THE PRESSURE to allow ourselves and our lives to be transformed is palpable. The alignment between Saturn and the Sun in Scorpio last Thursday initiated us into a new phase, pushing us to more fully purge our lives of the old, so that we can allow the creative new to unfold.
Trying to assist in the process, Saturn has given us so many tasks to do on the physical plane over this last week, it’s been hard to find time to do anything else but put one foot in front of the other. In some ways, being so busy can be helpful — it tends to keep us in the present moment and helps us detach more fully from what happened yesterday or in the past week or past year (or past lifetime).
PLUTO AND SATURN are now in “mutual reception” — Pluto is in Capricorn, which is “ruled” by Saturn, and Saturn is in Scorpio, which is “ruled” by Pluto. When planets are linked in this way, their influence is enhanced and they find it easier to work together.
In practical terms, this means that real-world (Capricorn) and deeply emotional (Scorpio) shifts can occur more rapidly now, and that we are able to be more detached (Capricorn) when letting go of the past (Scorpio). This cooperation between Saturn and Pluto also supports our ability to respond in mature fashion (Capricorn) when dealing with circumstances where we feel strong emotions or attachment (Scorpio).
This mutual reception will be supporting us throughout the next two years, while Saturn travels through Scorpio. This influence will be especially enhanced when Pluto and Saturn are exactly sextile each other. The dates for those exact aspects are December 26, 2012; March 8, 2013; and September 21, 2013.
MONDAY’S FULL MOON brings similar themes forward, since the Moon opposes Saturn and almost exactly trines Pluto at the time of the lunation. Even the Sabian symbol associated with this Full Moon (at 7 degrees Taurus) supports the process of change, release, and renewal:

“The woman of Samaria at the ancestral well: The meeting of the traditional past and of the creative spirit pointing to the future.”

It is no coincidence that this symbolic image so fully reinforces the Pluto-Saturn directives we are working with. This Full Moon will help us both honor and release what has been so that we may more fully access the “creative spirit” that will guide us forward from here.
FULL MOONS are often emotional times, when our feelings may seem more intense than usual. But they are also a time of enhanced awareness and revelation, when the reflection of the Sun’s light off the lunar disk brings illumination to the dark night.
In his interpretation of the symbol of the Samaritan woman, astrologer Dane Rudhyar writes:

“A new Quality of Being is revealed which renders the old patterns obsolete.”

Monday’s lunation is an opportunity for us to become aware of and integrate new aspects of our being, qualities that will help us more gracefully release the past and embrace the future. When we become aware of the larger beings that we are, the smaller issues tend to fade in their importance.
This all points toward an eventful — and enlightening — few days. The light of this Full Moon, even if hidden behind storm clouds, can help us see more clearly what we need to release, and inspire us to embrace the blessings of the future.
THE DWARF PLANET CERES is also participating in the energies of this Full Moon, through a trine to the Sun and Saturn, and a sextile to the Moon. At the same time, Ceres is square Uranus and opposite Pluto, bringing those ongoing “wild card” energies into play.
Ceres embodies the themes of nurturing, self-love, and self-acceptance. As we release the past and move into the future, we must open our hearts in acceptance of what has been, with new levels of unconditional love for self, other, and the situation itself.
THIS LEVEL of heart-opening is a challenge for most of us. Especially with Ceres in Cancer, we may fear that being accepting and caring will leave us vulnerable to greater loss. 
But this heart-opening is a vital part of the process we are undertaking. It requires a new level of nonattachment and acceptance, letting go of the need to justify or defend.
If we are successful in working with Ceres this week, we will find ourselves able to embody traits that may seem to be opposite, but are really complementary when in proper balance: traits such as strength, self-sufficiency and empowerment on the one hand, and sensitivity, nurturing and emotional connection on the other.
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