This is a very captivating interview and WIlliam Pawelec is so forthfright and detail oriented, it is very easy to follow…-A.M.

Just before the groundbreaking 2001
Disclosure Project event, William Pawelec
gave this interview with Dr. Steven Greer.

Pawelec asked that it not be released until 

after his own death. Pawelec was an Air Force 
computer operations and programming 
specialist with amazing insights into the US 
government’s real relationship with 
extraterrestrials, based on his own experiences, 
working at the secret military underground 
base near Tonopah, Nevada, which is part of 
the greater facility famously known as Area 51.
I originally broadcast this in January 2011 but
having seen it again, I think it a very important
document that definitely bears a review – and
certainly a first-time view, if you have never
seen it!

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