit from this in several ways. When agriculture is placed on the stock market and you can control Whether to either yield a bad drought or make the crops flourish, you would know in advance when to dump your stocks or buy at low prices, thus making a HUGE return. There are other reasons for them but it seems to be they have got something that has several benefits for themselves within one scheme.

Here is the question I pose to anyone reading this that may not be aware of this.

If your Government is doing something they did NOT tell you about that started 20 years ago, why is that?

If it was in your best interest and they were working for your best interest or there was nothing at all wrong with Chemtrails/Geo-Engineering; then why were you never told about it? From experience when people keep pertinent information from you, it is because they are hiding something insidious. It’s not like a cheating husband is going to come home and say “Hi honey I was with my mistress all day!” more than likely honey is going to ring his neck. No instead he keeps it a secret because he KNOWS it’s wrong! Just keep that in mind while you continue to look at the evidence.

I know I have written about this subject before, but after the recent yahoo article that came out; it flared up that itch to speak about it once again. It is an important topic. Considering these are aerosols being sprayed into the skies that state there is barium within them, I tend to wonder just how safe that is for the human population to be breathing and ingesting. If there is one thing I can look at, it is the rapid growth of COPD and Asthma in the United States alone. Maybe it would be nice if you found the chart I read once that detailed just how much it has grown in the last 20 years since Chemtrails have started. Then again getting someone to actually research on their own is like trying to make some people move when they are glued to their couch. Don’t want to miss out on your Program or shall I say Programming!


Here are the articles on yahoo news speaking about Geo-Engineering:;_ylt=AwrBJR9u3QxTs3EAcV7QtDMD

So I beg to ask the reading audience. WHY all the sudden is Yahoo News speaking about this and bringing it out to the public? There are YouTube videos on documentary’s where GOVERNMENT PAID scientist stated there is no such thing as Chemtrails they are Contrails and people like me were just nuts for not believing him. So now you have yahoo news all the sudden speaking about. Chemtrails is a term coined a long time ago by activist wanting to know what it was and to stop it from happening. It doesn’t really matter what one calls it as the name is really non important, what is important is, IT’S STILL HAPPENING! SO GO OUT SIDE AND LOOK UP! Watch the skies for a good couple weeks. Pay attention to the planes in the skies that are leaving those long lines all over, criss-crossing them and drawing chess boards in the skies. Start to watch the ones with the short trails, after a while you will start to see some turn these things on and off.

Don’t take my word for it, look into it yourself and leave room open for all possibilities. Try not to research it coming from your own belief or you will only find that which supports your own belief and miss tons of information.

I leave you all with the patents. You can click on each one and read them. Better understand what they are for. Why would they even have these things? Is Global Warming real? How about all those ice and snow storms in the east coast this year? Do we see grass yet in Antarctica? I am not in any stating that we do not have a huge pollution problem on our hands. I do know we do. The problem with this is the fact that “THEY” decided to keep hidden FREE ENERGY because it did not help them PROFIT from anything. Because of “THEIR” decisions and our decisions to keep quiet and go along for the ride, here we are today. We are living in the stone ages. Our cars should be running on the positive and negative ions in the air itself. Our houses and all things that need power should have it for FREE! Doesn’t that sound nice? So who stands to lose if that were to come out? Well look at big oil, banks and you name it, the petro dollar would be useless! Big oil and those that own the industries certainly do not want you cutting into their deep, deep pockets and piggy banks. It’s all about GREED! So wake up and smell the coffee. Start taking an interest in what’s going on in your world and stop trusting those that sell you their version of what a good country should be. We all know we want the same things. Freedom, Happiness, Liberty, Justice, and FREE WILL! GET RID OF CORPORATE CONTROL!

Here are the famous United States Patents that patented the products to get this all under way. Those can all be found at the following links:

Please remember no one get’s patents without the intent to use them!

US PATENTS –– Process and apparatus for the production of intense artificial clouds, fogs or mists application– Airplane spray equipment– Heating device for use with aerosol containers– Automatically adjustable airfoil spray system with pump– Methods of treating atmospheric conditions– Combustible compositions for generating aerosols particularly suitable for cloud modification and weather control and aerosolization process– Rocket having barium release system to create ion clouds in the upper atmosphere– Broadcast dissemination of trace quantities of biologically active chemicals– White cover sheet material capable of reflecting ultraviolet rays– Laminar microjet atomizer and method of aerial spraying of liquids– Apparatus and method for ejecting matter from an aircraft– Process for absorbing ultraviolet radiation using dispersed melanin– Method and device for cleaning the atmosphere

I have included many other places you can go for information on this subject below. You might also want to research HAARP which also plays a role in this in conjunction with chemtrails.

I hope this information helps those out there to help others wake up to the manipulations going on. You cannot ignore this information, especially those Government Documents and Patents. Please help to bring this dastardly deed to an end. NO ONE should mess with Mother Nature OR be playing GOD, EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!