China’s Xi challenges Obama on telecoms spying report
The Hague (AFP) March 24, 2014 – China’s President Xi Jinping questioned his US counterpart Barack Obama about reports that Washington had secretly tapped Chinese telecoms giant Huawei for years, a top security aide said Monday. “President Xi did raise that recent report in the context of their discussions on cyber-security,” Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security adviser, told a press briefing. Obama “made clear” … more

Ukraine orders Crimean troop withdrawal
Kiev (AFP) March 24, 2014 – Ukraine on Monday ordered its outnumbered troops to withdraw from Crimea after Russia’s lightning annexation of the peninsula as world leaders met for emergency talks on the worst East-West standoff since the Cold War. The dramatic announcement came after Ukraine lost yet another base in Crimea and as world leaders gathered in The Hague for a security summit set to be dominated by concerns o … more

US’s old satellites cannot track Malaysian airplane, as war drones suck funds dry
Moscow (Voice of Russia) Mar 25, 2014 – The US’s old satellites cannot track the missing Malaysian airplane as money is being spent on war drones instead. As the world grows obsessed with drone imagery, it comes at the expense of ignoring satellite radar technology. In today’s day and age, high-resolution image satellites are capable of snapping very detailed photos of small locations. However, an imagery solutions manager for t … more

Palestinians for extending talks if inmates freed: poll
Jerusalem (AFP) March 24, 2014 – A majority of Palestinians would support extending peace talks with Israel beyond an April deadline, but only in exchange for the release of additional prisoners, according to a poll published Monday. Without this condition, most Palestinians would reject extending the faltering negotiations, which have achieved no apparent progress in the nearly nine months since US Secretary of State John … more