Thanks to Raissa for this perfect message to start our days! -A.M.


COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS-03In order to establish order, disorder has to be shaken; and for shaking to remain under control, we who are at the basis, at the level of Para (Pure Consciousness), have to be Para — that is unreachable by the surface turmoil. In that integrated state, the fast moving chaos and change will pass away in a steady manner. So we have to be very steady. We have to be very careful not to…get upset by little or big things. If we lose our basis, our dignity, the phase transition will take much longer. Don’t give importance to things which may upset us.

This is a very precious time for the world. Everything depends on how our awareness is;  just don’t let it be shaken. Our awareness is the basis of all these transformations. More than ever before, time demands we remain completely ourselves. It is a very tender, delicate time for us — we should not become angry, indifferent, or sad; we should just be like an ocean. The evolutionary power is waking up. We shake it, then leave it, then after some shake it again. Each time a new level of purity, awakening, is added. 
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi