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microphone (1)How Does The Strawman Relate to Redemption?

Transcribed by – ♫Rhode Island Jim♫ – Poet of the “Common” Man™

(00:41) Hi everyone this is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com and today is August 25, 2015 We’ve almost made it through the entire month of August unscathed for the most part but man have the energies been absolutely wild. This is been a wild ride and one in which, I don’t know if I want to go through this again. As many of you know I returned from ECETI speakers convention and I was absolutely blown away because I ended up suddenly moving and that really just kind of derailed me and my regular way of operating so I just want to once again thank everyone for being so understanding and compassionate and we’re working really really hard to try to get caught up so just hang tight, we should be getting caught up by the end of the week.(1:32)

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(3:16) So with that said just sit back, this is going to be some kind of media information, I’m sure many of you have familiar with Winston Shrout. He is an amazing guy I had the privilege to not only hang out with him at ECETI but to actually share a house with about what – eight or nine of us there.

Winston Shrout: (3:38) yeah it seemed to be in and out eight or so.

AM: yeah and ahh met his lovely wife Pat and just I just can’t say enough good things about him and because of that I felt very strongly to bring his information forward – you haven’t done a ton of interviews, huh? You haven’t done a whole bunch but you have done a lot of presentations on your own.

WS: uhh no actually I have done quite a few interviews – oh, have you? – We try to post those on our YouTube section but as certain issues come up on certain areas people want information about my opinion about this or that so I try to give it as far as I can so it we’ve done a few here and there.

AM: and do me a favor Winston you may want to get a little bit closer to your speaker on your laptop – maybe move your chair forward a little bit – there you go cool, thank you. And I just want to give you guys a flare of how Winston’s mind works – ha ha ha ha – because I read this and I loved it and I’m not going to go through the whole thing but it says the truth is we live in a very complicated commercial world – a world so misunderstood and confusing that it is easy for people to get into trouble without knowing how or why. My goal is to help folks understand how commerce really does work so that they have the knowledge and the confidence to safely navigate through the commercial maze and I loved the fact that you used the word navigate, considering we’re talking about admiralty law here.

(5:07) Originally the term commerce rightfully defined the interchange and exchange between states or nations however over a period of many centuries the definition of commerce has expanded to include trade between individuals. (We going to get into why is that so key today.) Lacking the ability to overcome the rules imposed and enforced by others, men and women have had to adapt by learning the ins and outs of complex commercial systems.

They’ve learned in the world of fiat money, it’s all about paper, in every respect – in every aspect of life! So anyway the mission of Winston Shrout’s Solutions in Commerce is to provide material that encourages, supports, and assists as many people as possible in completing their commercial education. And as they venture out into the world of commerce at least they’ll be able to be aware of some of the relevant history, the education material available as some possible remedies that may be useful in navigating through this commercial maze.

They do – Winston does address topics such as bankruptcy, courtroom procedures, facts and agreements, failure of consideration, refused for cause, unlawful detainer, habeas corpus, bonds, corporate franchises, benefit privileges, the difference between the legit title and lawful possession, and much much more. I don’t know how much more exhaustive that list can go (short laugh) but I’m sure it can.

WS: much much more trust me –

AM: ha ha ha ha yeah – (6:34) So anyway, with that said please do me a favor as your listening to this you may want to access his website at wssic.com which stands for Winston Shrout’s Solutions in Commerce.com you can also type the whole thing out and get access to his website. He has a second site called exocommerce.net which is really cool because he is taking all this legal information that he knows and the history behind it and is giving you the scope through a more Galactic Perspective! Right!

WS: ha ha ha yeah – correct! –

AM: So anyway he’s also established himself as really an authority on the philosophy of redemption of law and we’re going to dive in today just on some facts and some basics. Some of this may be repeat some of you but he and I have discussed it and we may end up having to do more than one series just because there is so much information.

Now I know my audience, Winston, are extremely savvy, they are very on top of things, they’re very enlightened and I would have to say that the majority of them have been very heavily researched individuals. So I think the first thing out the door would be can you give everybody a background of who you are and what promulgated you to start being so passionate about researching all of this?

WS: (8:08) yeah but I don’t know how far back I would need to go but as luck would have it starting around 1998 I was able to retire from my occupation as a construction worker – I had worked as a carpenter, a welder and also those kind of things in the real world. I wasn’t a paper pusher. So anyway, as luck would have it I was able to retire from that – which gave me a lot of free time. So I started to – I started on this journey at that point – and when I first started this – you know most people that were studying law and all those kind of things you know from a statutory perhaps point of view, perhaps a common-law point of view and so forth and all of a sudden the study class I was working with – we changed directions real quick when we started to get information off what has become known as commercial redemption. (9:08)

Now there’s a lot of things that go into this for understanding perhaps we’ll get into some of those elements a little bit later – but in the beginning – back in the beginning we had very little information to work with and as luck would have it – I just stumbled onto some individuals who I learned from who were very solid – very solid individuals in knowledge and so forth.

Then one of the first things that came to my attention was to understand this kind of information you had to go metaphysical – you just had to, because the comprehension of some of these principles and techniques simply are unexplainable from a third dimensional point of view. And the reason I say that is we go back to Einstein says that you can’t fix a problem using the same tools that caused the problem and so if we had third dimensional problems we have the kind of withdraw to a different place and take a look at them.

(10:22) And so that’s one of the first things I learned was that the solutions and the situations had to be looked at – from a different dimension – from a metaphysical point of view which fit right in well with me from the perspective – from the days of my youth when I was a small child. I was raised in a churchgoing family, and unlike so many others – I paid attention (short laugh) And so over the years I became a student of theology you might say. I looked at the spiritual aspects that were presented by the religious community and so forth. I utilized many of those techniques over the years and so forth so when it came to the opportunity correlate commerce metaphysically it was not a difficult shift at all. So then for a long period of time – let’s say maybe three or four years I was studying – running into individuals that had different problems here and there so I would try to work with them – try to assist, you know to try to resolve some of the problems.

Then after a while – word kinda got around and I was asked to speak in different places – some seminars maybe California, New Mexico basically down in the Southwest you know where I was located at that time. And so once I became kind of popular – I think a lot of people kind of enjoy the way I present information (short laugh). It is fairly simplistic – I try to put as much humor into it as possible –

AM: you do especially cause it’s so meaty –

WS: you gotta have a little laugh about things now and then – then I always use what I call the hillbilly shtick – to put people at ease – well I am a hillbilly but aside from that, I try to put people at ease that this is not as complicated and as difficult as what people might think.(12:36) If a hillbilly can figure it out – then anybody can figure it out – ha ha ha ha ha – that’s the position I take you know to help people. Because one of the first things I learned as an educator – particularly in this field is I had to undo people’s thinking so that they could see this because we have been trained – I was trained – I mean I spent 16 years in public schools and so I was trained to look at things from one point of view but to get past that and going back to Einstein’s thought process about not being able to solve a problem using the same tools that caused it, then I had to get people out of a particular thought mode otherwise the things I have to say would create what’s known as cognitive dissonance and you know those terms – you’ve run into them yourself – so I had to put people at ease, give them a little bit humor so I could give them a little bit of information technology and so forth.

So then along about 2004 – I decided to get serious about it – so at that point we started Solutions in Commerce, started doing seminars, workshops and so forth – since that time we have done a multitude of seminars and so forth in the United States – in Canada until the Canadians finally got fed up with me and wouldn’t let me back in the country anymore – Really?

(14:10) : oh no they said don’t come back – we’ll put you in jail and I said okay I don’t like it up here – too cold anyway –

AM: (laughs) Especially from the South –

WS: Oh yeah – listen, tell me and then we’ve had been in Australia about 4 or 5 times – in New Zealand – probably the most significant seminar we did – we did a seminar in London, England –

AM: Nice

WS: Oh yeah that was fun because we were right -we might go with that story a little bit later on, from a metaphysical point of view because there are certain that came in as a result of that which are very, very significant in the total picture when we start to talk about fixing – fixing the financial matrix.

And so we had a little bit of activity there subsequent to that seminar. In general we’ve been very well received, with the things we have – I’ve met some of the most excellent people, all across the planet as a result of our travels etc. So it’s been a good experience for me, I’ve got a lot out of it. I hope that other people have gotten a lot out of it because otherwise why would I do it so?

AM: (15:25) Yeah, of course – well in your travels what do you find as being the hottest impedances and issues for the citizens of the world today?

WS: Mind control!

AM: Absolutely

WS: One of the advantages that I have is – it’s very hard to put mind control on me, one of the things – what I studied when I was at University was psychology – when I first went to school what I thought I was going to be studying classical Freudian stuff you know and all that and then like there – the only thing that they were teaching was behaviorism – behavior modification and all that kinda stuff – BUT – since I was so very well trained in the techniques of mind control – it’s pretty easy for me to identify when I see it.

And so that was the benefit of that education, so to speak – but as I go around and talk to the various people and etc. you know I see the mind control so then my goal is to give them at least one

different way of looking or thinking about something and if I can do that, I can put a crack in the mind control and then once that crack is there then we can start to spread that crack bigger and bigger so that people can come out from under that.

So a lot of people look at what we have to say and say that’s the craziest thing I ever heard of and to them it is if you’re in that state of mind – but for others who have a little bit more of an open mind about some of it then they start to see through some of the problems and then a whole new horizon opens up so that’s a good thing.

AM: (17:21) Well I noticed that you’re going to be throwing a workshop at ECETI the weekend of September 4 through September 6 so folks please do me a favor go up to the ECETI site – you can also reach it at privateinvitation@ECETI.com and get all the details is going to be extremely informative workshop with Winston – hands-on – I can’t think of a better opportunity – if I had the ability I would go and is called Removing Commercial Karma and I love – I love that title. Can you tell us just a little bit about what you’ll be covering there?

WS: Yeah, it’s going to be fun to be up there at the ranch – for those of you who have experienced it, being there – it’s an interesting place inasmuch as there’s a couple of natural ley lines that intersect right there at that spot – huge energy vortexes, star-gates all kinds of things, – I mean they got spaceships flying over all the time – short laugh if you’re not real careful you might get a Bigfoot to sneak up on you or whatever – that’s true – but anyway the place itself is very stimulating in the mind opening and so we’re really looking forward to doing that seminar there.

Now the basic subjects – the first major session we’ll have – well let me just say this – on Friday – Friday afternoon there’ll be a – an afternoon session we’ve kind of just advertised it as for people who might not be – for people who might be new to the information – then we intend to have a Saturday I mean a Friday afternoon kind of… I don’t know… get to know your subject matter kind of thing so I’m not really sure exactly all the things we’ll talk about there – it depends on who comes.

(19:26) Then Friday evening we always have a little kind of get together – it’s kinda for my benefit and that is – if I get a chance to I just ask have people ask me any question you want to ask about anything and I do that so I can gauge the audience because once I know what kind of questions they can formulate – then I know how deeply they’re thinking about some of the subject matter – so on Friday night we have just an open forum kind of thing and then they come in on Saturday morning then we get serious – so the Saturday morning subject matter will have to do more with history, in other words how did we get into the fix we are in? And so there is quite a bit to that so we will go over some of the history trying to bring things up to date trying to show how we get into some of the problems and circumstances we find ourselves with.

And then Saturday afternoon – this should be of interest to a lot of people and that is we’re going to have a discussion about money. I have found and some of my other friends have found people have absolutely no comprehension about money – what it is – where does it come from – is there more than one kind and so, and it’s important – so very important in our modern commerce to understand the nature of money – how it’s created, all those kind of things. (21:01) So people take money for granted – yes – they take money for granted and don’t understand about it and in particular when you get the interaction between the private side and the public side and people try to intermix different kinds of money – there is where they have the problems and so certainly in the Saturday afternoon discussion we will be talking about different kinds of money and resolutions of public problems using public money rather than cash. (Short laugh) A lot of people don’t understand that.

So that will be a good session I think people will get a lot that. – Oh absolutely – and then Saturday night of course everybody will go out with James and they will have a sky watch you know watch the ships go over etc. – that’s always pretty good fun – Yeah It Is – except that –

AM: and there are a ton of ships by the way everybody

WS: Oh yeah they’re all over the place up there – a ton – well, I myself I seen so much of that, I tell everybody that first off I go to bed early I try to get in bed by nine o’clock –

AM: I know that because I shared the house with you and Pat and we had to really be quiet – you guys go to bed so early –

WS: Well I do she doesn’t, anyway well I tell everybody – if a ship lands and somebody asks for me by name, come wake me up otherwise (short laugh) don’t even bother me.(22:40) No it’s pretty good fun up there. Alright so that’ll be Saturday night and then Sunday the thing we wanted to go into is establishing the claim which is an important concept because it plays very well into what we will be going into Sunday afternoon. And certainly during the Sunday afternoon I mean morning session we will be talking about things such as UCC financing statements. So we’ll go into a little bit of technology to help people to understand how things are because a lot of people don’t understand that our present court system is all based upon Admiralty and Admiralty procedures and so forth and in every situation in the Admiralty the real question is who has the claim on the collateral that’s in question. That’s the real question when you get into an Admiralty situation.

So establishing the claim is one of the prime elements of any kind of situation like that because when we get into Sunday afternoon we’re really going to get into this business of the claim and removing that commercial karma so some of the technology that we’ll be working on Sunday morning will play well into the subject matter for Sunday afternoon which has to do with the assignment of reversionary interest, and then also the authentication process – now let me just explain to people, there’s a lot of misunderstanding perhaps about some of this.

But anyway – uhhh, as we will show in our history class on Saturday morning – this all plays into that, but as we find certain situations were created with our birth and there’s actually 2 things that happen. One which is very good and the other which is very bad (short laugh from Alexandra) and in the first instance there was a what was known as a foreign size trust which was created and in that trust situation we were given an exemption from taxation – now that’s an important concept.

(25:23) So in the first instance we were given an exemption from taxation and our birth documents etc. were sent to the department of commerce and bonds were created to guarantee our debt. Now that is the first situation which is a very good situation when you’re in commerce but the second problem was, was we were tricked – people were tricked. We were tricked into a situation that is known as Social Security insurance and that’s not so bad when you just take a look at it with the exception that we were required to sign a particular document known as an SS-5 form and in that we basically subrogated all of our rights and defenses in the original trust over today’s Cestui Que Vie trust situation.

I know I’m using words that people haven’t been familiar with, but this is a seminar – we’ll familiarized you with these words – sure – but anyway we basically did was we signed away our rights and defenses in the original trust in the Cestui Que Vie trust situation, the result of which we became construed as the trustee for the all capital letter name that you find on the birth certificate.

Now, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Well that depends on your point of view. I have found that 99% of the people do not know how to act as a trustee in that situation. (27:07)

AM: and they’re hoping to be a beneficiary.

WS: They’re hoping to be. Well they were the beneficiary on the original trust and in this case here they turned into a trustee and that’s what causes the problem cause #1 they don’t know how to act like a trustee in that situation and would better be suited as the beneficiary and we can reverse those things. So it’s part of our Sunday afternoon endeavor, (27:33) we’ll be showing the reversal of those things, the assignment or the reassignment of the fiduciary trustee relationship. We’re going to send it back to where it came from so that you’re not under the onus of being a trustee, so you can truly be a beneficiary –

AM: That’s fantastic

WS: Oh yeah, that’s what I call releasing commercial karma –

AM: I wish I could come –

WS: (27:57) It’ll be recorded – we’ll finally get to it you know? And then the second portion of it is one that I’m really interested in projecting as far and wide as I possibly can which has to do with the authentication process of the long form birth certificate and then showing you how to develop that in such a way that you can become the owner of your body. Now in our past system with the pledge system that started back in the ’30s and whatnot our labor or the result of our labor has been pledged to the national bankruptcy.

Now of course that ended in 1999 but nobody told anybody – right – but we knew about it but anyway when that period of time was over with we were free but most people didn’t know it. And so the system as it were, dating all the way back into the 1400s mind you – back in the 1400s the Vatican actually created a trust where as they – listen to this word – whereas they claim the bodies of the people.

AM: Wooohhhh!!! (29:21)

WS: Yeah they first set up the – that’s going all the way back to 1213 when King John – you’re know – idiot King John gave the kingdom to the Pope on the basis that he was a sinner so to redeem his sins he gave the Vatican the whole world.

AM: Which means he was a sinner means he was indebted too – right? –

WS: Yeah he was going with that same mystical theology that they had developed over the centuries – and so King John became convinced that he was a sinner and needed to repent and so the Pope said okay we’ll forgive your sins just give us all your property which he did, (30:05) so then the Vatican created the Cestui Que Vie trust situation where they claimed the whole planet – you know wherever they went they put the flag up you know we claim this for the King / Vatican – read history – it’s all in there. But anyway then the second go around with the Cestui Que Vie trust

what they did was they claim the bodies of the people because the bodies came from the ground.

So anyway if you go that far back you know you see what’s happened and so in our present situation is just a continuation of the same thing that the government claims the bodies of the people and that’s why they come in and take children.

AM: OMG the other thing I’m tripping out on is like the Catholic processes basically asking you to give the body and the blood as part of the ritual it’s always so and intertwining it’s unbelievable.

WS: Well they kinda got mixed up a little bit and we are trying to help them straighten out. But in any event when you come down our present circumstance as we have it now – that same thought process is very relevant because again we got people, that come and say well give us the children. We will take these children or take people – put them in the what military have ’em go kill people ’cause the system thinks they own the bodies. That’s what they think. So some of the technology we’ve been working on here we’ll demonstrate and show people how to come in and own your body. Which your body is just dirt and water – that’s all it is (31:58) it’s real estate – it’s just real estate that happens to get up and walk around and talk. But in any event they claim that so now we are going to show you how to undo that. And create the necessary documents that demonstrate that you own the body and then having done that process then we show how to go to the one world government as it were with a change of status.

Now most people in the United States are listed as – on the files – they’re listed as U.S. Citizens – now people need to go study that pretty close. In essence what that means is that your status is as a fictional 14th amendment citizen – of a Corporation – of the Corporation – yeah you’re a common stockholder in a Corporation is all you are so that’s your present status. So because of that status, you’re also an enemy of the state. Now when we have our history view on Saturday morning I’ll show you after World War II the Trading With The Enemy Act was converted and amended in such a way that all of the people who were US citizens now become enemies of the state and in consequence of that term that is generally used to describe us – is enemy combatants, so we were at war with the US federal government and that’s why they can come and kick your door in or do anything they want to do because you’re an enemy combatant and if they shoot you – if they shoot you down the street – they’ll get away with it.

AM: (33:50) it’s crazy – you know, I was going to ask you – just to back up little bit – I’ve listened to quite a few of your interviews and one of the things that really got my interest you were saying that Admiralty law goes all the way back to Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. Can you talk a little bit about that?

WS: Yeah I’ll put that here on my list but let me finish up with this one thought process, before I go back to that – he has a LIST – well I’m kind of taking notes to make sure that I clarify – I don’t want to leave people hanging you know with some of these descriptions. But anyway once we have reestablished that ownership and give that information to the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue who holds the master file – your status on the master file will change from US citizen to non-resident alien – now you’re back in the same position you were in with that original foreign siders trust – where your exemption from taxation means something because a non-resident alien is a nontaxable status.

Now – so that’s a pretty good position – we’ll be going over that. Then, in conjunction with that I believe that we have finally arrived at a solution to the mortgage foreclosure problems using the same technique – fabulous – (35:37) I was given basically an international commission back in 2010 from the underwriters of the mortgages. All of the mortgage banks and everything are underwritten by what’s called the collateral accounts and so the man who had the sole – the guy who had the sole responsibility for those things – he was very upset and so I visited with him there in Cambodia in 2010 and he said you know it’s an embarrassment.(36:12) he said it’s an embarrassment to us – what’s going on in the United States because of all the mortgage foreclosures and we underwrote all those loans, and he said we’re not altogether happy about it so he said: Winston what I want you to do – I want you to go back to the United States and I want you to represent us in this matter and get this mortgage thing cleaned up.

I said okay but that’s a pretty big job. And so anyway I could go into a little more of the history of that – but anyway in conjunction with that responsibility that was given to me almost over five years ago – we tried a lot of different things I could go into to go into the history of that but anyway you can judge from that I believe at this point – using this technology I believe that we have the solution to these mortgage foreclosures and to a mortgage – period. (37:06) And so at the seminar at ECETI – I’ve addressed this before, – I’ve tried to get as much exposure to this concept as possible but I believe on Sunday Evening – as the capstone – as the icing on the cake we’re gonna demonstrate that particular technique.– Using the technology that we’ve used to build up to that.

So that’s a pretty good one, so we’re really looking forward to it. So that will be Sunday evening and then Monday I will be hanging around if anybody you know wants a private consultation about a particular problem that they might have. I’ll be there I guess until everybody gets through on Monday for that. So that pretty much wraps up that schedule. So do you have any questions about that schedule or bigger points of it now I can go into the Adam and Eve story if you to want to (short laugh)

AM: no no I don’t but I just want everybody to understand that this is a whole ‘nother piece and layer of us truly capturing and re-attaining I should say our sovereignty So check it out definitely again. Make sure you go up to the ECETI website and again it’s private invitation@eceti.com and you’ll see it right up there it’s Friday, September 4 through Sunday or Monday, September 6 or 7 and Winston is just an amazing presenter of this kind of detail and I think you’ll be impressed you know those awful lot of information. (38:50) So now Winston I would love to hear about how does Admiralty law go back all the way to Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden?

WS: Well as I’ve mentioned you know as a young person, as a Sunday school attender – attendee – well anyway I went to Sunday school as a kid. And I was impressed by it I mean it just came naturally to me I think you know the study of the scriptures and of different things and so those things stayed with me and still stay with me all through my life and then when I got involved especially in commercial redemption.

What was obvious to me was the basis of commercial redemption was in fact the King James version of the holy Bible. Now let me emphasize King James version – version (short laugh) okay – so it’s not the Geneva Bible, it’s not the Catholic Bible – is not the lost books of whatever. King James himself designated to be the authority (now listen to this) the King James version – the authorized, was authorized for use in the churches and courts. Okay that’s very significant. Now a lot of people don’t realize who the translators of King James were but the man who was in charge of the translation of King James was a man named Robert flood.

Robert flood at that time was the Grand Master of the priory of Zion a secret society which had been set up to protect the holy bloodline you can go study that one – interesting – but they were closely aligned with the Knights Templars. Now the Knights Templars – you can go back and study history but they figured very heavily into our present commercial system – yes they do – so in consideration of these things a study or at least a working knowledge of King James version of the scriptures would be very helpful.

Now, the first story that we hear about in that model was the story of Adam and Eve. Well a lot of people say that was just an allegory that was a metaphor – a fictional story – and other people say no what happened just that way – it don’t make any difference – which ever way you want to look at it is okay with me (41:43) But how I want to explain is what happened.

Now according to the story for everybody – according to the story God had created a man and a woman – trust me I know about woh-man having dealt with your kind before (Alexandra laughs) hahahahaha – – just joking, just joking – okay so the Adam & Eve story basically centers around the creation of a man and a woman put into a situation of innocence – as it were – and while they were in that state of innocence they were given certain commandments or instructions about how they were to conduct themselves, or else there would be consequences if they did not function in the way they had been instructed. But they got put into a double bind Do you know what a double bind contract is – you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. So on one hand he says multiply and replenish the earth and on the other hand he says don’t you be over here eaten up that tree of knowledge of good and evil. So you got Adam scratching his head – you got Eve scratching her head and they’re saying what’s this all about?

So anyway in consequence whatever happened whether it was a serpent or whatever – anyway certain knowledge came into their minds and their activity and so forth. Now God had told them, according to the story God had told them if you go out here and you do this in that day I will surely destroy you. I mean he’s gonna take ’em out of existence – okay so a little bit of fear going on here already. All right I won’t go into all the details here – there’s a lot of I don’t know deep mysteries in some of this, anyway they went and ate that apple from that tree or whatever and got found out about it and said oh-oh, you guys got a problem.

(44:07) Now, according to his own word – he would had to have destroyed them at that point but rather than do it at that time he put them into a new jurisdiction in other words they were in one jurisdiction which was God’s law – God’s court and so he removed them from that jurisdiction into another jurisdiction which we would typically call Admiralty.

Now the reason why I would say that we call it Admiralty is because when he cast them out of the Garden and put them in the lone and dirty world he said okay, while you’re out here you will have the opportunity to repent. Those are kind of theological words in our commercial world we would call that reorganization. (45:11) A reorganizational bankruptcy is you can continue to do business as usual with the hope that if you successfully operate the bankruptcy you can restore your business to its normal function. So from a commercial….. lingo that we would use – we would say that they were taken out of one jurisdiction because bankruptcy only exists in the Admiralty – that’s where it’s at.

That’s why I say Admiralty. All right so Adam and Eve were put into the jurisdictional bankruptcy through a reorganizational bankruptcy so that they could correct what-ever thing had happened. And then once they had made that correction – they could be taken back in the original jurisdiction. All right now it might take them 4000 years to get there but in any event that was the original plan was set up so that’s pretty much how we have patterned our commercial activities. Certainly a lot of people don’t realize this but the United States of America has always been bankrupt – always right from the days of the Articles of Confederation and then in the 1871 period they set up as a shadow government – you know a federal corporation to continue the bankruptcy until you get down into – who was it representative, Traficant from Ohio? He got right up in front of Congress and said we are involved in the largest Chapter 11 bankruptcy in history.

AM: I remember that, I remember that in fact that was what one of my questions to you (47:04) which is how many bankruptcies have we been through? I noticed that you said we go through this every 70 years. So how far back does this go? When was the first bankruptcy for the United States?

WS: the first bankruptcy was in fact the Articles of Confederation (November 15, 1777) – not before that? – Well there could’ve been but what they did was the colonists – the states – you know before they were colonists – they were sovereign states and so anyway the 13 states/colonies decided to combine their debts into an aggregate Corporation and the Articles of Confederation were simply the corporate bylaws of that Corporation, operating in bankruptcy because they couldn’t pay it. Or didn’t want to pay it. So the reason why they went into bankruptcy was to protect the sovereign states from the creditors.

Creditors as being the Crown, the Bank of England, East India Trading Company all that bunch. So there were a lot of creditors that would’ve liked to take control of North America as it was at that time but in order to prevent the creditors from coming in and seizing the assets – they went into a bankrupt situation and used the Articles of Confederation as the bylaws for the Corporation which was operating in bankruptcy. (48:45).

Now after the Revolutionary war, there were more and more debts and so – you know – sometimes I hate to get into this history because I can’t say what I want to say but in essence what happened to protect the investments of many who had invested in the revolutionary war they had created another document to go along with the Articles of Confederation which was in fact The Constitution.- for – now listen to that word for – the Constitution for the United States of America, (49:16) now it was simply no more or less than the continuation of the bankruptcy – again to protect the assets away from the creditors and so forth.

AM: So Winston, are you saying that the main difference between the Constitution and the Articles of Confederation was merely just another bankruptcy contract?

WS: Yeah, it’s kind of just a continuation with this exception and that is that many of the founding fathers who are known as “WE THE PEOPLE” who bankrolled the revolutionary war now they also became creditors. And so part of the reason for the Constitution for the United States of America was a hope on part of the – some of the investors of the revolutionary war to make good on their investments. And so the Constitution for the United States of America was a document that was created by the Scottish right freemasons most of whom had participated and invested in the revolutionary process many of whom were hoping to recoup their investments because they had made considerable investments. (50:37) I think Washington itself is just about bankrupt. History is terribly misunderstood.

AM: Yeah, it’s very convoluted and I think you had said once before up at ECETI everything is upside down. Everything that you see is not what it appears to be and especially in legal matters – now that leads me to my next question which is can you clarify simply – because you’re really good at that – the distinction between common law – constitutional law – maritime law – trust law – Admiralty law and Roman law? ‘Cause these are the 7 that are kind of tossed out there all the time. I think it gets people confused some of them may be one in the same but I wanted to hear what you had to say..

WS: (51:32) Okay, I will address that if you give me about 10 more minutes. (Alexandra laughs again) on the bankruptcy issue – Absolutely – Alright, so that’s the next one we’ll go to – I’m taking notes – okay but to continue on with the concept of bankruptcy as it relates to the Constitution FOR the United States of America. International bankruptcies last for a period of 70 years – seven zero, and so the first period of bankruptcy started with the public uhh, acceptance perhaps of the Constitution for the United States of America in 1789 and then if you trace 70 years from that you come up to 1859 and there were serious considerations at that time because the debts had not been paid. Even though we’d been into bankruptcy for 70 years and the debts had not been paid and the consequence of that it was contemplated that they needed to go into another 70 year period of bankruptcy which kind of ticked off the Southerners because they all had freehold land did they did not want their land subscribed as securities in a bankruptcy so they got into a fight about it. I mean the Civil War had very little to do with slavery but it had to do with states rights and the freehold land of the South. Anyway that’s a lot….. Anyway so they went into another 70 years of bankruptcy at that time and that brought us down to 1929 .

AM: 1929 yeah

WS: 1929 what happened about that period of time? –

AM: yeah, only the most major crash of all time –

WS: So because the two periods of bankruptcy prior to that had not satisfied the creditors they contemplated a third period – and that third period of bankruptcy is very instrumental – in that, that was the introduction of slavery. Now people get their words mixed up. What happened in the earliest of times with people from Africa, the Irish, the Chinese an so forth, they were involved in involuntary servitude and slavery is not that – slavery is voluntary.

(54:05) And so in consequence- that’s an Old Testament concept – so in consequence of the situation from 1929 on, they set up a system is called the pledge system (we’ll go over that sometime again) but anyway a system was set up to introduce slavery into the bankruptcy so that the bankruptcy could be paid off. And we did using the pledge system (Alexandra sighs) We did in fact pay off that bankruptcy so that in 1999 after three periods of international bankruptcy – THE PEOPLE – came out from under the debt. Now Bill Clinton himself – if Bill Clinton ever told the truth – this would be the only time I ever heard it – he said on television and said I’m the last United States president – and he was.

(55:13) Now Bush – he was just the CEO and the same thing with Obama, he’s just the CEO of a Corporation. So that ended – that ended the obligation that was structured under the common law. . Now so you want to get a little bit of this common law and Admiralty comparison and so forth.

AM: And also the execution versus operation…

WS: I can talk about that just here in a minute. But what I wanted to point out was under the common law the children are liable for the debts of the parents That’s common law concept. So, for instance in my case, my ancestors came to North America in 1752 and they participated in all these things we’ve talked about, so in that respect I was liable – under the common law – I was liable for the debts that have been incurred but not paid off by all my ancestors. But I did and many of us did. Kind of as a general…… All right so that satisfied the requirements of the common law and then on the other side of the equation after the Civil War there was a new federal corporation set up in Washington DC and they went into their own bankruptcy. They went into their own which eventually as we talked about a moment ago stimulated Mr. Traficant to get up and say what he did and that got him a nice long jail term by the way.

(57:00) But in any event the form of that bankruptcy is a Chapter 11 reorganization for corporations. And so that Corporation WAS operating a Chapter 11 up until just recently when the United States Incorporated has been taken over and is in receivership and we have a new republic form of government in operation in Washington DC right now even as we speak –

AM: you do agree that that did take place – did it take place – do you agree that took place as of December 21 of last year? (2014)

WS: Well, they actually set that up and had it in place for a number of years and as I understood it they were stationed in West Virginia but I’ve known about that for a very long time and they were awaiting the opportunity to come forward and now they have come forward and as I understand it they’re in complete control. They will make those announcements probably don’t quote me but probably at the fall equinox. The only thing that was holding them back was the Basl 3 agreements. Which required, that they have a substance backing for their currency. (58:23) And there is no gold in Fort Knox and everybody knows that –

AM: Yeah, everybody knows that.

WS: About 4 or 5 months ago the Chinese elders leased about $100 billion in gold to the new Republic so now we have a gold backed – that came about 4 or 5 months ago so anyway now they have everything that’s necessary to complete the picture. So I would suspect this new currency would probably be announced on the equinox this fall and then as I understand it the elders have produced some instructional videos that will be running nonstop on the networks to explain to the American people what’s happened – this is not a military coup this is an interim government put in place to get a constitutional republic reformed and so we’ve got a lot of work to do here.

AM: you know Winston not to interrupt you but I’ve got to ask you – we have been noticing that all the cop cars in this area, and a lot of them are sheriffs they have a new car out and all the windows blacked out – Ahh, could be – and we just thought that was awfully coincidental to what is going on with the political and legal systems right now.

WS: (1:00:00) Well it’s going to take a while, but like I tell people we’ve had about 70 years of vomit, now it’s just going to take a little while to get that mopped up. What we need is everybody to pitch in to help clean it up so if you just leave it to a few people that’s a big burden. But if everybody gets educated (ha ha) and understand what’s going on if everybody is willing to pitch in and help then we’ll get it cleaned up ever so much faster but it will get cleaned up – there’s no getting around it.

AM: Well and I know that you say all the time very consistently, if the system is not broken why fix it and many people kind of get repulsed by that statement, but in fact I think what you’re really trying to say and many people have alluded to this – we don’t have time to just start a whole new system over what we do need however is a housecleaning to remove all of the evil and the goo and the disgust that is running this planet. That we have time to do!! And that was one of my questions to you which you speak a lot about and that is freeing up the heritage funds for the planet and I really want to make sure we have time to discuss that today.

WS: I can discuss it a little bit but more key to it than anything else – if you want to talk about prosperity, the key to prosperity is allowing people to keep what they earn. Right now people are being taxed at an exorbitant rate and so they’re not willing to produce. They’re not – I mean they’re just taxed people to the point where they have no reason to go to work.

AM: Well it’s not just that Winston is that people are just exhausted with the number of hours they have to work to even make a reasonable wage to support a family.

WS That’s exactly right: (1:02:00) See a lot of people don’t understand this but we are the only country on the planet that does not have its own national currency. Federal Reserve Notes are international currency. So with this new interim government coming in and the production of some currency some people say it’s going to be called treasury notes but anyway but it will be non-interest-bearing currency so that does away with the federal reserve interest and also does away with the IRS. (Alexandra claps hands) So get rid of the IRS, get rid of the taxing agencies and all this flimflam operation that have been running on us all for years and then the people will prosper.

(1:02:50) And then if there are huge amounts of assets available for the infrastructure then that will be good. Now think about the mind but almost when this money becomes available they’re going to get a million dollars in their bank account. Don’t hold your breath. It ain’t gonna happen that way – it’s designated for the infrastructure and for that kind of thing and not for people to become overnight millionaires go around the beach drinking mint juleps and whatever.

AM: Well it doesn’t make any sense either because they’ve already done a lot of studies with people who have won lotteries and they have absolutely no prosperity consciousness all they were was desperate to get from underneath their bills and liabilities only to find out that within five years they were completely stone broke.

And now I think it’s even a shorter period than that So why would you go through all this effort to put the money in the hands of all these people when none of us have been adequately educated on how to handle money.

WS: Yeah, most people can’t even handle $1000 why would you give them 1 million? So that’s a sociological problem – that has to do with the way we look at things and whatnot.When you start talking about taking care of the old and the aged – hey – I’m getting there – the really bad way we’ve treated old people, the veterans, and we have people living in the slums, people living in cardboard boxes all across the country. That has to come to an end, and we will put it to an end. (1:04:36) But again those are more along the lines of sociology. One of the first things that has to be fixed and this is why I’ve been working – yeah I work with St Germain too – one of the things that St Germain…. he’s been working on this for centuries, literally I mean, if you go back all the way back to the World trust in 1625. That’s how long he has been working on this process. (1:05:07)

AM: Yeah, he’s an amazing being.

WS: And so when you get down to our present time he is in fact the head guy – the director or whatever you want to call it. (1:05:15) of the age of Aquarius. I mean Jesus had that responsibility during the age of Pisces. – Yeah – Now we’ve got Aquarius we’re in Aquarius.

AM: Yes we are.

WS: And St. Germain was given that responsibility in 1954. That’s when he got to be the head guy in Aquarius. So certainly the main thing that he has labored is the fixing of the financial matrix. That’s what his main goal is now that’s the first thing that had to be corrected. The second thing that had to be corrected was the court and the judicial systems (105:56) and that’s the responsibility of Lady Portia.

You know Portia is his twin flame so they work together. But those are two of the main things that been worked on so strenuously in these last number of years. I think we just about have the financial matrix where it can’t fail, the next thing is we gotta get this crazy court system fixed.. and we’re doing it, we’re doing it – little by little. And so all these things will have to be handled, which plays right into your question about all these crazy law forms you addressed (1:06:36) shall we go into that before we…

AM: good, good – I have a gazillion questions for you so we may invest the time if you have the time and I will make the time.

WS: okay I’ve got time. Alright now you had mentioned a lot of different words you know, common law, Admiralty law and all kinds of different kinds of law. What I want to emphasize is this, that law is way down the road, the first thing that people have to consider is not law, they have to consider contract.

Contract is the thing that causes people to interact, in other words, without a contract in place people simply wouldn’t interact with other people (1:07:24) as a general rule but in any event so we first need to look at the contract Now if the parties to the contract are satisfied with the results: the contract is executed is over with and down the road we go. All right?

Now – but if some party to a contract goes into breach – breach of contract – then we have to have a way to resolve that problem now that’s what’s called law. Law is the remedy for a breach of contract. So before we start talking about the different styles for different venues and jurisdictions of law, then we would have to go back and see what contract does that law apply to? So we start talking about your basic elements of law, common law, equity as they call it, admiralty and all those kind of things the question is (1:08:40) does one law apply to the contract that’s in a different venue and the answer is no it doesn’t.

Now what they did in our country at least back I don’t know – back in the 60s and 70s – was they combined the procedures. The court procedures of the three main law forms – common law, equity and admiralty – they combined the procedures into one form which is known as the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and so to get a remedy for a common law contract, to get a remedy for contract in equity or to get a remedy for an admiralty contract that you would use the same set of rules. So people get confused about that so you can still get the same remedies which were always available under those contracts but you have to use a specific set of rules and procedures to get that remedy.

So those three law forms were combined into one system but the remedies are still available if you use the procedures correctly. That’s what we’re talking about. So we have some people that are very well versed in for instance common law – equity not so much – and then admiralty – actually admiralty’s my favorite place. Admiralty’s all about contracts and so forth, and so by the way, admiralty is the easiest – oh yaeh it is, once you understand it, because in our present bankruptcy – in our present reorganizational bankruptcy, we are involved in negotiable instruments and they’re very easy to use. When I first started studying commerce and so forth it was recommended to me that the first thing I should study was negotiable instruments and so I did. I sent away for a correspondence course in negotiable instruments – this is so far back, part of it came on cassette tapes – remember those?

AM: Oh yeah – (1:11:06) Still have them –

WS: We kind of got past that at this point – while you’re listening – you might not even know what that is. – Ha ha ha that’s true – meanwhile I got this course and had some written material. A good part was lectures on cassette tape – I got me one of those little cassette players and I carried that cassette player around and I listened to that stuff continually until I finally got into my mind and at least halfway understood it and so that has served me very well because when I look at different things – for instance when I see a court case – what do I see? I see a negotiable instrument. And how do you deal with negotiable instruments?

You see we have that negotiable instrument law that we deal with and so that probably has led me to a lot of the solutions you know in commerce every device, based on negotiable instruments because that’s all we use. (1:11:59) – right – and so that was really fun for my education. People should go back and look at the original contract to see what that was and see whether or not they’ve abided by their contract and if all parties abide by their contract there is no law because there is no breach.

AM: (1:12:27) Ok but wait a minute, so for example the birth certificate I as an infant who is born, I did not make the conscious choice to go and get a certificate of birth my parents did – so how can I claim that was a mutual contract between myself and the agency that’s overseeing or registering that certificate of birth?

WS: Because that thought process is under the common law and so your parents could act on your behalf as a minor – once you reach the age of majority then you can decide how that’s going to work out and certainly easily by the age of 18 years most people are so confused they don’t know which way is up but the process that I had talked about that we are going to present on Sunday afternoon at ECETI is in fact what an 18-year-old should do. Now in that respect, for instance – I don’t know 5or 6 months ago there were 3 of the native chiefs. They were trying to do some international business to China or something and they requested that I assist them because I am an international notary so they thought if I notarized the stuff, it might have some extra weight or whatever.

I’m not into business I don’t know anything about business or what they were doing but I was happy to accommodate them so they came to where I was and one of the chiefs of the Lakota Sioux – his wife came with him (1:14:19) so when they were talking their business back and forth you know which is completely boring to me I’m not a businessman, I don’t understand any of that stuff – so I was talking to her about circumstances of the reservation and whatnot and she had told me that the government was continually coming in and taking the children and those children were part of the system and so the government had every right to come and get them just like child services does out here every day in your neighborhood, okay, so she was complaining about that and I said well I think I have a way here that would put a stop to that and if you work it correctly I believe you can go get the other children back! (1:15:00) So I showed her the authentication process where they can own the body so that precludes any other claim in admiralty that any other corporate entity would make because again the ownership is on the private side what we would call common law and so that precludes any adhesion contract that might come in from the admiralty side.

So so I explained that to her and she was gonna go back and get to work on that. Now does that apply to everybody and the answer is yes I continually hear things from people where the government came in here and took my children – they come to my grandchildren or something like that for no good reason they got them out of here and God only knows what happened to them They put them out here in some pedophiles control – the people are really concerned about that. Everybody’s concerned about that. But nobody seemed to have a solution to the problem but I think I do have a solution to the problem for parents or grandparents.

AM: Right on.

WS: So now you can lock it up – you can change the status of the child, from a US citizen number one to a non-resident alien and now you’re holding the ownership documents for the body and so if you can demonstrate those things then you got it locked down pretty tight so a lot of the things we talked about have some very good applications. I think we can resolve many of the problems that people face but in answer to your question about not being able to sign the contract as a minor again they’re using the common law concept and the parent can obligate a child that’s a minor. They can’t do it if they’re over the age of 18, but they can when they’re child. So they do. Of course it’s by trickery and fraud and by sleight of hands – I don’t agree with that but it’s done – it’s done all the time – they do it on the reservation they do it in your neighborhood and so we can put a stop to that. It’s possible to put a stop to that so these children do not get taken.

AM: Winston that is great news and I was going to ask you – there’s an awful lot of people in fact I’ve interviewed a couple who are very very passionate about trying to help save these children that are getting not only tortured but satanically ritualled and all that, I guess my question is, one of them is a huge proponent of common law really really pushing to know how to use common law so how how does that apply when we are under an admiralty law? (1:17:58)

WS: To answer the question and to answer the situation you have to use a combination of the whole thought process. Again some of these things we deal with are what you would call common law and some are called admiralty but the overriding picture in everything is always going to be the original contract and so in the case of a lot of people, what is the original contract that causes your problem with child services and some of these items – and it’s the marriage contract. Now prior to 1920s period of time – when people decided that they wanted to join as husband and wife they had various procedures they would go through usually from religious institution sometimes a judge or whatnot but they did not do so under license. If you look up the definition of the word license – now listen carefully – permission from the state to do something that is otherwise illegal, unlawful or immoral.

Now that’s what a license is for is to do something that otherwise is illegal, unlawful or immoral. Yet so what’s immoral about marriage? Well nothing to speak of –

AM: or about driving on a road.

WS: Let’s not get into that – in any event when you go down to make an application – listen now – an application for a marriage license, there are certain requirements that must be met and usually the license will be granted as a result of the application.

Now anytime you see the word application always think taxable event. Application equals taxable event. Now what is the tax on the license? It’s the issue, it’s the children – the children are the tax on the license. In commercial terms what happens is called sexual commerce and the issue from the sexual commerce is the tax on the license. Now I hate to be so darn graphic with all that kind of thing but that’s exactly what it is, and so the root of the problem is the original contract and the original contract is the application, that’s what causes the taxable event.

So we start talking about some of the situations and circumstance you get into can that matter be resolved in common law and the answer is no there’s no provision for that in common law – it has to be resolved within the admiralty. So you look at the marriage contract if you will as an admiralty contract and if you address it and look at it that way it might be a bit easier. Now we can get past that contract – we can get past the circumstances involved with sexual commerce with the ownership of the body through the authentication process that I talked about.

I continually have people email me or call me about “we’re getting a divorce – we’re doing this, we doing that” – they talk about different circumstances I say well are you legally married? They say yep – I say okay – let’s go back to the original problem the original problem was that you were tricked into getting into a marriage contract. And they say “well what is the trick?” I said they didn’t tell you what they were going to do – did they? They didn’t tell you that they were going to take your children or whatever. You see – so it is fraud by omission. And under common-law concept fraud vitiates all contracts so I said go back and deal with the original application before you do anything else and I said because if there’s no contract – in the admiralty court it’s all about contract, if there is no contract that it’s a non-pros.

There’s nothing to talk about in the court if there’s no contract. I said the first thing you is to go back and get rid of the original contract, I said and then go from there. Then you can work things out however you think best. But in any event the hold that the state has is due to the license and again let me repeat the definition of a license “permission from the state” to do something so a marriage contract is a three party contract – husband, wife, state. And even though a husband and wife may divorce the state never goes away so you have to go back to the original contract if you want to get anything done about that, that kind of make sense.

AM: WOW!! (1:23:21) well okay so getting back to – isn’t maritime law the same as admiralty law?

WS: It didn’t used to be – okay – again it has to do with money (1:23:24) there used to be a distinction between commerce and trade – commerce was the king’s business using his money and the maritime had to do with the merchants and the use of their money but when the merchants started to use the King’s currency then commerce and trade melded together into one form. So now we don’t distinguish in this day and age because the type of money we use (1:24:06) we don’t distinguish between commerce and trade because it’s all the same thing at this point.

AM: So you’re basically saying the merchants back then they were probably exchanging one good for another, right?

WS: There’s a lot of history here – a lot a lot of history the merchant concept goes back to what’s known as law merchant law and that goes way back to prior to 1000 A.D. It was a system that they had developed, a system used by the Knights Templar’s and if you recall when Norman the Conqueror came to England the City of London held out and he was not able to overrun the City of London so he got out into basically a treaty, that they would maintain their own law merchant law regardless of how the kingdom was run by William the Conqueror and all that bunch.

So you study the history of the merchants – it’s kind of a separate organization – they operated under substantive law – which is known as law merchant law and now that’s been – pardon the expression – bastardized because they have now certainly taken up uniform commercial code, using fiat currency just like everybody else are, a lot of historical markers have been basically lost and so forth, so it’s more of a hodgepodge of stuff than anything else in our present time, but for all intents and purposes the admiralty and the maritime are the same thing – okay – to answer your question.

AM: So back to I know you are going to be talking about authentication at this seminar and I was wondering how successful has that been thus far –

WS: ha ha ha ha real successful –

AM: and how long have you been doing that for?

WS: Well I first presented that concept (1:26:22) in October of last year (2014) in our yearly gardeners seminar. And then we presented it as far as we had it at that point and after that as we developed more and more and a re-presented it with the added technology in June at our gardeners seminar and so then I started well – it ain’t just me let me put it that way. You know I got my buddies –

AM: You got your network that are supporting you in this whole thing, right?

WS: Some of them guys are darn smart – I mean I consider myself an midget when I start talking to other people. But anyway over a period of time we did expand upon the original concept of the authentication and then we moved it into making the claim – making an appropriate claim to create the estoppel in the public. Maybe I can clarify that little bit, but in any event then we found out that the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue – now let me explain who the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue is, he is not in the IRS. The IRS and the Internal Revenue are two separate entities.

The Internal Revenue was actually created in the Philippines back in the late 20s early 30s because at that time they had anticipated making Philippines the seat of government for the one world government. It ended up in New York but that time they anticipated the one world government coming from the Philippines and they set it up in that way and so to the deal with gold that had been leased to the Federal Reserve Banks they set up something that is known as the Bureau of Internal Revenue at Philippines.

So this Commissioner of the Internal Revenue – that’s what his origin is he is not associated with the Internal Revenue Service even though there is a certain amount of intertwining with some of the functions. All right – recent research – one of my friends found out that the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue holds the master file in regards to the status of the people. (1:29:08) Again because of the SS5 form all of the original people became classified as US citizens, according to the Trading With The Enemy Act now they’re all enemies, so he’s holding the file of all the enemies. And then we found out that all of the agencies update their files at least once a month from the master file. So what we did we went through the whole authentication process. Then we created ownership documents, created UCC 1 financing statements and got those things recorded, and then I created a cover letter to send to the Commissioner basically telling him hey we used to be this and now we’re this and here’s the proof of it and here are the documents and they have been recorded – we sent that to the Commissioner and then he changed – he changed my status and the ones that had done the process, and he changed our status to non resident alien which was a nontaxable status.

So one of my friends I helped through this process – he’s actually a retired policeman himself, but anyway he went to one of his friends who’s a bail bondsman said “Hey go run my name” the guy came back and said “you don’t exist” – the all capital lettered name had changed it was gone. Then another friend who had a friend in the FBI he told them what he’d done, and the FBI guy said yeah you’re out of the system –

Well that is not exactly true(1:31:12) you’re not out of the system but you’re not under the same status that you were prior to that time is now you’ve changed into a status as a nontaxable entity and in consequence the word we would use would be American national – Correct – now notice I did not say sovereign in there – right – so we’re not talking about sovereignty in this process here but we are talking about changing your status to where you can’t be taxed.

AM: Are there any negative ramifications to it as far as receiving goods and services.

WS: NO!! That question comes up continually about Social Security benefits and I always tell people what you’re thinking are Social Security benefits is old-age pension. People don’t know this but the Social Security system is owned by the Queen of England. All payments you’re making into Social Security go straight to the Queen over there so she can have a good time with all her friends.

AM: So what about the fact that the Social Security system supposedly is broke and nonexistent?

WS: – it’s always been broke – they never had any money all the money went straight to the Queen for crying out loud. So when people talk about what they’re calling Social Security benefits that’s actually old-age pension from the government probably being paid out by the department of agriculture –

AM: Interesting

WS: because we’re all just growing –

AM: ahhh – I thought you were going to say we’re all chattel.

WS: Well you could use that word but like one time my mother said “did you wash your face” and I said yeah I sure did and she said come here let me inspect and she grabbed my ear and looked behind my ear and said there’s enough dirt there to grow carrots – get back in there! It only makes sense that the Department of Agriculture being behind this – ha ha ha ha – got to throw little humor in there –sorry(1:33:28)

AM: I had one person ask me I mean, they were very familiar with you and they – I forgot all of details as to what they pursued but the question that they had brought up, that they wanted me to ask you was, at what point can you succeed if you have to enter a court of law to get these sorts of things done? For example – I’ve read that the moment you walk into that court of law – you’re in their jurisdiction.

WS: When I walk into a court of law they’re in my jurisdiction. The people gotta get their heads straightened out. It’s my court – it’s your court – it’s not their court – a lot of people call me up and say I get this court case going on the judge is treating me like dirt, and I said “well go fire him.” They say “Fire? You can fire the judge?” – well of course you can fire him he works for you doesn’t he?

AM: that’s exactly what happened to this gentleman he was very prepared had all the information that he had learned from you and some others, and he said that the judge laughed him out of the courtroom and when he came back in his question was how do you gain the respect of the judge or how do you get into a position of authority with the judge, since they’re so corrupt the majority of them are very corrupt.

WS: You should just go back and fire him, just go back into the court and say for the public record I fire Judge so-and-so and he will get up and leave, he better leave – really? Yeah I had a friend up in Washington state – he got into a civil thing – it’s a little bit harder with the criminal case but anyway he was in a civil court up there in Washington state – got into it, the judge wasn’t acting right and he told the judge well you’re fired – the judge got up to leave and he asked him a question as he was going out and the judge turned around and looked at him and said why should I answer your question? You just fired me and he left. So had to get a new judge and so that’s the way it actually works so you fire a judge just go tell the court go find me somebody better than that last one – ’cause I ain’t putting up with any more of this!!

AM: So it’s really all about we’re stepping into our authority even in the court room?

WS: You better. You better. If you don’t they’ll beat you into the ground – WOW!! – I had a friend some years ago and it was a criminal thing – something was going on – I can’t remember all the details but it was in federal court. So he was in this federal court and the judge was talking bad to him – and he finally told the judge “don’t you ever talk to me that way in my courtroom again” and the judge got up and left!

And two US marshals were standing there you know, and they said, “Come with Us”. He thought the marshals were going to take him out back and beat him up or something you know. They took him back into the marshals break-room, there were about 10 or 12 marshals back in there they all stood up and clapped their hands and said we didn’t like that SOB any more than you do! (both laugh) So you got a take charge of things!!

AM: You know I look forward to the day when this just becomes so commonplace – where everyone is knowledgeable enough to do this. I mean this just to be such a day of glory!

Continued in Part 2…..

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