You have got to see this.  This website will amaze you….

If you have ever wondered where your tax dollars go, you can view all of the details on the following website:

Money from HeavenType “music” into the search box, for example, and you get a list of the many contracts for things like musical instruments for the Department of Defense ($280,885), or rental fees for musical equipment for the Broadcasting Board of Governors ($171,169 to a government agency I had never heard of prior to seeing this contract). There are more than $5 million in these contracts that show up for the search term “music” in 542 separate transactions. Of course, we don’t always get to know where the money went and what for; one of the first contracts listed is for $162,910, paid to “miscellaneous foreign contractors” by the Department of Defense for “miscellaneous items.” I guess an expenditure of that amount isn’t significant enough to warrant any details.

You also get to see some interesting bits of data if you dig through the site. For example, the Demining Agency for Afghanistan received at least $8 million from the Department of State in 2011 for “Humanitarian Mine and UXO clearance.” Is this to clear land mines laid by the Taliban or others? Who knows, but there is at least one contract from the Department of Defense in 2011 for $194 million for the purchase of land mines. Interestingly that contract went to a company called “Mantech Telecommunications and Information Systems Corporation.” I guess a land mine does communicate something.




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