Friday, June 7
1:00 PM Pacific

I just received a call from Zorra with so much exciting, updated information!

Here it is:
1.  Zorra has just spoken with Kathryn May, our channel for Mother/Father God.  Kathryn has lovingly agreed to take the Torch, handed over by Zaraya, and will be our new channel for Zorra.  We will all witness this transition next Saturday, June 15th when Zaraya will, for the last time, trans-channel his Father, Zorra, and then … withdraw and pass the Torch to Kathryn, who will continue with Zorra’s Messages! – Oh, what times we live in!

2.    At a recent Galactic Meeting it was decided that the I AM Presence will continue as a permanent living Energy here on Planet Earth.

3.  Our e-mail signatures should say:

What a wonderful, glorious, loving day it is!
How is everyone enjoying their I AM Presence that is  permanent now, here on Earth?

We should also greet one another with this same greeting.

4.  Have you noticed how much brighter our Sun is lately?  Not just in the early morning, but into the late afternoon, as well?  Why?  The huge Sirian Ship, Elenin is sitting right in front of the Sun and emitting another Light Force.  It will, imminently, separate from the Sun,  and, with “two suns” in our sky, our mainstream media will announce:  ‘All Sirians prepare for departure!”  Zorra has told us this vessel is twice the size of Earth.

5.  Celebrations have been going on in Hollow and Inner Earth, and on the Ships.  They are also celebrating the end of the Dolphin and Whale slaughter.  The slaughtering bay has been closed by the Japanese government and the Japanese government has issued a “cease and desist” proclamation, putting an end to this slaughter of our loving  Cetacean family.  Zorra saw this area, now closed, from his ship, above.

6.  The I AM Presence will change much, here on the surface.  It will most certainly bring about Love. And when the I AM Presence is fully realized by all the Lightworkers, it will issue forth such a vibration of LOVE that all hostilities shall cease.  Our troops will come home to join us in our Ascension and the military will be under the control of the new government of We The People. The Army will then apply its energies into the Corps of Engineers, building roads, hospitals, and improving Third World Countries.

7.  Zorra reminds us to no longer look for sightings at  night.  “Look in the Day!  Not just clear days, as the  vessels will appear below the cloud line .. not cloaked!  So have your movie cameras ready!”

And finally, in discussing how quickly the changes have come, Zorra told me “The 4-Hour Worldwide Meditation is what started it all!”

And with that, I will close, reminding you to join us next Saturday as the Torch is passed from Zaraya to Kathryn and we continue with another inspiring and interactive phone conference with Zorra, from Hollow Earth.

My love, my dear, dear “chicks,”

Anne / Mom