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This X22Report (and I like this guy because he’s very skilled at connecting dots) goes into some detail about why withdrawing from the Iran JCPOA was part of the plan to take down the deep state. Another excellent (in my view) analysis.

The surprise to me, was when he pointed out (17:38 of the video) that a man. “claiming to be a federal agent”, was arrested in the Equus Hotel in Waikiki on 5-11-18, in possession of a number of high power weapons and 800 rounds of ammunition. When you add in the details that he “claimed his mission was to hunt terrorist cells“, had “been living in Hawaii for about three years in a Makiki [Honolulu] apartment, but had only been staying a the hotel for a few days“, and was apparently taking psychiatric medication, well, this all adds up to a potential false flag, “Las Vegas style” shooting scenario to me.

Here are some links to the Waikiki hotel arrest event: Hawaii News NowKHON2PJMedia. Here’s a link to the Equus Hotel.