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This is the channeled  Archangel Uriel message for March 18, 2013

Jennifer HoffmanYou are a Word of God, an expression of divine light and unconditional love in human form. The mission you have undertaken in this and in each lifetime is not to blindly follow the Word of God, to do as you are told and follow a path that is created for you or on your behalf. Your mission is to be a Word of God, as a singular and unique expression of God or  Source in human form. This Word is your unique Source power connection, it is through the Word that you create heaven on earth and present your gifts to the world. You as a Word of God embody a unique light in the world. What word do you wish to be and how do you wish to embody it? The choice is yours. The Word gives you power; how you choose to embody and use it allows you to access its power.

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