Ascended Master Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message for September 20 – 27, 2013 ~  ~ via Julie Miller

Determination is a skill that is harnessed through practice by overcoming the negative mind and re-strengthening your ability to persevere and push forward despite challenges and setbacks. We see too often many dear souls get to a point and give up when what they have been trying to reach is so close. It is important to keep your dream alive and continue to move ahead one step at a time. A lack of determination can occur at any time, it comes with no warning other than your own negative thought forms that offer you the opportunity to express excuses for not succeeding the goals you had planned to accomplish.

Every time you set out on a new goal, or task even if its work related or personal it is important to not give up and to keep trying until you have exhausted every possible avenue to correct, to bring change or to begin something that you want to fulfill. When you apply discipline along with all your heart and your soul you can accomplish anything. We know this, but it is most important for you to believe this dear ones.

To be more determined over various tasks and things throughout your day is a choice that you are capable of making. Once you consciously understand the importance of committing to the goal you are aiming to achieve you begin to comprehend that YES you can become more determined and by your positive actions you will bring forth all the necessary changes that will bring you to your success.

Setting goals is exciting. It means you are making plans, creating ways of bring new ideas and concepts into your actions, thoughts, feelings, words and will. Be decisive regarding the goals you are planning to achieve. Know what you are going to do and create steps that fit your purpose that will help encourage you to continue. The more determined you are to achieve and accomplish your goals the less likely it will be for you to quit. Be enthusiastic; be passionate about your goals because they carry your energy, your drive and love of what you are doing. We encourage you to envision your goal through its stages, from infancy to partially done and all the way to completion. You can even envision possible obstacles that will help prepare you if any cross your path. Envision how you will feel when your goal is complete and fulfilled and allow this energy to fuel each step you take to make your goal a success.

There will always be days when you feel tired where you may not want to work on your goal, even for a few moments. Don’t allow this to set you back, keep going even if you are feeling weary. Remind yourself of the importance of this goal, why you are working so hard, what is it that you are trying to achieve and allow the answers to urge you forward even when you are feeling a little tired. Empower and inspire yourself to keep going when you are tired or feeling ill tempered. Make use of the energy in a positive way by allowing a productive flow of energy to move through you. The upset or tiredness you feel at first will dissipate as go through the motions of your goal with enthusiasm that brings you closer to being finished every time you apply yourself and work at it.

It is only natural by the end of the day your whole self is feeling tired and low on energy. Remember to reward yourself. When you know you have been productive, you have worked hard on your daily tasks and on anything you have been personally been working on, give yourself a little break. It will make you feel good on the inside about what you have been able to complete and allow your Self to feel nourished by the love and compassion you are giving to yourself. Be nice to yourself; treat yourself with love, dignity and respect.

Your reward to yourself doesn’t require you to spend any money, it could be as simple as connecting with a friend, finding a cozy corner to read a book, going for a walk in a fragrant garden, the choices are endless and equally healing and pleasurable. They will also give you something additional to look forward at the end of a hard working day where you have been applying yourself to meet certain tasks and aiming to meet personal goals. This is your own form of encouragement and it is yours and we are positive you know of many others that are helpful to you.

Remember dear ones it is so essential to be genuinely optimistic regarding the goals you have created and are working at accomplishing. Your optimism will help you progress forward even if you are taking baby steps. In addition, if you find yourself facing difficult situations while on the path to achieve a goal your ability to be optimistic, positive and determined will help you to keep going. To reach any goal it is vital that you remain hopeful, positive and determined to see your goal through from beginning to end.

It is up to you dear ones to choose think and be more positive and it’s not a hard thing to change, simply a choice. Realize how important your goal is. You are the one who created the steps, of course some will become a bit more difficult than others, but these are great learning opportunities. Nothing has to be viewed negatively when you have the ability to see positively. Dear ones please recognize that anything is possible when you are determined and committed.

We know it is hard to remain determined when you are going through difficult times. All that crosses your path ALL has reason, nothing is ever by accident. There is a lesson in every experience that you have been part of. And all lessons contribute to providing you with more information that leads to more knowledge and wisdom which can be utilized to accomplishing not just the goal you are currently working on but any goal you wish to see succeed.

It is also recommended for you to take a look at what you consider as failures. Look at them close, examine them and discover why something did not turn out as you planned. You are able to see clearly when you are able to remove any emotional attachment to what you call a failure then you are able to see the lesson and be able to apply that newly acquired knowledge into future use on new goals that are yet to be begun. Understand dear ones, there are no failures, not really – only fresh opportunities to try again but making different choices the next time around that will bring fresh results.

We know how eager you are of the future, but we wish to remind you the future comes when it does. No amount of rushing will bring the future any closer. Be in the present and focus on the NOW on the tasks and goals that are before that requires your undivided attention. We want you to envision your goal being complete but not to focus on the end, but focus on the steps that are going to bring you there. Staying in the present NOW moment will help keep your determination on track and stabilize your commitment and discipline to what your heart and soul has been working so hard on accomplishing.

Of course all the choices you make now do influence your future. Just remember to stay focused on what you are doing now. Trust in your efforts and know that all that you are doing is for the highest of good and you will see this in the results when all is done. You have always had the ability to conquer any challenge and to meet any goal or task. Within you is so much power dear ones. You are surrounded by temptations that try to lure you from your goal and get you to go off track. Focus and determination are key components that will help prevent you from derailing. This is your journey dear ones. No matter who you seek for guidance it is you making the choices that will see you through each day, bringing you closer to the tasks and goals you are working so hard to complete. We are here for you always, our love is yours, our guidance and support is yours. We will bring you to new pathways, new concepts and ways of being but it is you that must chose and make it all happen. Allow time to be your friend, not your enemy and remember all things come to be in Time.

At the end of the day, where you are right now is where you are meant to be. With your determination in tact you will get done all that you were meant to. Don’t push yourself too hard where exhaustion sets in. Give yourself room to breathe to enjoy the fruits of your labour and the pleasures that life has for you. Your goals are worth all the effort you can give them, and you worthy of your own love.

We are closer than you think, and we love you dearly.

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller