I have been an avid follower of "out of this world" phenomena and information ever since I can remember. My life as a child was highly influenced by watching my father pore over a copious number of books on UFO sightings and crashes. Graduating flight school at the advent of Project Bluebook, it was not surprising that my father had several personal encounters with flying alongside UFO's while in the cockpit. He was a highly esteemed fighter pilot of the 79th Fighter Bomber Squadron, loving the ride in his F-84F's, F-84G's, F-86's and many others, as well an assortment of multi-engine planes. I spent many a night enthralled by his stories of how he would contrive problematic radio distortion with the tower in order to maintain radio silence so he could fly aerial maneuvers such as dives, loops, and barrel rolls on the sly.
It was our nightly habit at the "cocktail hour" to chat over crackers and cheese about his many spectacular adventures in the Air Force, from the Bay of Pigs to the Vietnam War. At an early stage of his career Dad suffered a huge blow. He was always compulsively on time for everything, yet this particular day he had some sort of emergency with the family and did not arrive out on the runway on time. His best friend covered for him and jumped in the bird designated for Dad. Just as Dad hurriedly arrived, his squadron were all firing up their engines, getting ready for take off. In a split second, a sudden explosion took place and to his horror, Dad saw that his friend's cockpit was engulfed in flames. He ran over to the plane to attempt to loosen the latch and in the process of trying to help his best friend escape, he suffered second degree burns on his hands and arms. He never forgot how this man saved his life and it ultimately would come up in conversation from time to time when he was feeling nostalgic.
But he was the kind of guy you would proudly work for and die for if war presented this scenario. He didn't have to "command" respect because his presence alone captivated it. Anyone who knew him, knew exactly where he stood and what he would do to defend and lead his men. Because of his leadership abilities, he always lead from the front and never hesitated to do that which he asked others to do. The men respected him immensely and because of his innately meticulous attention to detail and genuine concern for others, he saved countless lives and prevented countless casualties through his phenomenal skill of getting out of sticky situations. Stories of carefully using safety-pins to hold battle-torn flesh wounds closed until medical help was available was typical for my father. Flying his C-124 out of a landing strip that had been cratered from an earlier blast became an exciting challenge, especially considering the maximum cargo load was 74,000 pounds plus the weight of this massive plane. Skillfully maneuvering this monstrous bird with only one operable engine became commonplace.
He truly was a hero, expecting no special recognition, as he believed that when you put forth effort, you do your best and go the extra mile. "It was the right thing to do for I am here to serve," he often said, irritated that I would even embellish upon his accomplishments throughout his tenure in the Air Force.
He rubbed elbows with some of the Air Force's finest, such as Brigadier General Chuck Yeager. The story even goes that when Dad decided to retire from the Air Force in 1972, a two-star paid him a personal visit asking him to reconsider. They offered him the rank of Colonel if he would remain, but he did not. I believe to this day that this decision was made with a heavy heart, and he was never the same after leaving the military.

Because Dad entered the Air Force while the Cold War was escalating, he was highly involved in carrying out secret missions behind the Iron Curtain, specifically dropping nuclear bombs such as the Mark 7, on various Soviet targets.
I remember him telling me later that when he left on these missions, he knew he would never be coming back. He thanked "the political differences mayday" routine for why he was still alive, home, and able to be with his wife and children.
This website is dedicated to my Dad, who taught me "not to be a part of the common herd". He was my mentor, my confidant, and my friend. We had such a special relationship that truly very few knew or understood. Because I was the youngest of three daughters, and the oldest two were almost 5 and 7 years older than me, I benefited from the undivided attention received once they were off to college or getting married. I will always treasure the quality time that my father granted me and I consider it one of the most significant contributions to my path as a truth-seeker.
We talked about almost anything (there are some things you just don't tell your Dad about, right?) and shared some of our most sacred thoughts with one another. He questioned much of life, as he had received a minor in Philosophy at Fordham University. He in turn challenged me on many of my beliefs, continually bucking any assumptions, impressions, or belief systems I had developed. I believe this alone gave me the foundation to pursue the direction of this blog. His philosophical nature, courage, and unflinching commitment to discover the mysteries of the world impacted me forever. What a gift!
This sort of "training" since birth played an crucial part in my life, especially after experiencing a horrific automobile accident in 2001. It was a day of reckoning, a day that is so unequivocally etched in my memory as the moment the old me died. My injuries were substantial, leading to my incapacitation for three years in bed. It took another seven years to transcend never-ending pain in various parts of my body. Today, I can unmistakably salute my father's powerful words and example, as it provided me the tenacity to sustain this excruciating time in my life. He taught me that anything is possible with the right attitude and a "glass half-full" demeanor.
So I offer you all of the countless hours of research and insight that I found throughout this challenging time of my life and before. It is my gift to you, and I sincerely trust that it will assist you on your path of expanding consciousness. So much time convalescing in bed has brought me many realizations and a ravenous desire to assist humanity in its search for truth.

Namaste with love

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