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microphone (1)How Does The Strawman Relate to Redemption? Part 2

Transcribed by – ♫Rhode Island Jim♫ – Poet of the “Common” Man™

Alexandra Meadors: Now can you stipulate how the importance of gold plays into Admiralty Law? I know that’s a big question but I think it’s one in which you know very well – but you can’t fire up your computer and not read something about the gold. You know, 85% of the gold supposedly is held by the Chinese.

There’s no gold in Fort Knox, supposedly there’s in-fighting about Germany getting irritated because the United States has never paid back their gold from the World War II situation – you know on and on and on. And then of course the fact that you look at the Tellinger stuff – we were all enslaved to mine gold going way back so I’m curious how you metaphysically, if not legally fit all that into this.

(1:13) Winston Shrout: Well, let’s go back for one part of that explanation

AM: Okay.

WS: Let’s go back to what you had alluded to previously about execution versus operation and then once you understand the concept of the value of that you can translate it into gold and see how it fits into our present circumstance because Christianity and capitalism are the same word.

Free enterprise system – capitalism – that’s all the creation of Christianity. Buddhists and Hindus they don’t do it that way, or what you call them the pagans – the pagans don’t do it that way. They don’t carry on their commerce like we do. But because Christianity has prevailed on the planet and we have used the Christian model for our international commerce and so forth.

Okay – let’s go back to the Old Testament which dealt with execution, which is a common-law concept by the way. Execution of contract is a common-law concept. So if you go back into the Old Testament the way that they resolved a breach of contract which they called the sin in theology we say sin – in commerce we say debt – same word, liability is what it is.

So if someone, during the Old Testament went into breach of contract – the resolution of the problem was discharge of debt using the execution of a straw man or a dumb animal. So blood had been shed on the ground. That’s called execution of law. Now that creates a discharge situation. But the discharge does not get rid of the debt or the sin, it simply puts it off into the future. All right?

So that continued on for a number years I don’t know the days of the days of Moses or whatever and went all the way up ’til John the Baptist and John the Baptist was the last legal administrator of Levitical law. I don’t care what the rabbis have to say today, he was the last. So the ability to discharge in that manner ceased with John. Now it’s interesting to note that John was executed at the end of the contract which threw the whole contract into probate. Okay so it’s a will situation if you want to make that comparison with what happened to John in that circumstance.

(4:11) Okay now so John became the testator of the old contract because he shed his blood in that capacity. Now – now we’re getting into a New Testament, we’re going to have the new Testator and the circumstances are going to be considerably different because you’ll notice that the blood of the testator of the new covenant – the new contract, his blood was shed at the start of the contract, which means that the contract is prepaid.

AM: Whoa

WS: Scary, scary isn’t it? Okay I’ll give you a minute to breathe – go ahead and breathe woman

AM: Whoa that’s….. Where did all this come from? -Did you just receive this?

WS: I told you I paid attention in Sunday school – didn’t you?

AM: Actually no!

WS: Okay you were writing notes to your boyfriend weren’t you?

AM: I wasn’t into it.

WS: I’m just joking with you. Now so if you look at the properties of the Old Testament refers to the entity who would come as the lamb slain before the foundation of the world. So these things were all predicated upon a plan that’s concocted in the heavens by somebody. The Elohim I guess, they concocted this plan to work this thing out. So we have the end of one contract going into a new contract the blood of the testator was created at the start of the contract demonstrating that is not a will situation but it’s a trust. Okay so a trust is created now, (6:10) and the surety or the guarantee on the trust was executed at the start so that everything in the trust is a prepayment, prepaid. So for those out there that did pay attention in Sunday school and when you start to consider the concept of grace and mercy you understand with few exceptions that the concepts of grace and mercy do not exist under the old contract. And for all those who study common-law you know the exact same thing. There is no grace in common-law. You have to go into Admiralty to find grace and mercy because they don’t exist in common-law they have to execute – all right.

Now as it relates to commerce if you go look in the book of Hebrews, Hebrews is probably one of the most important books in the New Testament to understand how a commercial system has been set up, ’cause when you go into Hebrews – right there in chapter 7 verse 22 – let me repeat – Hebrews chapter 7 verse 22 it says that Jesus is the surety. Now surety is an important concept especially as it applies to trust law.

Because in trust law unless there is an asset, the trust does not exist. So in order to create a trust there has to be an asset, and in our case here, it’s the surety which is the asset in the trust because when the beneficiaries want to set off a sin or a debt – in order to do that they have to go to the surety so that the trustee can adjust the accounts. Does that make any sense?

AM: Yes.

WS: All right. So on the Old Testament side it’s called execution and on the New Testament side is what we call operation of law. Operation. So we have the exact same thing in our present circumstance and that was prior to 1933. We were operating on execution of law. That’s how our law operated it was typically a common-law situation.

All right now in 1933 what happened was they removed gold from commerce! What was going on a lot of people didn’t know it now after World War I all the smart people on the planet got together and said we can’t have no more this. That was terrible and don’t want any more this so they said how can we get away from that?

And somebody came up with the idea – how about we take and get all the gold and stick it into one trust and we can just all use it for our currencies and that will stop war because if there’s no fighting over gold then we won’t have those problems so in 1928 they actually came out with something which is known as the Plan Of The Experts. Now understand this is above government. This is above government consideration – we’re talking about internationals – we’re talking about the royal families, (9:32) how many of them there were I don’t know, but a whole bunch of em – but anyway some smart people got together and said hey, we had a stop all this fighting and carrying on so in 1929 they came out with the Plan Of The Experts. Now the Plan Of The Experts is in fact the genesis of the system that we presently have. It included the Federal Reserve system, the World Bank, IMF, United Nations and all these different things – those were part of the Plan Of The Experts with the consolidation of the world’s gold that was used for commerce into one system which was known as which is known as the collateral accounts.

(10:10) The gold is buried, it’s all over the Philippines, it’s in Indonesia, in Malaysia in Vietnam – it’s all over Southeast Asia – it’s buried in the ground. It’s accounted for in the Soekarno trust. The accounts that lists all that gold as the assets is in the Soekarno Trust. It is in fact that particular gold that underwrites the world’s currencies. Now that’s not to say there’s not more gold on the planet because there is. There’s so much gold running around you can’t even believe it.

I was talking to a friend of mine who’s a refiner of gold – he said I can get about 8 ounces out of a ton of cow manure – there’s gold all lover the place – but this particular gold had been designated and agreed upon that that would be in fact the surety for the world’s monetary system. So anybody who is involved with international and so forth has to comply with those systems. That’s what everybody agreed to. Now. So in 1928 they started to implement the Plan Of The Experts I mean it was a pretty rocky go at first but all of a sudden things got out of hand and that was with the fascists with the Nazis, the Axis and so forth and they decided that they wanted whatever so we get into another stupid war: called World War II and that was a further reaching war than the previous war had been – there was more damage done across the planet – whole countries were obliterated and all that kind of thing.

So after World War II again they got together and said how can we fix this problem and as a result of World War II they developed a technique to create fiat currency using gold as the surety for the currency. Now the currency is not redeemable in gold but the currency according to the plan is backed by gold that is a part of the collateral accounts that underwrites all the world’s currencies by agreement. (12:49) It could be anything else, it could be iron, it can be pebbles from the beach.. But anyway they have designated and this is how the system works – I hear a lot of people yammering about collateral accounts and all kinds of stuff all the time – why don’t you just shut up ’cause you don’t know what you’re talking about anyway.

All right so that’s how the system has been created – so the gold is one thing but they just use that as a medium you know to create the currencies that are necessary. Now those global accounts have been severely misused. All the banks of been trying to mirror those accounts they get into illegal trading programs, they create all kinds of derivatives. So those things are all being handled at this time.

I mean Basl 3 is totally enforceable if an auditor goes into a bank, it’s determined they have created this money from illegal trade and so forth they simply wipe it off the books – it’s gone! Now along with that – I don’t know if you want to get into this or not but with the revaluation of the worlds currencies an so forth.

AM: Yeah I would love it sure.

WS: Well I don’t know if I want to get into it I’m not really sure how far your listeners are understanding it –

AM: trust me they’ll understand it.

WS: All right.

AM: (14:14) many of them follow the RV heavily.

WS: Yeah probably, all right. I think that there are generally some misunderstandings about that – not probably there ARE some misunderstandings about that…

AM: (laughs) I was just going to say… definitely.

WS: – and the problem is they haven’t looked at the real reason for the RV. The major purpose – believe it or not folks – the major purpose for the revaluation of the currencies was simply to break the control of the oil cabals on the Middle East. That was their main purpose. And did they accomplish that? And the answer is yes they did.

AM: You’re talking about OPEC?

WS: I’m talking about the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and the Bushes – okay – they had to get the control of the Middle East out of the hands of the cabals, in order to move forward because again you know we haven’t gotten away from fossil fuels yet. That’s still a major factor in our international commerce. (15:21) So the cabals had to be broken. Now that was a main reason for the revaluation was to do that and they did. Secondarily one of the purposes was to link a nation’s currency directly to the gross national product. Now there have been a lot of problems with that – I know the guy that was doing it, he was pulling his hair out, trying to get those things wrapped up. For instance with the Iraqi Dinar at first glance they revalued that currency based on a certain production, and then come to find out that Iraq was only able to produce one third of that amount so now they gotta go in and readjust everything else you see.

There’ve been a lot of crazy things been going on with this. Most people only hear about the currency but the major – major – major – major element was breaking the back of the oil cabals. So question.

AM: Yeah I know and that makes sense because really that’s ruled the planet and I know you mentioned that the dollar is an international currency which was used strictly in the exchange of oil amongst the nations.

WS: Yup

AM: – and I noticed over the last several years, one by one most of the countries are not using the US dollar as the stipulated currency for exchange. What is that indicating to you, other than the obvious.

WS: Let’s take it back a little bit further and this is one of the projects that we had tried to work on which is a necessary thing. I remember watching a short YouTube presentation of Ben Bernanke in front of U.S. Congress and the question they put to him: Do we actually need to have a central bank and he finally said no we don’t –

AM: Ben Bernanke said that?

WS: He said it – but it is with great reluctance I will add, (17:40) but in any event as we look at the international with the problems with the currencies, the biggest problems are in fact the central banks. The central banks, if they operated properly we would have no problem with them but they don’t – they simply manipulate currencies to their own advantage basically raping a country of their natural resources. As I had mentioned the proper relationship of a currency, of a nation’s currency, would be linked directly to their gross national product or other things they might have value such as natural resources.

Now if that currency was under the control of the national treasury and not under the control of the central bank then that would be proper but once you get the central banks in there and they start manipulating the value of currencies for their own purposes then you see the problems that come from it. So, the obvious answer to it is get rid of the central banks. Now, can that be done? Well, we have so far.

AM: Really?

WS: Yeah.

AM: Pray tell.

WS: Oh I will. This is really the thing that started the domino effect in the whole correction in the international. As I had mentioned I had gone and involved myself with the office of international treasury control back in 2010. They gave me certain responsibilities as far as United States mortgages and that kind of thing. Now, so that was in the spring of 2010 and Dr. Dan, the sole…. you know the sole… the main guy, he sent notice all over the United States, United Nations, and everybody of that appointment – which might not have been a smart thing to do, because in the fall of that year they attempted to assassinate him. And I know who did it. Anyway, he didn’t die, right now he’s being guarded closely in a Buddhist monastery I won’t say where (20:08), but you can’t get to them anymore but he still alive and it’s key that he’s still alive. And I’ll just briefly tell you why it’s key that he’s alive because to release any of the heritage funds it takes three signatures and his is one of them.

AM: Awesome, that’s awesome news because I know there’s been a lot of intel on the internet that that does not exist.

WS: I’s all baloney. Anyway, so let’s get back to the situation with the central banks and that is the chief of the cabinet of OITC was an Australian by the name of Keith Scott – now Keith after this incident with the attempted assassination of Dr. Ray C Dan, Keith was also nominated and appointed as the settler for the Soekarno Trust – remember that’s the trust that holds the accounts. So now Keith is in a very prime position. So along about I think it was spring of 2012 Keith had wanted to work on some things and so I jumped on an airplane I hate to go to Asia ’cause it’s such a long ride over there –

AM: It is isn’t it

WS: I’ve gotta get Randy to get me spaceship or something.

AM: (laughs) Hey Randy where are you when we need you?

WS: Anyway – this is just a little inside joke for your listeners – anyway so I jumped on the airplane and met with Keith in Jakarta, where he was staying at that time, and so I asked him I said what’s the problem that you would like to address? He said, well, he said, here’s the deal – he said way back in 1934 or 35 the Federal Reserve Banks had leased 2.4 million metric tons of gold from the owners ’cause they wanted to use that to underwrite the Federal Reserve notes he said and there was a 4% annual fee to be charged for the use of that gold is he said and the only problem is, they haven’t paid that 4% ever.

I said really – this sounds to me to be a good situation to create a commercial lien and so it just so happened I had a copy of my single copy DVD on commercial liens, so I let Keith listen to it and he said he yup that’s what we need to do. And we’ve used commercial liens successfully for a lot of things here in this country over the years. So anyway he said okay let’s get to work on that. So I went to work on it. It actually took me about two days to put it all together, had to do some research but we went and included each and every CEO of all 12 Federal Reserve banks as lien debtors.

Now, as I was looking up the true-bill portion of the lien I asked Keith I said on the 4%, I said how does it specify that it’s to be paid and he said I don’t know but I got a copy of it right here my computer and he looked it up it doesn’t specify and I said good. I said gold was given and gold will be required, so the surety on the true-bill portion of it was written in gold. Now this is key, this is really key, think of this. So for some reason he wants to start the tally – starting in 1961. And I think it has something to do with JFK and the green Hilton agreements, I think.

Anyway, he wanted to start tallying it from ’61 and that gave us 51 years to work with and so I summed up 4% for 51 years and it came out to be twice the amount they had originally agreed to – this is a (??) stuff though. Now – the key to it was that the lien was for gold because if we’d said money they might still just print a whole bunch of it and that’s it but we didn’t want money, we wanted gold, so Keith – as the settler for the Soekarno Trust put – this lien into effect. Now as we were working on that, he was talking to some of his friends in the FBI, the Pentagon & whatnot, and he told them what we were doing, and their comment was “well how soon can you get that done?” (25:22)

AM: Whoa – so you knew you were on track, and this was definitely like a checkmate situation.

WS: Synchronicity – and so anyway, it was kind of funny. I think it was a guy the FBI called him up on that one day and he said Ben Bernanke is threatening to resign in a couple of months, and Keith told him well call him back and tell him he’d better resign today ’cause he ain’t gonna like what’s coming!! So anyway we got it all done. Keith put into effect now here’s the key – the Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank, a private central bank, and was to be re-charted on 1 January 2013. The lien was created in the spring of 2012 for gold, which they could not produce – in consequence of that, the Federal Reserve Banks could not re-charter in 2013.

AM: Right on!!

WS: And so our design was not to destroy the infrastructure – our design was to put the control of the central bank back under the control of the treasury, which is exactly what happened.

AM: WOW!! – So the central bank is still operating, even though it was not able to meet up to that contract?

WS: The central bank is not operating – the U.S. Treasury is operating as the central bank would operate!

AM: Got it!

WS: (27:04) We got that function under the control of the U.S. Treasury

AM: That’s fantastic.

WS: Well, it had to happen, it had to happen. And so after that, Keith did several more against certain European central banks, and a few Asian banks that had been illegally trading on the collateral accounts – what the results of those were I don’t know, I could ask him you know if I ever needed to. But this started a ripple effect, this started a domino effect and then the next year they started up with the RV.

But could they have done – would the RV have had any effect if we hadn’t put a clamp on the Federal Reserve and the answer is probably wouldn’t have. So this is… there are certain pivot points in history, and in our financial history – this lien that we did is a pivot point that would allow other things that happened that prior to that time could not. And so, based on his authority as the settler, on the Soekarno trust, he did that – of course I wrote the paperwork up for it – so I get a merit badge

AM: Oh you get a lot more than a merit badge, trust me – what was the official date on that Winston?

WS: I think, ahh let’s see I have to go back and look at my notes, but I think it was in the spring of 2012, it was prior to, it’s prior to the end of the Mayan calendar.

AM: (28:37) That is so interesting – the reason I say that is because, I get a lot of messages from St. Germain, – yeah – I mean like I’m constantly talking with St. Germain – and I was literally “harassed” I’m going to use that word with parentheses – that’s not really the word but to get Galactic Connection up and running no later than April 1 of 2012.

WS: Great, Great! –

AM: And they said there was some extremely important timing involved.

WS: Indeed there was, yeah.

AM: So just to hear that for me is like WOW!!

WS: We had done some preemptive work in 2011, if you’d like me to explain some of the preemptive stuff we had done –

AM: Sure, please do!

WS: We’re going to have to go esoteric on this one.

AM: Good ’cause I like that.

WS: It’s gonna to be metaphysical. All right, as I had mentioned we went and did that seminar in London in 2009, and prior to that time I had been emailing with a lady who lived in England who was in fact The Queen of the Fairies. She’s an incarnate fairy, but she’d left Ireland on account of a threat on her life, but she’s living in England but when I was communicating with her, she didn’t live that far away from London. So I said, hey, we’ll be done with a seminar on Monday, if you come visit on Tuesday before we leave, I really appreciate it. She said okay I’ll come.

(30:10) And so anyway she did – she came and spent a day with us, and we had a chance to visit and make friends, and all those kind of things. And then she told me later on, as she was anticipating not coming, she said Germain physically came and drug her out of bed. He said you get on down there. You know he comes into physicality sometimes, she said he’s come into physicality, several times around her. All right so – he usually don’t.

So anyway though, after the London thing you know she and I had emailed back and forth and over a period of time we had developed you know a friendship, then she opened up to me and demonstrated she is also a very powerful shaman – I mean, I could tell you stories about that – but in any event, when I was over there in 2009, that would be like September 2009, we took a tour you know and went up in the observatory – we saw the prime meridian, you know how it’s – they got a little brass plate in the ground – they got that prime meridian running through there and so I got – I looked down, I looked down at the thing, and sure enough, the prime meridian runs right through the City of London.

Now, people that don’t know the difference – there’s the City of London and then there’s London, right. The City of London is what we talked about a while ago about history. So, I realized that the City of London was in control of that timeline. And it’s an artificial timeline which means that the start and stop of commerce are artificially created. (Winston rubs his chin and says) Hmmm, so what do you think about that for a while?

AM: Awesome.

WS: (31:51) Well along about 2011, I’m communicating with this lady and by that time I learned just about how powerful she was ’cause she had demonstrated it to me in several ways and so I asked her I said “are you capable – of moving the prime meridian over to the Dragon Rose Line?” Now the Dragon Rose Line is the one that’s in that da Vinci code movie with Dan Brown and Tom Hanks running around and all that kinda stuff. OK so it’s not very far over there, from there in England. Get that in France a little bit, be a little bit further away … the contour of the earth. I said – can you move that over there? She said “yup!!” And I said “well, move it!!!” And she said “okay!” And she told me that when she does things on the ether it generally takes about three days to materialize in the physical world, so I wasn’t expecting anything.

But anyway the next day on Skype, she was hot to get me on Skype. You know she said. “I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it,”, I said what’s that? She said, “if I hadn’t been watching. I wouldn’t seen it but from about eight o’clock in the morning to about three in the afternoon the time – stood – still!” Because that line was moving over to the Rose Line! And she anchored it over there so it can’t be moved back. So after that I said hey, you know, I was kind of interested in what would happen, so I said how about going and taking a look at the boys over in the City of London see how they took all that?

She said “no, I can’t do that, she said if I open it up, they’ll attack me”. But she did have a friend who was a psychic, as a matter of fact this lady was a psychic to Princess Di – Diana, and she remote viewed it. She remote viewed the City of London and the Vatican and she said “Oh, they’re all running around in circles” so I knew it worked. And so as a precursor to some of these other corrections that have been in operation – Mmm-Hmm – I think that taking control of the start and stop of commerce was instrumental and so, so we did that in 2011

AM: That’s fantastic. And of course if you affect the timeline in the City of London you’re also affecting the Vatican – the city of the Vatican, and you’re affecting Washington DC.

WS: They know who did it, they know who did it.

AM: That’s huge, because that’s the Vatican’s stronghold you know?

WS: Yeah, they don’t like me very much, but there ain’t nothing they can do about it. I got, I got – St. Germain’s got my back!

AM: I actually can heavily relate because I’ve done a lot of timeline work except the timeline work that my husband and I did in 2013, it was across the United States, and it had everything to do with Atlantis and the blue crystals and all that stuff. And very much to do with the indigenous people which I thought was interesting when I was looking through your information that really ultimately, what we are also attempting to do is cast out that – what do you say – that assumption that the British, or the law could come in and take the land away from the indigenous – right? You know what I mean, that was one of the core travesties!

WS: (35:37) Well, I’ll give you an update on that too. One of the Cherokee war chiefs has gone back under treaty now and taken the land patent {back} on 44 states.

AM: Right on!

WS: And moving forward, one of the land areas that he’s taken the land patent back – a lot of this has been signed off by the Queen by the way – but anyway, one of the areas that he’s taken the land patent is wash –well, we have Washington DC.

AM: Wow –

WS: There’s a few things that he’s anticipating doing – for instance, he’s gonna tell the boys in DC “Well, you guys have been occupying our land all this time – you have not paid rent, here’s your bill – if you don’t pay up – we’re gonna come and foreclose on your buildings.” That oughta be a fun thing!

AM: Far out.

WS: Yeah – so there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes, and the only reason I know about it – is because I’m involved in it. There a lot of other things going on I don’t know about

AM: Yeah

WS: So what I do experience and what I do participate in, I’m happy to share – for the most part – there’s some things…….

AM: (36:51) Winston, here’s a question and I’m sure this is burning in a lot of the people there listening to this – in their minds – and that is are you familiar with Karen Hudes and are you familiar with Wolfgang Struck?

WS: Yeah, I know those names, but I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to them.

AM: ‘Cause I was just curious – he claims to be one of the only ones that can actually sign off on the gold and that sort of thing. – Yeah

WS: No – the gold has owners. He may be an owner of some of that gold I don’t know – but Karen is certainly not. But anyway, when you talk about the whole amount of the collateral accounts, there are many owners of it and those owners have those registered accounts within Soekarno Trust – so if Wolfgang has something, I don’t know – he may have for all I know but he certainly doesn’t own all of it. I mean, that’s ridiculous.

But based on using that gold is the surety then all those accounts were created across the planet which housed or are the accounts where the heritage funds are located and in order to release those funds – ’cause it’s all under treaty – it takes the signatures of three individuals – two of whom – well, Ray Dan I know – the second one I know about is the one they called Grandfather who is the Jade Emperor – he’s probably 3 or 400 years old – I think I know who the third one is, but I’m not sure, but it takes those three signatures to release any of the funds of the heritage funds. And if those three signatures are not there – it ain’t gonna happen!

AM: (38:55) So how does this ambassador fit in – that talks all the time. I heard about him

WS: As far as I know he doesn’t fit into that scenario.

AM: At all?

WS: I’ve listened to him. You’re talking about -what’s his name

AM: He’s from China – what is his name – I can’t even think of it – isn’t that weird –

WS: No, I’m not thinking about the same one then. Who was the Ambassador, Ambassador who? –

AM: No, he just goes by the name – The Ambassador. But he represents the Royal Asian family – Dragon families.

WS: Which Dragon family, there’s about 60 of them?

AM: Yeah – I think he talks about – it’s been a while since I’ve listened to it, but I think it was the White Dragons, you know

WS: There’s the green ones, the red ones, the white ones, the blue ones – there’s all kinds of Dragon families and their not all in harmony with each other either, but again – it’s not the Dragon families that control the heritage accounts nor the gold. (39:56) They do not have control of those things. Never did have – so all this chatter about the Dragons doing this and the Dragons doing that – if they’re doing it with their own assets, they may be able to accomplish what they say, which I would be very much in favor of, but they don’t have the ability to access the collateral accounts, nor the gold, nor the heritage funds. Those things are just as I have explained them.

AM: I think it’s very frustrating for people because they’re trying to follow this story, which to me is literally historical – probably one of the most important stories out there today – nobody knows what really to follow and believe.

WS: Well, don’t follow and believe any of it. Go to work Monday morning and carry on your business as usual. When I went to Cambodia and met with Dr. Dan, he showed me documents up to a certain security level, and he said I can’t show you anything above that, you’re not cleared to see it! And I said “not a problem, I’ve seen enough, you don’t need to show me anything more.” And so some of the things that we talk about, we simply will not know about them, but what we have to do though is look at the effect – what has happened. For instance, I worked with Keith on those liens – my security level is here and Keith’s is up here somewhere (indicates high and low with his hands). I don’t know what he knows, I really don’t. I don’t know what he’s been exposed to. If I want to know something I can usually ask him and he’ll tell me, or he’ll tell me is none of your business, and I break it right off. It’s none of my business –

AM: Right

WS: (41:54) If It’s not – he’ll tell me – he said I can’t tell you that, and I said okay, not a problem. You know, I try to do my job. And if everybody will do their job, and I think everything will work out okay.

AM: Well, and you have to admit – there’s just been an awful lot of, and I’m going to use the word factions around the whole gold – do you you know Neil Keenan? – ahhh yeah – and that debacle, so…… Anyway, back to you now you mentioned something very interesting about the King James Bible and the fact that that was used both in the church and the courts – so I think it’s interesting how there has been such an emphasis placed on separation of church and state –

WS: (short laugh) – okay –

AM: And I’m wondering is that of an advantage when we’re talking like – religiously – instituting church?

WS: I’m not sure what your question is –

AM: Well,……. Obviously, if we carry in the divinity, and like you said the metaphysicality behind this – I’ve heard you say and you get into some of this really meaty stuff and you like “listen guys it’s not, it’s not where you open up a manual, it’s more of an art form, you talked about that.

WS: yeah, yeah

AM: And I’m wondering is it good to have separation of church and state like we’ve been led to believe? Is there such a thing?

WS: (43:36) The problem that we suffer with is because we talk with words. That’s the problem. Now if – if we get past talking and get into telepathic communication, those concepts will not cause a controversy. But right now because we’re using words to describe our thoughts – that’s the problem and so when we are two years old and we finally start using words – we forget how to communicate telepathically and so there is no reasonable answer that I can get to that using words, but when we get past the point where we are restricting our ability to think because we think in words, I don’t think that’s going to be a controversy.

AM: Good point – now getting back to the authentication again. I had a friend who actually went through a process where they rescinded their Social Security number.

WS: Can’t be done.

AM: They went through this whole process – I don’t know if you know Keith Anderson – way back when – he was a constitutional, I think he was an attorney. But anyway and he ended up losing the right to travel – out of the country.

WS: And so what your question is….

AM: Well, my point is that was another presentation on how to extract yourself from the system.

WS: Okay (45:18) Back around 2000, during that period of time, there was a great deal of excitement about what’s known as “expatriation”

AM: Yes.

WS: Now – and it’s provided for – Lincoln provided, when the 14th amendment came out, Lincoln did provide for expatriation from that status. All right so it’s written right in there. There is always a remedy. Now of course that was back in the day when they were involved in hard money. And so you get into a soft-money or fiat currency like what we call it in today’s situation, then you got to work a little bit differently.

And so for those who were trying to avail themselves of the statutory expatriation, they failed – because – one of the provisions now is that in order to expatriate, you cannot leave behind a debt!

AM: Ohhhh

WS: So, those efforts at expatriation failed – at least – on that basis. Now, a moment ago you used the word rescind – okay look up the definition, in order to rescind a signature – it has to have the agreement of both parties. The proper word to use would be revoke. Because if you discover fraud then you can revoke your signature from any contract. So again, we go right straight to “Fraud by Omission” as a justification to revoke your signature from that SS 5 form.

(47:09) Also another way that is provided for by Social Security is SS 521 form, which is “Request for Withdrawal of Application”. So there are two ways you can accomplish that. Now the reason why that we have addressed this problem from two different directions, which is the public and the private – is that on the public side to avoid those problems that those who were attempting to expatriate ran into and that was the problem was they had a debt

All Right, so what we/re doing on the public side is what’s known as “Assignment of Reversionary Interest” which is – in essence what we’re doing – because we are construed as the trustee, because of that SS 5 form were going to assign that position to someone else, in particular, to the secretary of the United States Department of the Treasury. That’s all statutory.

That’s on the statutory side. So again, what we’re doing basically is taking the birth certificate, where the name is written in all capital letters, we’re doing that acceptance for value on that with an endorsement and putting it on the UCC financing statement, and assigning it – by statute – to the secretary of the US Department of Treasury, along with a cover letter explaining what it is we’re doing. Now, in essence, what that does it relieves me of the responsibility of acting as the Trustee for the all capital letter title that’s on the birth certificate.

(49:24) Okay? It’s called “Transfer of Liability” – we do it all the time. I mean it’s nothing new, transfer of liability has technically been used for a very long time. So – so now who is the responsible party for whatever debt is attributed to that all capital letter name. “Well it’s the secretary – not me” So could I expatriate from that point if I wanted to? Well, yeah ’cause there is no debt at that point. Right, but rather than use the term expatriate, we would rather still be able to function within the system to our advantage instead of our disadvantage.

AM: Exactly

WS: So then we come back in with the authentication process and reclaim the ownership of the body, we get our status changed from a US Citizen into a NON-RESIDENT ALIEN. Then you just keep on doing whatever you want to do. I mean it don’t change anything in your life – except that I would suspect at some point that that will filter down to NCIC. (50:29) NCIC is the national – whatever it is – but you know when you get pulled over by a policeman and he wants to know what your name is and he goes back and runs your name on his computer that’s called the NCIC – (??) warrants and stuff. But like this one friend – like I said he had a bail bondsman friend look his name up on all files that a bail bondsman has, and let me tell you that they can look at most anything. He come back and said, “your strawman doesn’t exist.”

AM: Amazing

WS: So what would happen if a policeman came up and said okay, what’s your name – first off, I never use a driver’s license – I don’t do that. I mean, I just use my passport for identification, and I don’t fight with them – “here’s my passport look at that” – he say “you don’t have a driver’s license.” And I said “of course not what would I need something like that for?” “Here is my passport ” (51:16)

They go run my name. So what happens when they go back and run your name and you don’t exist? That means you’re not in their jurisdiction. Can they give you a ticket if they can’t demonstrate that you’re in their jurisdiction?, and the answer is no, they can’t. Now for those who are familiar with what’s called MSO for vehicles, Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin, that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re creating a duplicate MSO on our body! The original is held by the depositories trust Company. And I can guarantee you they’re not going to come out and contest it.

AM: Exactly

WS: (51:52) We’re creating duplicate ownership – we’re giving notice to the proper parties – they’re adjusting the status. Now, instead of being enemies of the state now we’re AMERICAN NATIONALS. We’re here to do good and stop all this meanness that everybody’s doing.

AM: Any implications on world travel, once you go there?

WS: Nope, as a matter of fact I haven’t gone to do it yet, but having done this process – I should be able to go to the passport agency and get an American National passport.

AM: That’s what I was going to ask next. I know there’s a passport and there’s like a paper that you can get now.

WS: Well, you want a passport.

AM: Instead of that?

WS: Well I don’t know what the paper is but the American National Passport is actually a better passport then a diplomatic passport.

AM: Really? I’ve looked into the diplomatic passport, that was pretty good.

WS: Yeah. (52:66) . The first guy that showed me this was back – I don’t know was back in about 2001 or something like that. He went and got – he got it on a different basis – I think he had gotten it on the basis that he was traveling Christian minister or something like that – anyway, he got the red passport and he was a roofing contractor and he had taken a bid on a roof on a military base. And when he showed up at the guard shack there at the military base, he presented his red passport – whereas the rest of the crew showed their drivers licenses. And he said when he was on that base,- he said he always had an armed guard to protect him.

AM: Whoa!

WS: They didn’t care about them only other yayhoos – they just go do whatever they wanted to on a military base, but he said he always had an armed guard. He said they had to protect him.

AM: Wow – and this is the American National Passport.

WS: Yeah. Now this brings up another issue and that is – if you change your status from US citizen – that’s the enemy to the state – to an American National, or a Non-Resident Alien, how will the military look at you?

AM: Good question – yeah are they there to protect and serve you is what you’re asking.

WS: (54:11) That’s it, that’s what I’m trying to say. See every once in a while we run into a certain problem and so we would go to the military – for instance we would take a habeas corpus to the military – the provost marshal, and their standard reply was “We cannot help you at this time.” We kept saying “well, what would be the right time”? I think we just found it – we just found it. See we’re not come to the military as enemies, we’re coming to them as Non-Resident Aliens, American Nationals, who they have the responsibility to protect against the civil government.

AM: Now have you checked that out with the military?

WS: We started to. A couple of guys helped do this, we went down to Port Irwin in California and I don’t think they followed up – anyway but we went to the front gate, to the reception center and we talked to them and they said, what do you want, we said we need to talk to the Provost Marshal. They said about what and we said about private matters and they said just wait here and so in a little while, a couple of MPs came out. One was a staff sergeant and the other one was kind of a low- ranking….ahh –

They said what do you want – so we showed them the authentication papers that we had done at that point, which was only just part of what I just got done telling you about a minute ago, so we show them that you know and he said well what is it that you need? And we said “Well we’re here on a private matter” and the conversation flip-flopped real quick.

I mean the attitude of the MPs did a complete 180. And so you know, basically what we told the MP was – we just need to talk to…. We don’t have a problem presently, but we think there might be problems in the future. We just want to make ourselves acquainted with the Provost and make him acquainted with us. So in the event we have any kind of difficulties, he’ll know what it’s about when we come (56:18) . He said “okay I’ll pass the information on” and then I had to leave California so I don’t think they followed up. They may have, I don’t know – but it would be a good idea. Now I did talk this process through to a retired Army doctor, and she was having some problems with the civil government, and I said – look, do this process, because she as an officer, she can go bring a charge and a courts martial, I don’t need the Provost, and so if any of you… You know there’s a lot to this – there’s a lot to this business that needs to be looked into – tried here and there, and so forth and if some go out and work on this and have some things to report, I’d be happy to hear about it.

AM: I’ll bet. In the authentication process, what is the general lead-time of how long that it normally takes?

WS: If you get moving pretty fast on it, you can probably get it done easily in two weeks.

AM: No Way!

WS: Let me tell you how I did it, okay. So I was in Oregon. I was originally from Kentucky, so I got on the telephone and the called the state registrar and I said, here’s what I need and he gave me a website and he said if you go to this website, they’ll deliver the long form birth certificate into my hands, and he said once I get it I’ll taken over to the Secretary of State and get it authenticated and get back in the mail to you. So I did that and it took maybe 3 or 4 days and I had that authentication document back in my hands along with the certified long form birth certificate. Now in my case there’s a fellow we use back in DC who was a courier.

So I called the courier and said, hey I am in a hurry for this and he said okay send it to me FedEx – overnighted to me FedEx, with the return FedEx, and when I get it I’ll take it to the Secretary of State’s office over here, and in two days I’ll go and get it and send it back to to you FedEx. So, you know, you’re looking at four or five days for that. Then to accomplish some of the other things took a little bit longer time – in other words, we had to create the affidavits of ownership, UCC financing statements, and get those things recorded.

And then once we get almost things recorded, we sent off a copy of that to the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue – so if you’re really fast, like I say you could get it done in two weeks. Just because of the time it takes – let’s say for instance you live real close to your state capital or whatever – you can walk it in. I walked in plenty of documents to the Secretary of State’s office in the state. This courier is pretty fast for DC then these other things you have to accomplish might take a little bit longer.

AM: (59:10) That’s amazing. So now getting back to the birth certificate which you said – I think you said it was – if your name is written in all Caps – you’re either a US vessel, a corporation, a dead person or all of the above. – Right? – Yup – okay, so the birth certificate applies to that because they always write your name – a lot of times…..don’t they?

WS: Well, different states do it different ways, I’ve found variations on all that. In my particular case, in Kentucky if I get a birth certificate – the name is in all capital letters. If I get a long form birth certificate, which is on the document, it says certificate of live birth and in my case I was born in 1948, and so they didn’t have computers or anything, so the application was written out in cursive and signed in cursive, so what they did, they went and did a – what do you call that – microfilm – they went and microfilmed it, and so when they got the long form – what I requested, a long form, they simply took the microfilm image, and printed it onto a bond paper.(1:00:30) So in my case, there’s two different things

AM: It’s funny, I was born Kentucky.

WS: You were? –

AM: And my birth certificate it in cursive.

WS: Yeah –

AM: Upper and lowercase letters. Of course the hospital is not even around anymore.

WS: I thought you were kinda like a hillbilly –

AM: (big laugh) I act just like a hillbilly – huh?

WS: Yeah

AM: He’s looking at me in a strange way.

WS: Well you won’t admit to where you’re born at.

AM: Hey my dad was in the military and he was flying jets right around the corner so…..

WS: All right, okay. So you not true hillbilly, you’re just a transplanted hillbilly.

AM: I don’t remember much about it.

WS: I’m a bona fide hillbilly – bona fide.

AM: Hey, I did live a lot of the time in Georgia, North Carolina, Texas .

WS: Okay well we’ll accept you then.

AM:So I got some of that southern belle stuff in me.

WS: There you go.

AM: Now one other thing that would just be unfortunate, because you’ve shared so much information – I want you to definitely go over this – I think it is so key for people – is that you feel that there is evidence that the arrests are going down – and you have a fascinating description as to – again, the verbiage of arrest, and how that correlates with the legal implications. And you were talking about – it goes all the way back to the Civil War, and you went into this whole thing about the military, and the Pentagon. Can you talk to the audience a little bit about that?

WS: I’m trying to figure out what the question is.

AM: I just wanted you to review why you feel that there is evidence that the arrests are taking place behind closed doors.

WS: (1:02:36) Well, the word arrest means “to prevent something from moving forward.”

AM: okay.

WS: and so when we say we go and do an arrest, what that means is we stop an individual from whatever activity he was involved in. Does that mean that they will be put into jail, with handcuffs – behind bars and all those kind of things? Sometimes it does, and sometimes it does not. In many instances, some of those who are arrested, are simply tracked with ankle bracelets or they’ll have someone to go with them, everywhere they go. Now this is not uncommon, because when we get into some of those higher situations where somebody’s signature is needed on documents, or they have pertinent information that is needed to accomplish certain things – it would be stupid to put them behind bars or put them in front of a firing squad. Yet.

AM: Yeah, yeah good point.

WS: When you start talking about ongoing arrests – yes, there is ongoing arrests, but what is the condition of that arrest – you know, some of the ones who have actually been arrested – they did have handlers following them around all the time. They’re not, they’re not security guards – they’re there to make sure they do the right thing, and if they don’t they will stop them from it. When they say cross that T, or dot that I, that’s what they’ll do.

AM: mmm, hmmm

WS: (1:04:14) So, when people start talking about arrests, they think about you know – Deputy Dog and throwing them in the Calaboose, and all that kinda stuff.

AM: (laughs) – Deputy Dog

WS: Well, I mean that’s the kind of attitude you know or Wyatt Earp or Marshall Dillon or whatever. That’s what people generally think of – but the word arrest means “to prevent someone from doing something that they’re previously doing.” And then the question is what should you do with them and that depends on who they are. What is their significance? As a matter of fact, I knew for a long time – years ago, the guy that was the president of HSBC Hong Kong – he was wearing an ankle bracelet.

AM: Mmmm

WS: They had to keep track of that guy – they wouldn’t let him do anything more that was wrong, but they had to be sure that he was on hand in case his signature or something was needed. You see. So people have to start thinking about the concept of arrest, because you better add those other factors in there, or it won’t make any sense to you, what’s really going on.

AM: (1:05:25) Right – well, and I think you just made it very clear that the US military is an occupational government unto itself.

WS: Sure.

AM: And I think in that interview, you were making it very clear that the military is a very key ingredient in us moving forward, you know in being able to reach the point where we’re trying to become sovereign, and as you were saying release the heritage funds and that kind of thing.

WS: Yeah – it’s gonna take a little while, like I say we’ve had such a hard time, you know in the past – it’s gonna take a little time you know for the key people to get in there and get it fixed up. I mean, you know, I’m not a key people, I’m just a foot soldier that’s all I am. I don’t know how to do all those things that would be necessary – I don’t know about political science, I don’t know about bureaucracy, I mean why would they call on me to go do those things, see? But some of the people listening to this interview – you may have those kind of abilities. I mean some of you probably are well versed in business and banking and all kinds of things.

AM: Absolutely.

WS: So certainly you would be the ones that would fix the problems in those areas, and so forth. Like I say – I have serious limitations – for what little bit I do know, there’s all this other out here, and so we have to call on other people, you know to work these things through

AM: Hey, the thing is Winston and you’re doing your bit, and you doing an important bit.

WS: Yeah.

AM: I mean, that’s all that matters. We all play a very specific role. You know the other thing that’s been a big question mark is, what is your opinion of the International Court of Justice? And how much power and authority do they play – aren’t they a branch of the United Nations?

WS: (01:07:26) Are you talking about the ICC in France? – They’re a waste of time – first off, it will take you two years to even get anything to their attention. If they’ll even consider it. Don’t waste your time with them.

AM: Who created that?

WS: Ahh I don’t really know what, I don’t really care. Sometimes well -I’m not sure about the ICC but I do know that the World Court was a part of the Plan Of The Experts.

AM: Okay, that’s what I was wondering.

WS: That may have come as a results of other things – I’m not really familiar with their history, but I do know that some have attempted to get issues before the ICC and it’s a two-year waiting list, if they’ll consider it. So it’s not really a court of justice, it’s just another bureaucracy.

AM: Okay, because I was – I know that that’s been presented on the internet as something that brings attention to the treason and the atrocities that have been decided upon by people like Bush, Cheney, etc. So I was wondering if there was any, you know, clout in that?

WS: I wouldn’t think so but, well, you don’t know until you try. And I suppose I shouldn’t try to discourage anybody from pursuing that. But my experience has been, there is a faster way to get results.

AM: Yup and then the other thing is – I mean I’m coming to a close here because I know you but a really cool staying on longer than we expected, but I was wondering if you could just clarify for the audience. One of the biggest things that I learned when I went to a financial seminar, was they said to me “if you receive a piece of correspondence from any agency, it is just a correspondence and a request for payment. It has no…… teeth to it.

WS: Okay let me address that real quick. Since 1947, we’ve been operating with what’s known as the Administrative Procedures Act – okay – and yeah it does have meaning, and that is – one of the principles of Admiralty Law is that failure to respond is fatal and that’s why we always say answer the mail, and so if you get something in the mail, somebody may be starting an administrative process on you and you may end up with serious results, so we always tell everybody answer the mail.

Even in if you’re just writing back and say thanks for your correspondence, “I don’t agree with anything you said.” And send it back to them. Okay. Because with the Administrative Procedures Act, and so forth – many of the attorneys understand that very well – the IRS understands it real well. (1:10:36) Banks understand it real well too – you know, people say Winston, I’m going into foreclosure sale here – I said really what happened?

They told me everything, and I said today did they record a notice of default with your County recorder? They said yeah they did, and I said how long ago and they said 60 or 90 days ago, and I said really? I said what did you do about that and they said – nothing – and I said, there’s your problem. They told what was going on and you didn’t object to it.

And so again they just keep chopping away administratively until they get what they want. We do the same thing – I do the same thing all the time to them, but if something comes, respond to it if it has money involved in it. If there are numbers on the page then that’s what’s called a presentment – a presentment for money, and so yeah they are demanding payment in some form, which is what we would call soft currency.

So we turn it into hard currency with a technique known as “acceptance for value.” We don’t have time to go over that today but that’s a whole nother technology in and of itself, but to answer your question for the circumstance you bring up there, if the correspondence does not involve itself with money – still respond, just write back and say, “thanks for your correspondence – I don’t agree with anything you have to say.” Sign it and send it back to them.

(1:12: 07) If it involves money, then you very well might want to start studying up on the concepts of “acceptance for value.” Because that’s how we turn soft currency into hard currency, with the bill of exchange, and so, and so it goes back again to our conversation about the old and the New Testament where you get into the New Testament concept of operation of law.

You see, since 1933, we are in operation under public policy, and our public policy is international private law. Okay, so when we start talking about acceptances and all these kinds of things – using bills of exchange, etc. etc. you’re kind of into a new world in negotiable instruments that most people don’t even realize exist. So yeah respond to it, one way or the other.

AM: So there’s no credence in the claim that if there’s no way to track that it arrived at your house because it was sent in regular mail and not registered to your name – there’s no credence in that – you still should respond to it?

WS: Well would you get up in court and lie and say it didn’t get there?

AM: Well no.

WS: Well, there you go. If it got there, do something about it.

AM: okay – “well, there you go.” That’s the point – (Alexandra laughing) okay, well there’s just so many things I could ask you about, but ahhh one last thing, which is a really hot topic is the bonds, and I had somebody asking me to ask you, they have been following some information that Sean David Morton put out, and apparently he claims that he’s come to peace with the certain agencies by setting himself up with a bond, and when they sentence him he just basically tells the judge he’s using the bond to pay it off, and it works. And the guy is questioning why is it working for him and not for other people?

WS: (1:14:16) Okay. I need at least a half an hour –

AM: (laughs) Okay

WS: – to establish a foundation to make a reasonable answer to that question. However, first off, a bond is not a negotiable instrument – it’s an insurance policy for a negotiable instrument. Now I have talked to Sean about this situation – some of it seems like it goes through pretty good and the other thing seems like it does not, and so I had a few suggestions for him on how to handle some of those situations where it did not, but a bond is not money like it – see – in negotiable instruments there’s only two things – it’s a note, or it’s a draft, and a bond is neither. It’s an insurance policy for a note, for a discharge. It’s a guarantee, it’s a surety and so forth.

(1:15:18) And so apparently they’re taking, in some instances, they’re taking that bond and they’re monetizing the bond to adjust the account. That’s the only way I can see that they using that bond because the bond itself is not a negotiable instrument. As an example, a friend of mine, I think he had an IRS lien for $750,000 – he just took and sent them a copy of his birth certificate because the birth certificate is right there on bond paper and they did – they just went and, zeroed out that $750,000 just on the basis of him giving him that bond / birth certificate, so in some cases it appears that Sean’s process has worked, in other cases it has not. So there needs to be some work done on that, but my preference in particular – again, you have to get into the discussion of what kind of debt is it? For instance, I think he’s tried to use some of those with mortgages and it seemed like some of them worked and some of them didn’t, but when you get into what we call private side hard money circumstances, then you run into difficulties. If you’re working on the public side with public money it would be much easier.

As a matter of fact, bonds work real good with the IRS. I mean it’s right here in the statutes and things so – sometimes like I say, a lot of these questions come up because of lack of information, lack of knowledge. You know people haven’t had the exposure to some of these negotiable instruments and so forth, so when things happen it becomes somewhat of a mystery to them.

AM: mmm, hmmm –

WS: And I’ll give you a perfect example. This one lady, she called me up and she asked me if she could do an ‘accepted for value’ on a car loan, and I said I guess you could – you could try, you could send it to the IRS, but I knew the IRS was backed up clean to – whenever. So I said yeah you can do it, I don’t know what will happen so she went and did the acceptance for value on the car loan, and sent it off to Ogden. And I don’t know, about two or three months later she called me up and said hey – the DMV just sent me a new title. I said really? She said why did they do that I said I don’t know I said turn it over on the back and see if there’s any lien holders. She turned it on its back and said no there’s no lien holders, and I say well, you just got a clean title apparently you’re excepted for value worked, and she had no idea – she had no idea what was going on.

AM: Wow

WS: (1:18:10) So I told her I said look, go sell that car immediately. She said why I got it all paid off. I said I can guarantee you some – what do you call them – where they bring out the tow truck and all that stuff. I said I guarantee you that somebody’s gonna try and come get that. I said you got a clean title. I said go sell it or trade it in for another car, you get rid of that title because there will be somebody after it. I’ve seen it happen more than once. You get in all these crazy things you know – people would try something, or they use was Sean’s bonds, or use acceptance for value and always kind of things and either something good happens, or something bad happens. And after everything is said and done, the party that actually utilizes the things has no idea what happened.

And so people really should study and learn, if they want to pursue some of these things. Just don’t listen to me on some kind of interview or something like that you know. Get some educational material, study it. And I always warn people too – not to be doing big things, certainly if it’s your first go around – I always tell people, “one small success is a lot better than 100 big failures”, so don’t be biting off more than you can chew.

I had a guy call me at one time on the telephone. I said what your problem and he said well I’m having all these problems in court, he said the bank’s after me and all kinds of stuff and I said well what did you try to do and he said I try to liquidate a credit union – (Alexandra breaks down laughing) so my next question was “who gave you my phone number?” I said lose it

AM: That’s funny.

WS: He – he really didn’t…. He was ill-prepared to even attempt to – that’s something that even I wouldn’t try to do. First of all I could do it, but it’s too much trouble, but here’s a guy that hasn’t had an opportunity to really learn about things, and he’s out here trying to liquidate a credit union, and they come down here and beat him bloody – they took his house, they took his car, his wife divorced him. Hey man why would you do something like that? And so my caution to people is, unless your back is against the wall – don’t do radical things – don’t do that.

Now these things we’ve talked about today I’m not radical things, they’re simple administrative processes and procedures, and so forth, but some of these other more radical things, these elements that we discussed today here, especially with the authentication will put you into a better position to facilitate some of these operations because like I said, we have a rolled this authentication process, you know – where you own your body, to where you could own your house. A lot of people think they go and buy a house – no you don’t – you are purchasing a lien position on the title, that’s all you are doing.

AM: Correct, correct.

WS: But is it possible that you could own your house in the same way that I just showed you could own your body and the answer is yes, there’s just a couple more things that we certainly will be presenting at the upcoming event, so that’s one of the things I’m really excited about because, again in 2010, I was sent with the commission, to go fix this stupid mortgage problem.

AM: (01:21:52) That’s awesome – I remember when I was studying this stuff you had to have 21 pieces of silver.

WS: Yeah yeah, well – that don’t work too good. Anyway, like I say, after everything is said and done, there’s a lot to learn. It turns into an art form and people should not be discouraged at just how much there is to learn – just go slowly for crying out loud. Learn one thing and build on it I mean I’ve been at this for 17 years now – 17 years and I can have these kind of conversations

AM: Yeah

WS: But what did it take to get me, that I can sit here and have this conversations – see, it took a whole lot, and most people don’t have that much time and so we’ve tried to streamline the education so it doesn’t take you 17 years to where you can learn how to operate….

AM: And I do want to point out to the audience that if you go up to Winston’s website, which has got a ton – I mean a ton of DVDs right? CDs and DVDs .

WS: Transcripts

AM: I mean everything from Breaking the Mind Control, Court as Executor of Your Estate – King James Revisited, Navigating Criminal Court, Postal Technology, Realizing Tort Claims – I mean guys, there’s a lot of good stuff up here for day to day living processes that we all need to know about and he’s done a lot of the work and his prices are very reasonable for the immense amount of work and time that he has put into it. Here’s one on Accepted For Value series that we sort of got into today. Foundational Understanding – Making The Claim. Just go up there and check it out – Traffic Tickets Revealed, that’s kind of what I was getting to –

WS: Oh yeah

AM: I was wondering about traffic tickets – so uhhh I know that Winston also recommends highly that people go and read up on certain things, such as the such as the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), Admiralty Law, Merchant Law, he even said 1857 Negotiable Instruments Law, history of the City of London, the Knights Templar banking, maxims of commerce, and I threw in there the Blacks Law dictionary. You know you need some tools and if you’re going to dive into this and you’re going to really get serious, it’s just like anything else that you’ve done. You’re just going to keep creating and collecting kind of a library of information, so we just want make sure that we provide you that information. I highly, highly recommend the venue to be able to experience Winston’s information up at ECETI with James Gilliland, and our galactic brothers and sisters so again check that out. That is September 4th through the 7th, possibly, if you need a private consult with Winston and again, you are going to go up to privateinvitation@eceti.com. And Winston, was there anything else that you wanted to leave everybody with?

WS: Well, if people are listening to this, are kind of new and this is something you haven’t heard much about (1:25:13) I would suggest the single topic DVD on the website Foundational Understanding. I try to put that in such a way that it’s not real technical even though there’s a little bit of technology I do bring into it but yet you have to have some place to start. So I wouldn’t suggest some of complicated things if you’re not familiar with some of these foundational issues and so forth. But the Foundational Understanding, The Strawman Trilogy is really good for people. (1:25:49) Everything springs from the strawman so forth, so if you’re just… if this is new to you across the planet where you’re at go and take a look at those things first, before you contemplate some of these other – you know some of the seminars, I advertise them as advanced technology, and some of them are. Then some of the others bring in different elements and everything, but this one we’re going to do up here at ECETI, I would suppose that several of those people attending that might be kind of new to the information. So that’s why I wanted to do the history. I want them to learn about money, I want them to learn about some of these other things before we launch off into that final icing on the cake as I call it because it’s not really technical but if you don’t have the foundational understanding, then it gets a bit difficult.

AM: Yeah.

WS: And so we are not trying to confuse people – we are not trying to put things in over your head – and so some need to build up to that just a little bit. And so that’s what we try to do.

AM: (1:26:55) Well, hey, I just want to thank you – I thank you for staying just a little bit later because it was so much to review. I could ask more questions. For all of you out there please feel free, if you want another interview with Winston, please supply me some questions and we’ll do some Q&A in the future with him – I think he loves that kind of stuff – (short laugh)

WS: That’s what I’m here for.

AM: That’s what he is here for, and again, do not forget to visit his website at wssic.com, which stands for Winston Shrout’s Solutions in Commerce.com. You can also check out – which we didn’t get to get into today which is exocommerce.net and maybe next time we can go into that where he is combining all of this with the galactic realm. Thank you so much. Thank you for what you’re doing for humanity. It’s really truly an honor to work with you today

WS: Okay great. Did you have a good time?

AM: I did – this is some meaty stuff, and I’ve delved into this quite heavily, in my past. So I enjoyed it! So we just want everyone to take care and stay tuned. We will be presenting this on YouTube, Vimeo, and also BBS radio tomorrow. Wait – for two Tuesdays in a row – okay, so everybody God Bless. Check out GalacticConnection.com and we’ll see you on the other side! Talk you soon. Lots of love!!

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