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Netanyahu Can’t Stop Playing the Victim Card

             …by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor                         …with  Press TV


He looks like an aggressor to me

Dear Bibi, If being denied a meeting with Obama during a campaign period is a crime against Netanyahu humanity, where does Israel’s denying all of their weapons of mass destruction stockpiles and programs rank?

How far do all the rest of us have to go to the back of the bus with President Obama to make you happy?

And while we are speaking about denial, why do you continue to deny your holocaust against the Palestinian people?

And we know you used Jonathan Pollard to get nuclear first strike info that you sold to the Soviets?

As Shakespeare said, “Methinks you doth protest too much!”


Corporate media is once again spreading a disinformation scam worldwide. Obama is speaking at the UN on September 25th, and Netanyahu on the 28th. Although he is in the middle of a hard fought reelection campaign it seems the Israeli militants expect him to pay homage to the Likudite Supremacist.


They want Obama to wait for Bibi to reach New York so the furniture salesman can grandstand in front of an American president and scold him like a Catholic school nun with the ruler across the knuckles.

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