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Evan Mulch  |  |  Apr 19, 2014

Liberty RevolutionAt the age of 23, John Ramsey does not act like what you would imagine from a young single millionaire. Instead of choosing the “Southern Charm” lifestyle of never growing up and depleting inheritances on lavish purchases and parties, Ramsey remains true to his humble upbringings and exudes the southern gentleman’s character that can be very hard to find these days. My visit with John Ramsey was only for a few days but it will have lasting effect on me for years to come as I now understand a little bit more about what makes the young man tick and what makes him believe that he can have a major impact on changing the ideas of people all over the world.

Upon visiting Ramsey, I expected to be introduced to some of the glitz and glamour that goes on within the Austin city limits.  I had never visited Austin before and I had never stayed with a millionaire that was just a few months out of college. What would he drive? Where would he live? What would his office look like? These are some of the questions I pondered as I traveled to Texas. How this young Texas millionaire lives his life surprised me as it will probably surprise you but, as you will find out, a lot of it has to do with how he was raised.

As a boy, Ramsey grew up in a rural area of east Texas. He was the youngest of three children in a family that lived quite frugally. His town had a population of less than 3,000 people and about a quarter of that population lived below the poverty line. His parents were both social workers and worked with kids in troubled households so he often heard the stories about the struggles of nearby families.

During his childhood there were plenty of hard times as he watched his mother battle cancer. According to him, it was a battle that was hard to watch as she so bravely would not give up as she believed she needed to do her best to survive cancer in order to make sure her youngest son had a mother.

Ramsey told me that he learned about persistency by watching his mother work so hard to try to win her battle against cancer. It was while Ramsey was 12 years old that his mother passed away. It was an experience that changed his life and undoubtedly helped mold him into the person he is today.

The Most Generous Young Millionaire in America?

Well-known around the nation as the youngest power player in American politics, Ramsey devotes the majority of his time to the cause of liberty.  When I asked Ramsey why he supports the cause of liberty, he said, “The principles of human freedom and liberty have unarguably resulted in maximized wealth and human flourishing.  Poverty, wealth inequality, war, crime and corruption are all very consistent with societies based upon authoritarianism.  When I see young minorities’ lives ruined for simply possessing a plant that God put on this planet or when I see crony elites profiting from shady backroom deals, it motivates me to take action to stop these crimes against humanity.”

Although he’s a big player in politics and has a number of business ventures he’s involved in, when I asked him about his full time duties he jokingly said, “I’m a troublemaker and spending my time as a troublemaker is a full-time job.” It was a quip that made me feel at ease to ask him about anything in regards to his life so I could understand the inner drive behind his generosity.

His generosity became well-noticed shortly after he spent millions to propel several liberty-minded outsider congressional candidates to victory, most notably coming from nowhere to lift Thomas Massie to victory in Kentucky’s 4th seat. When I asked Ramsey how much money he has donated to the cause of liberty he said rather nonchalantly, “Oh, I’ve donated just over 3 mill”. A number that I’m almost certain no one else in their 20’s has come close to donating towards the cause. “I see a lot of my friends being deeply affected by the bad economy.  Money printing, inflation, debt and taxes have devastated so many working families from where I grew up in East Texas, while the top 1% make out like bank robbers.”

One of Ramsey’s most successful business ventures is called Never Hungover, a natural hangover preventative shot.  It is already one of the hottest selling products in GNC stores around the country, and Ramsey believes it will “fund liberty for a long time”. The CEO of Never Hungover Parrish Whitaker told me that, “Without John, there wouldn’t be a company. He had the vision for the company before it took off. He’s a visionary and that’s what sets him apart.”

Ramsey sees all business as charity and despises crony capitalism. When I asked Ramsey about some of the accusation people make towards him he said, “People on the left accuse me of being in politics because it is profitable; I can assure you that it is the opposite. There is no financial ROI or benefit. I’m in this because my generation doesn’t deserve to be burdened with endless debt, wars and government surveillance.”

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