Your efforts made the difference last week in stopping the UN’s “Small Arms Treaty.” Every liberty-minded American owes you a hearty thank-you, and to the 1.4 million National Association for Gun Rights’ activists who said “NO” to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the global gun-banners.

But as NAGR Executive Vice President Dudley Brown explains below in detail, this fight has just begun. His letter is important, and I strongly urge you to read it all the way through.

Thank you again for all you do.


Rand Paul
U.S. Senator (R-Kentucky)


Dear Alexandra,

I’ve just returned from the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

Thanks to the hard work of NAGR’s million-member army, Hillary and her UN bureaucrat allies were forced to close the “Small Arms Treaty” conference without a completed treaty.

But despite premature crowing from the institutional gun lobby, the UN Gun Ban is FAR from dead.

In fact, I’m afraid this nightmare has just begun. Hillary’s global gun grab is proving harder to kill than Freddy Krueger.

The “Small Arms Treaty” conference closed last week with an endless stream of petty tyrants virtually promising to bring the gun ban back as early as next month. The sheer number of options they have at their disposal is mind numbing.

Some of the information is detailed and can be confusing (due to the doublespeak that diplomats and bureaucrats use to camouflage their actual intentions), so please read carefully to understand all the threats we face.

In fact, UN insiders say reading between-the-lines is actually more important than the words themselves. A cautious eye for tone is advised.

The next opportunity to force this anti-gun atrocity on America will begin on August 27th.

Officially, it’s called the United Nations Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects. Behind all the words are the very same people with the very same radical anti-gun agenda.

Our allies working inside the UN report that the anti-gun gang will go after this conference “like a snarling pack of hyenas,” trying to accomplish through the Programme of Action (PoA) what they failed to do in the treaty conference last week. And now they have the fully drafted treaty as a baseline.

But unlike the treaty, the Programme is an ongoing effort that does not have to be ratified by the U.S Senate.

And Hillary Clinton’s State Department is already deeply committed to implementing the anti-gun “suggestions” of the Programme.

In their most recent report to the UN, the State Department listed a litany of gun control measures already enforced on American citizens — including the Brady “Instant Registry” and stringent restrictions on domestic gun dealers — as proof that the U.S. is working with the Programme.

If you want to slog your way through this 31-page monstrosity, I have posted a copy for you [click here].

Obama’s Historic Gun Ban, the ongoing effort to destroy more than 1 million WWII M1 Garands, M1 Carbines and Colt 1911 pistols, is likely the direct result of the Programme. Hillary’s State Department is boasting that they have already destroyed over 1.4 million “small arms” and 50,000 tons of “conventional munitions.”

In the same UN report, Eric Holder’s Department of Justice also bragged that their “Southwest Border Initiative” and it’s most infamous operation, Project “Fast & Furious,” is an implementation of the Programme of Action Against Small Arms.

You read that right.

The “Fast & Furious” plot that has killed at least two Americans and thousands of innocent Mexicans is proudly cited to the UN as an achievement toward gun control by the United States.

That’s why the August meeting of the UN Programme of Action Against Small Arms is so dangerous.

The UN PoA gives President Obama and his Administration HUGE avenues to force radical gun control on American citizens.

The “suggestions” made by the Programme can be rapidly implemented by the Obama Administration via executive order, Department programs, “internal” policies and in countless other ways.

In the wake of the tragic Colorado theatre shooting, the anti-gun media is screaming for action against “assault weapons,” conventional ammunition and standard capacity magazines.

Many are demanding that President Obama sign executive orders shutting down gun and ammo sales nationwide, something he and his corrupt Attorney General have already tried to do along our southern border after the manufactured “Fast & Furious” crisis.

But the August meeting of the UN Programme of Action Against Small Arms is just the tip of the iceberg.

The UN General Assembly will meet in September and October, and their First Committee will handle disarmament issues. UN insiders expect them to grant a renewal or extension of the “Small Arms Treaty” mandate.

Only this time, they will be starting with a previously drafted treaty and will have had months of backroom negotiations to form “consensus” (read: incorporate all the demands for third-world gun control).

But an even more dangerous threat looms: The General Assembly could vote, by simple majority, to implement the “Small Arms Treaty,” bypass any further meeting and insist that member states ratify the treaty immediately.

As you can see, when the General Assembly meets in September-October, the gun grabbers have numerous avenues to push the “Small Arms Treaty” even before the end of the year. They can also schedule another conference in 2013 and spend the next few months building support.

The global anti-gun crowd thinks the stalling of the July “Small Arms Treaty” conference is nothing more than a minor setback resulting in a small delay.

In reality, the ONLY reason they didn’t get a completed treaty last Friday was because NAGR members and supporters raised a firestorm of protest that first began when your National Association for Gun Rights started rallying freedom-loving Americans against the “Small Arms Treaty” back in 2005.

As bad as the global gun-control crowd wanted the UN Gun Ban, Hillary’s State Department was FORCED by your efforts to hold back while their allies in Mexico, Australia, Iran, Syria and North Korea were screaming for language allowing restrictions on American citizens.

Hats off to the nearly 1.4 million NAGR activists who took action and helped win this victory.

But you can be sure that Hillary and Obama did NOT hold back out of the goodness of their hearts. They are working tirelessly to find EVERY avenue and exploit EVERY crisis to push this gun ban any way possible.

And there is one way to GUARANTEE that they will succeed: that is for gun owners to act like the threat is over.

Like some monster from a cheap horror flick, Hillary’s UN Gun Ban is very much alive. Only vigorous action will continue to hold it at bay and finally kill it.

Thanks again for your hard work over the last seven years. Now we enter round two.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
Executive Vice President
P.S. Because Hillary Clinton, President Obama and the bureaucrats and petty tyrants at the UN aren’t taking any vacations, we MUST continue the fight.

Thanks to the hard work of NAGR’s million-member army, we stalled their full-bore efforts to pass the UN Gun Ban last week. Hats off to the NAGR members and activists who took action.

We dodged a bullet, but they’ve already reloaded and are taking aim.

On August 27th, the ongoing UN Programme Against Small Arms will meet. The corrupt Obama Administration is deeply committed to implementing their “suggestions,” which have already led to Eric Holder’s “Fast & Furious” debacle and probably Obama’s Historic Rifle Ban as well.

On top of that, the UN General Assembly will meet in September and October. One of the first things likely on their agenda will be a renewal or extension of the “Small Arms Treaty” mandate. They could even take action to adopt the treaty by majority vote before the year is out.

Please consider chipping in $10 or $20 to help NAGR keep up the fight against this anti-gun nightmare. Only with your continued action and support will we finally defeat Hillary’s UN Gun Ban.

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