March 12, 2014

Dave Schmidt

The Sedona Connection

The RV is Happening!  Did I Really Say That?  yes!!!

The RV is Happening! Did I Really Say That? yes!!!

In the last week I mentioned in newsletters and videos that the RV is underway.  It’s amazing how a statement can be interpreted in so many ways. Individuals can project their own views into the statement and have different perceptions.  In this video I give
some clarification of what is developing.  The key word is UNDERWAY!  It’s a process that is unfolding and the RV picture, which has been blurry for months, is beginning to become clearer as each day passes.  Yesterday, I went back and conversed with my intel sources, nothing has the changed, the process is UNDERWAY!!!

To summarize, the bonds from China totaling trillions of dollars have been cashed and the money has been wired to the banks and other outlets.  It appears the funds will be released in a two step process.  The private groups will be paid first, and then the rates will go public.  While this is not absolute, they are anticipating the public rates may be released next week possibly at $3.71 per dinar.  At this time it appears to be the dinar only, with the GCR for the dong coming later.

It appears the only need for 800#’s will be for security purposes by individual choice.  That means you may call for an appointment or go to the bank directly.

As of now there will be no higher rates, those were for humanitarian projects, so don’t expect something different.  The private groups are those who are part of contracts established long ago.

Now, please do not flood me with emails, this is one time I will not be able to answer everyone’s issues.  I do not have a date when we will be at the bank, there are too many variables to give a good estimation.  But, it appears this exchange process should be very simple.  Do not let worry, fear or anxiety concern you.  Be patient, be focused, be filled with gratitude, be anticipating the joy, and be in prayer that nothing will stop this process.  Based on this intel we are near the finish line!!!

Join me on tonight’s radio program where we will discuss these issues and I will take your questions.  Remember, if you can’t make it live, all programs can be listened to any time archived and can be downloaded to any MP3 audio player.

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