Tuesday, November 27, 2012

“Would you rather live life based on man-made parameters for balance and success by going after the pretty picture…….or dance directly with the unfolding miracle of fluid magnificence that is available by having it all come through & to you?  It’s not a question of if it’s possible, it’s a question of if you are willing to learn how, willing to let go of justifying your existence and are actively engaged in doing both.” J. Hough

Hi there  Alexandra

We had a powerful time at our “Transcending Overwhelm” workshop and Get Out of Your Own Way course last week.  The conversations we had led to a profound awareness that we are not alone, but we act as though we are.  The Universe has our backs and the miracle zone is available to all of us in every moment.

FREE TO FLY: On our Wide Awakening Facebook page, three people recently asked me to channel a message about balance.  It caused me to go on a personal journey of defining that for myself.  I realized that I don’t ever want to make BALANCE my goal!  My reason for being is enjoyment, contribution and fulfillment on why I’m here!  If that means I get to learn how to have more energy on less sleep, have Infinite Wisdom guide my type of exercise and food and expand what is possible for love …….then I say GAME ON.

jennifer_houghLEAN IN: I want a delicious, juicy, grounded, connected, magnificent, enriched experience of life.  That for me IS balance. The Infinite is always facilitating what is in the highest for us when we come from a place of expressing our piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth….we feel wonderful.  When we are trying to achieve, prove or validate our existence by strategizing how to get to happiness one day, it will always feel ‘imbalanced’ – because there is no room for our higher levels to assist when you decide you are going to do it all yourself.

It is simply a question of learning how to live going direct with your higher levels, not ‘if’ it is possible.  Ya coming? I love it when life lives me, don’t you?  Such a relief…. Xoxo SOS