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Andarra: Why Arcturians are Never Confused about Their Mission.

During the last Seminar I taught (Eye of Horus, Pineal certification) I reestablished my connections with Sanat Kumara.


When I returned home…a book I had ordered was waiting for me. (Arcturian Anthology, By Tom Kenyon and Judy Sion)


The first page I opened to was a channeling by…Sanat Kumara. He says that he is from the Arcturian system.


Later that week I was visited by a beautiful Arcturian woman who calls herself…Andarra.


It was in those last few moments as I was drifting off to sleep. At first, I just saw a misty web of beautiful lights…they looked rather like the synapse of brain cells connecting. (Since I had just taught about how there is a brain in the heart with 40,000 neurons…I did not find that odd)


As I gazed at the misty web, the form of a woman begin to emerge.

She did not come fully through the web…just enough for me to see her.


Then she spoke, “I am Andarra, and I am here to help you with your heart connection to my people. 

As I help you, in turn it will help us to establish a return to deeper heart connections in our society.”


Even though I was super sleepy, I said…”Oh, I better get up and write this down…I will NEVER remember your name in the morning.”


Andarra replied…”yes, you will remember. 

From now on, when we give you ‘packets of information’ they will be held internally to be called upon at will.”


Sure as shootin’ I got up next morning, wrote down her name and started a most insightful conversation with her…


Note: Andarra used the word PROCLIVITIES a lot. Since I wasn’t quite sure what it meant myself. I looked it up for us.


Noun, plural proclivities. natural or habitual inclination or tendency; propensity; predisposition: IE> a proclivity to meticulousness.


Message received April 9, 2017


Andarra begins…

We established a firm connection with you during the week after the pineal gland ceremony.

The connection is here

You will not lose it, even if you have to stop in the middle of a transmission.


Andarra continues…

I am charged with helping my Arcturian family to re-connect more deeply to the honoring of the heart and of the hearts desires.

We are ever a practical group and a group that takes action. We also are known to place Our mission above all else.


It was Sanat Kumara who  presented the request that we as a race go back to more honoring of the heart…

A committee was formed and I was charged to be the one to explore the benefits of this. As Sanat Kumara stated, Arcturians are very mission oriented!

We place the mission above all else and sacrifice our own personal wishes and hearts desires to best accomplish our mission.


Here is where we differ from humans… humans mostly don’t have a clue about their mission or soul purpose as you call it.

Sure, we observe you want to “do” your mission or soul purpose but you wander from topic to topic trying to discover just what it is!

(From Rebecca, can I get an AMEN?)


Because you are a free will planet you have choices of missions and nothing is set in stone.


If you could only realize that you don’t have ‘just one’ mission, but possibly several and there is no one choice for you.


Choose the one that feels best to your heart in the moment!


Now there are a few of you who have contracted to come and be  focused on just one thing.

Your great musicians and great painters fall into this category.


So great was/is the fire in their hearts that they cannot focus on anything other than that fire.


Andarra stops right here to give me a personal suggestion.


Andarra: Rebecca it would be good for you to hold a class soon on releasing self-judgment about “messing up”… by choosing the wrong mission or soul purpose over the course of your lifetime – I will help you with the outline as I see it.


Rebecca: How do Arcturians differ in regards to mission or soul purpose?


Andarra: We never have the slightest bit of confusion about our mission. When a child is being formed he or she is scanned for all types of genetic proclivities.


(From Rebecca: this is in some ways similar to what the Pleiadians say about their offspring)


Andarra continues…


We like to think that we have the absolute best interest of the child and our society at heart.

And, we do a pretty good job


A child is offered activities that enhance his or her proclivities, talents and abilities from a very young age.


Parental figures are very cooperative as they desire the very best for their child.

No child is ever alone… besides the parental figures they are guided by a council of advisers.


Because we communicate telepathically huge amounts of information are available to us.

The guidance team honors the natural talents and abilities of the child and keeps a watchful eye on development.

By the time a child reaches young adulthood he or she has a very good idea of their mission.


It is important to note that the guidance team has no agenda. 

The highest good of all is the only thing considered. “Of all” includes parents, child, society, all honoring the natural proclivities of the child.



The guidance team always presents choices and those choices are always based on the natural talents, abilities and proclivities observed in the child.


By the time the child reaches young adulthood, he or she has a very good idea of what their mission is.

The young adult then chooses deeper training in a topic and the mission,or soul purpose becomes very clear.


Rebecca: Would a young adult be allowed to shift into another focus? 

What if they became interested in another topic for their life work?


Andarra:  Yes, however that rarely happens and the guidance team are deeply intuitive about the child.


Each child has the same guidance team throughout their formative years.

You see Rebecca, the guidance team is not chosen at random.


They were trained to be in guidance according to the talents and proclivities they  demonstrated as youngsters as well.



The Guidance team members were chosen because they care, and they have developed great wisdom.



Rebecca: Does the guidance committee guide more than one child at a time?


Andarra: Yes, there are always new ones coming in and older ones moving into their missions.

However, even if an Arcturian is firmly established in their mission they always have access to the guidance team.


This is a very interesting position for each of the guidance counselors. They  they also have a choice to move on to something different. The ones with the most experience are sometimes asked to shepherd a newly forming guidance team.



To be a member of a guidance team is a very honored position.


Rebecca: Andarra, you mentioned at the beginning of this conversation that earth is a free will planet.

Does that mean that the Arcturian system does not honor free will?


Andarra: We are indeed a free will system… Yet we are far more organized as a society.

We do not have the same sense of “separateness” that you do. We are bred to respect and honor the needs of all society.



So yes, we have free will to make free will choices…

We simply have access to far more information than you do which helps us in our choices.


There is no such thing as a rogue Arcturian out there making wild and explored choices.


More to come soon.




From Rebecca…I had one more question for Andarra.

Andarra, why were you assigned to be head of the committee to explore the benefits of becoming more “heart oriented”?


Andarra replied…I was chosen because I am on a guidance team to help fellow Arcturians choose a mate. It is well known that I am an advocate of placing great importance on the heart when it comes to success in mating.


From Rebecca: I look forward to hearing more from Andarra.

I hope you find this message enlightening. Pass it along as guided.