Italian Supreme Court rules that cell phones and cordless phones can cause brain cancer. [Tumors may not appear until after 15 years, which is why earlier studies failed to find them.] Sun 2012 Oct 19

Greece: New protests break out over austerity and government debt. [It is ironic that protestors want the government to reduce debt but still want their government paychecks and benefits. There is no resolution to this conflict except through force of arms. Either the government will be toppled or the people will be crushed. Even if the government is toppled, it will be replaced by another just like it – or worse – as long as the people continue looking to the state for salvation. We expect this scenario to spread to the rest of Europe and, eventually, to the U.S.] Irish Times 2012 Oct 18

US: Vikram Pandit, CEO of Citigroup, was abruptly ousted by Citi board members. [Stock prices fell by 89% under Pandit’s leadership, and the reason for the ouster appears to be a clash over strategy for future operations. It is expected that Citi may further downsized.] WSJ 2012 Oct 17

Mitt Romney’s company Bain Capital is a primary owner of Clear Channel and Premiere Radio Networks that feature conservative radio shows (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, etc.). [Is it any wonder that these hosts were Romney cheerleaders and trounced Ron Paul? Premiere Radio Networks was caught using paid actors to call into shows, posing as listeners, to set the topics to be discussed and the tone of audience sentiment.]
The American Dream Posted 2012 Oct 17

Hillary Clinton accepts responsibility for reduced security prior to the attacks on Americans in Libya on 9/11/12. [This is a calculated move to reduce criticism of Obama during the presidential campaign.] USA Today 2012 Oct 16

US: Reporter uncovers the story of how the National Cancer Institute rigged the testing of a promising cancer drug, hydrazine sulfate, so it would fail. [NCI ignored warnings that hydrazine sulfate should not be given to patients on tranquilizer drugs. 94% of the patents in the study were, in fact, on tranquilizer drugs and, guess what? Hydrazine sulfate failed to save their lives. This is the same type of rigging that took place at the Sloan Kettering hospital in the late 1970s to make sure the food factor known as Laetrile failed to cure cancer in mice. The reason for this criminal activity is that hydrazine sulfate and Laetrile cannot be patented and are inexpensive. The pharmaceutical industry (that dominates the medical profession) is not interested in that.] NaturalNews 2012 Oct 19

► For the story of how the testing of Laetrile was rigged, read World without Cancer,by G. Edward Griffin.